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  • What a beautiful reminder of practical ways we can have a great time in the midst of babies. I am finding that mostly this is about me, re-lining my expectations. God is doing a good thing in my heart. I see growth and then I fail. Thank God for grace. My dear husband, planned to take tomorrow off after being on a very long business trip today however the boys were puking all day yesterday and I was completely beat this morning. The biz trip was cancelled and he stayed home today instead of tomorrow. While there were no cupids and red hearts flying around today, I think that this REALLY was love extended to us today. Now I need to be ok to walk into tomorrow and know that we made the right decision. Even though I will be sad that we aren’t going out on a long afternoon date to sit and talk and dream and laugh! Great, great post!! Dawn

  • Oh this is a fabulous post! Consider it bookmarked. And I’ll definitely check out your friend’s website.

  • Such neat ideas! <3

  • It’s funny with all the babysitting I do with lots of different families you’d think I would be in high demand on Feb 14th but actually last year I almost ended up just sitting around twiddling my thumbs except for a last minute call and this year only one family called me to babysit and that didn’t have too much advance notice either. :) It seems like most families, decorate, just spend the evening together, make a nice dinner and whatever else they can do to make it extra special.
    Growing up though I don’t remember ever having a valentine’s dinner with my parents-granted I was the youngest. They always left us at home to fend for ourselves :)

  • I will definitely be using some of these tips tonight! :) Thanks for sharing!

  • I really liked the line about changing “I can’t because…” into “How can I work around…”

    Such a great idea. Jeremy and I have done this sort of thing in the past and it usually works out pretty well. Like Christy said, you have to plan ahead and prepare yourself and at least a part of your house but I am sure any husband would appreciate this effort! 

  • oh, christy! hello!!! so fun to see you here. i MISS you!! marriage is one of those topics i always love to hear from you on – just so much matter of fact wisdom and practicality. you inspire me to pour myself more into my husband.. to look for ways to GIVE, and not just sit back waiting to receive. i’m going to try some of your suggestions. i like the idea of moving the mattress to another room.hmmm…. ;) )

    thanks for sharing, and thanks for asking her, clarita!
    you’re both two of my fav bloggers~


  • This is something I need to work on. Thanks for posting!

  • @redladybug18 - WHAT?! i don’t know WHY we don’t live in the same area, because you can be sure that you would be in HIGH DEMAND around here for babysitting! With me, and I’d tell alllll my friends about you. :)

  • @fromourning2dancing - and I need to work on as well! :)

  • excellent ideas christy! and thanks clarita, for hostessing. love to you both.

  • Your place is for sure couturier bookmarking.
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