April 11, 2013

  • Skies of Parchment.

    {This blog has moved to Skies of Parchment.}


    It's the new name.
    The new address, the place this blog is moving to.

    The move is something I've contemplated for a while.
    Several years actually.
    But if I moved I wanted it to be a God-thing.
    Yep, I think God cares about blogging. :)

    So, I waited.
    Until it was the right time.
    The right name.

    I had a looooooong list of names.
    All the ones I first thought of were taken.
    Well, I guess I could have added "blogblog" on the end, but who wants to do that?

    So I waited some more.

    I often write of finding beauty in little places,
    simple beauty, not extravagant beauty,
    and of simply enjoying the day.

    Maybe something like "Oh Happy Day!" I wondered?
    But no, it just didn't fit.

    I love happy days,
    I try to make my days happy, but...

    There are too many days that aren't happy,
    as in top-of-the-world happy.
    There is always joy to be found, sometimes with great effort, but mere happiness?

    There is too much pain in the world,
    in my world,
    to have a glib Pollyann-happy-face.
    [although there is much to be learn from her, I do think].

    One evening I was singing to my restless son before bed.
    I love to sing hymns to him, among the sweet nursery songs.
    I was thinking of my beloved friend, Ruth, and how she loved the song
    "The Love of God" and so I sang it to him.

    The song has incredible word pictures, speaking of the vastness of God's love.
    That even if the ocean were ink and the skies of parchment and every man a scribe God's love could never be fully explained.

    And that was it:
    Skies of Parchment.

    More than simply recording a happy day, or taking pictures of pretty little things,
    I blog to record the faithfulness and love of my Lord.

    Life isn't always easy. It's not always happy.
    There is pain.
    There is death, and loss, and heartache, in many fronts.

    And yet, through it all, God is faithful.
    He is good.
    He can be trusted.
    He never makes mistakes.

    Skies of Parchment.
    Declaring His faithfulness and love.

    I don't have "plans" for my new blog.
    It will be a lot of the same - posting when I am able to without burning dinner or neglecting laundry for too many days. :)  
    There is no big show or new blingy features or anything like that.
    Just a new location.
    That's all. :)

    I invite you to join me over at skiesofparchment.com.


    p.s. for those who said they wanted to follow the new blog but didn't know how,
    there is a 'subscribe' box there which will send new posts to your email address, if you like.


Comments (12)

  • I LOVE your shoes..both pairs!!!
    Love your new blog..I even left my very first comment ever on Skies of Parchment.
    Love that hymn, love the name....XxOo

  • I enjoyed your blog here, and especially your new one! Excellent name! I also liked very much your earlier comments about holiness and why you were moving away from Xanga. Am agreed. It's something that we should all contemplate and desire. Am sure God would be pleased that we want to be more like Him. Thanks so much,

  • @Elizabethmarie_1 - Awww, thanks for the first comment!! It sure was fun to get it! :) And shoes.... I know, I love fun shoes too!

  • @sewnitter - Thanks so much! It's been fun setting up the new blog ~ it's a lot of work, but I think I'm going to like it! :) And thanks for your kind words... Yes, this life is all about pressing to Jesus!

  • One final comment here. {sniff!} Your shoes, oh your shoes! I remember the green ones from before . . . and the yellows are so pretty too! I've got some pocket $$ that I'm saving for a pair or two of cute shoes. I think I should delegate *you* to be my shopper. The end. Leaving this place. Walking to the new blog . . . See you there! :)

  • @FOREVERLANE - It is kinda of sniff.. but I've been working at the new little spot long enough that it doesn't feel so new anymore. i like that it's getting familiar! but my last comment here from forever lane! now THAT is sad. :) xoxo

    p.s. let's go shopping together. :)

  • first things first... i loVe your shoes. as in, if you ever tire of them, ship them over. ;) ) whatever size they are i'll make them work. ha!! and second - headed to the new site for an officially howdy there... XoxO

  • How sad to see you leave xanga~ But your new blog is really nice! Your little family is adorable, I haven't been on here for awhile so I was surprised how big your little guy had gotten!

  • Love the meaning behing your new blog Clarita. Looking forward to reading and seeing more of your beautiful life over there!! =)

  • I simply LOVE your new blog name!

    I didn't think "The Love of God" was very well known, so I thought it was so neat you mentioned it. My husband and I just worked on a film about the back story of that song last summer! I'm fairly certain it's the same song you are talking about. The movie, called "Indescribable", was released a couple weeks ago. If you're interested in looking at it here's a link: http://www.indescribablethemovie.com . Sorry if this sounds like a plug, I just found it too cool you mentioned it. Such a powerful song. Your post really connected with my heart, thank you. :)

  • @OceanTrust - I am so excited to hear about the movie! I had heard the name but didn't know what it was about, so I will definitely be getting that, thank you! The song is just a favorite of mine, the lyrics are incredible and inspired! Thank you for your comment!

  • Adorable!!!! I'll be reading you under the skies of parchment! The Love of God....Love that one! I have few words right now. I'd love to just sit and not feel stressed at all. See you over there!

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