February 21, 2008

  • Zoe’ Grace at 6 months

    We are positively head over heels in love with our little Treasure. Laughing, cooing, doing Pat-a-Cake, Psalm 23, “This Little Piggy…”, she constantly delights until we are overwhelmed with love for her! She is as active as can be, loves to meet new people and anyone and everyone can hold her and she’ll grin like the Chestershire Cat, loves her daddy, loves little children and will giggle and giggle at anything they do. No crawling yet, but as busy as I am now with her, I don’t really mind that she hasn’t gotten to that stage! She loves to eat, and is not a finicky eater at all – avacados, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash; she opens her mouth like a little bird and can’t wait until the next bite. And the potty training continues to go well. We’ll leave it at that. ;)

    I’ve been wanting to take her 6 month pictures, but since I have a new camera *clears throat* I wasn’t really wanting to spend the money to take her somewhere. I wasn’t quite confident in my own abilities, however, until baileyandme got up my gumption. So, here they are. Out of the hundred or so I took, these are my favorites. I know, I know, I’m a little camera-happy going digital. Not like the old film days when every picture was worth a few dollars of development. So since I’m in PA where folks know about DSL and even faster connections than that, I decided to upload some pictures. Took less than 5 minutes for all of them. The same ones I tried to upload in GA, but with dial-up it was so slow, only one pictures uploaded overnight. Now folks, THAT is the reason you don’t see more photos on this site!

    So, all that said, help me chose enlargements?









    #9 (one of my personal favorites)

    #10 [the quality on this one isn't prime, but I loved her eyes]


    #12 [this did this hand-fold by herself, naturally photogenic she is]



    Also, of wonderful news indeed, Zoe and I are in the Great North [i.e. Pennsylvania]. Although it’s a long time to be away from Ben, it’s a most splendid time with my family. All my sisters are home for part of the time I’m home, experiencing wintertime [and forgetting how cold it is at 27'] and hoping for the snowstorm that’s predicted… I positively adore snow, and that’s been so hard for me to miss out on while I’ve been in Georgia. I was soo soo excited about coming home, I couldn’t sleep past 5am this morning [for all who know me, that is highly unusual]. Ben was wishing I’d be such a morning person every day. Alas, there isn’t such excitement everyday.There are ever so many things to look forward to in this trip… Family time, sister time, friend time with Ruth and Esther, Bek and Jason and Brooklynn, Shelly and Deitrich, Aliza and Celene, Cindi, Mary Jo and Josie and Mariana, Beth, hmmmm, sounds delicious [pardon pardon pardon if I missed anyone]. I love my other first-time-mom friends. :) And of course there’s Central Market, which I can’t ever miss when I come up, Prince St. Cafe, Lancaster City, Barnes & Noble, old-movie time with sisters, oh yes, and the Pottery Barn…. I’m limited to check-in luggage, so that puts a hinderance on my purchases, but oh-so-fun anyway. Singing songs together from Phantom of the Opera and other favorite songs, just ever so wonderful…

    I am truly blessed…

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  • Enjoy to the fullest your time with family…..so happy you get to come see them- I know they are too!! You are all very special, and Zoe is beautiful!

  • they are all very good, but i eso like #11.  so fun… and it looks like you choose a very good time to be here in pa for our little winter!  i’m jealous of your family time, but am so happy for you too! =) enjoy each moment…

  • *love* the pictures (esp. 8, 9 [but how is the quality one this one??] and 11). I’ll be calling you very soon. can’t wait to get together!!

  • She is so, so, so darling!  Yes, are eyes are beautiful on #10.  So glad you get to be home for awhile. 

  • Didn’t know you were in PA! Very cute pictures! I like the second one the best! I love the editing you did to #1 but lover her expression and pose in #2.  #11 just makes me smile! She looks so delighted! Loved the clasped hands! :) I know what you mean about the side effects of digital cameras, one of these days I’ve GOT to “spring clean” my computer and delete all the pictures that are practically duplicates. Have a great weekend!

  • Your pictures are too cute!

  • oh, i like them ALL! but my favorites were 1,3 and 7,8. Very adorable!!
    i wish my girl ate like yours. elle is an annoyingly picky eater.
    i know what you mean about PA having a special place in your heart. i never lived there but i say to galen pry once a week, “I miss PA”. that sounds odd, but it`s not just the people, (although they are tops) the area is just so quaint/cool.
    have fun with your sisters. i`m jealous.

  • totally adorable! it’s so cute how she’s smashing the flower in a few of them:) and congrats on timing your tour trip in-sync with the snowstorm!

  • Soo cute I like 8,9,11 Hope you have fun in the Great White North

  • Such great pictures!! I like #9 and #13.

  • I’ve been sick all weekend, and needing something entertaining to do…decided to come reread the old pages of your blog. :) I had to stop and comment on this post!! What a beautiful, beautiful baby. My I could comment on lots of things on these posts, and now I really want to talk with you again. :) Sorry I’m not responding to your email. I have basically no brain right now—

  • @twofus_1 - Oh my goodness, I was so confused when I saw, “… commented on Zoe Grace, 6 months” :) ) Funny you looked at this, because just last night we were looking at “old” (as in 4 years!) home movies, and saw Zoe as a baby. Oh. MY. Word. I want ten more of her. :)

    And I was just going to email you and tell you I’m thinking about you! Sorry to hear you’re sick. :( ( Hope it doesn’t last long this time… Love you!

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