January 15, 2008

  • Jekyll Island, No House After All, and Scrapbooking


    BEN and I spend a lovely weekend in JEKYLL ISLAND, which is very close to where we live. We called it our Vision Getaway, which really sounds like more than it was. :) But we had some decisions to make, some things to talk about regarding the upcoming year, and things to pray about, and thought a weekend away from home would be the ticket. Sometimes the will of the Lord is as clear as an autumn day. Other times you walk forward in what you think is His will only to have it be stopped completely. We’ve had some of those “stopped completely” experiences lately. So, we tell the Lord we want to trust Him, and ask Him for strength and wisdom and further guidance. And patience as we wait for guidance…

    THE weather over the weekend was overcast but not cold, and we walked for miles and miles along the beach, much longer than we intended to actually, because on the way back it seemed like we’d never reach our hotel. But it was a wonderful weekend together. Different dynamics having a 5 month old baby along, instead of just the two of us like we used to, but it was so good. Sometimes things like that are just plain good  –  good for the soul, good for the marriage, refreshing for the heart…

    AFTER we got to our motel, I sat Zoe on the bed while we unpacked. She was so happy I couldn’t resist a few pictures to capture her charm. :)







    A few of daddy and mama at the Island… I took my tripod along to take some really fun shots along the beach [because, yes, this girl has joined the world of digital cameras... Canon Rebel XTI anyone??], but alas, this same girl forgot the hi-tech world of digital cameras needs to recharge batteries. And even greater alas, I forgot to take the charger. Disappointed isn’t even the word when I realized I couldn’t take all the pictures I had already designed in my mind! So, therefore I shall the few shots I took. Cherish them, please.


    //handsome daddy//

    //mama and the schnuckums//

    //and the happy couple themselves//

    //piggy toes//

    //the camera died before I realized the baby should have been on the *other* side of me…//

    // zoe had on the most adorable white and brown dress, which you can hardly see on these pictures//

    //the dearest child I ever have known//

    AND among other things…

    BEN has given his answer to the school board that he will not be teaching again next year. That means changes for us, a new job for Ben, among others. And, might I say too, that the house we were going to buy is not working out. Folks, this is the THIRD HOUSE we have tried to buy since we’ve moved here. We’re wondering if we’re really supposed to be in this area????

    BECAUSE I was so excited about painting a house and really being about to decorate and be creative, and now that outlet is gone [we aren't allowed to paint or put anything other than a nail in the walls here - oops about the screws!!], I’ve pulled out my scrapbooking for the first time in a while. I need some creative outlet for this stifled soul. So far I’ve been working on Zoe’s baby book, which is ever so much fun. And she’s only 5 months old, so it’s not overwhelming – unlike some other projects… I was at a store buying some supplies the other day and saw little jars to store brads and things. The only problem was that they were rather expensive, and seems rather large for such small objects. Ben was with me and suggested I use baby food jars. At first I thought the idea was ridiculous and very homemade. But I tried it at home, spray-painted the lids silver, and — voila! They are quite adorable. I think I shall buy more baby food jars just for the jars. And I can brag on them because it wasn’t my idea. So, just a tip for all your scrapbookers out there. :)

    [I tried to upload the picture but it said it would take 300 minutes, so that'll be for another day]


    AND just for a smile – can you imagine being so tiny you can sit in your daddy’s shoebox?

    //I think she had just woke up. She has that dear-in-the-headlights look// [yes, the pun was intended]


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  • Arrgggghhh! on the forgotten charger. The pics you have here are so cute!! Cute pun. Could it have also been: dear-in-the-flashlight? :) Praying for you as make those big decisions!

  • Wow!  A lot of people were gone this past weekend.  So sad to hear Ben won’t be teaching next year.  Our children really like him for a teacher.  Hope the rest of your decisions will go smoothly and you’ll feel a sense of peace about it all.

  • i just love your style! hurrah for a digital camera. hopefully that will mean we get to see lots more of your pictures. :)

    i just love your baby girl. SO darling… her chubby cheeks remind me of my daughter– whom at the moment is sick. it breaks my heart and makes me nervous. you want to cry when a little 6 month old retches. is that how you spell it? anyways– i was quite fascinated with zoe`s mitten on a string. i need something like that but have never seen them in a store. please don`t tell me you made them!

  • ‘it’s charming dear, quite charming!’ gives me a strong desire to fly down there to see the honeys and the parents.

    i love the beach pictures, your outfit looks like a model and ben looks like a happy father. zoe looks rather the sweetest face ever.

    oh. oh. oh. i do wish i could see you about now. right about now *sigh*oh how  i do love you.

  • My husband and I just purchased an Xti and we love it.  Have fun.  Lovely pictures.

  • oh! oh! oh! what perfectly wonderful pictures i do say! i’m so, so happy you got to get away for a relaxing weekend like that! but all this delightfulness almost make me cry… as if i don’t miss you and your little family enough already, you have to go and post reminders of your far-away-ness… *sigh* but they are perfectly wonderful pictures i do say…
    have i ever told you what a beautiful mommy you are, dear sister of mine? motherhood looks good on you.

  • What adorable pictures!  And an equally charming blog. 

  • Your pictures are quite beautiful! I love the little peeks into your life….

    I’ve been wanting to ask you; what is a good age to start piano lessons? Hannah is 4 and very interested! My little sis has taught her a few things and she seems to catch on fast…

  • ugh, what a bummer to have a “camera moment”. no fun:( great pics though, quite lovely *tan* people, a little jealous here up north. i’m thinkin more and more bout visiting my aunt and uncle in Florida have a good one!

  • Zoe is adorable! I like your creative idea for organizing scrapbooking supplies.

  • i’m in oregon right now with extra time on my hands to read blogs and post comments. twas SO inspired by your lovely pictures . . . oooooohhhh. . . Zoe is just one sweet, mushable, adorable little girl. i feel like i’m somehow “related” to her or have some “claim” on her . . . must come from going through all that same preg. & birth stuff with her mama, being her mama’s friend . . . i don’t know, but she sure is a sweet one! looks like the get-away was fabulous. oh! and about the few pics . . . you really, for sure do need that book I was telling you about, ’cause she is all about *few* pictures on a page, but telling the story, capturing the moment in an awesome way. egghemm, i must confess, that although i told you i’d have to wait til i was rich to go buy the book, i broke down when i was in a Barnes & Noble 2 days ago and have been “scarfing” it up ever since. i just love it. also, about those babyfood-scrapbooking supply holders: i love the idea and might have to do that me-self. i was just buying a few more embellishments the other day and wondered how i was going to keep them organzied without spending on the containers made for them. well, looks like i’m well on my way to writing an epistle, so i’ll stop for now. love you.

  • I finally have a xanga site, so now I peek in to your life a little. “/  Your Zoe is adorable!  Isn’t mothering the most fulfilling “career”?  Times goes so fast…!…Ravi is going on 2 1/2 already!  Each moment is such a treasure! Bless you as you wait on God for His directions…. it’s hard sometimes to wait, and wonder when and how you’ll hear the answeres! Enjoy some sunshine for me!!! 

  • awww, thanks for the comment….I cant even think about that very much – you not getting the house then….I’m upset too!! We would have SO LOVED to have you there!!!!! bless your hearts for bein’ so KIND to the old lady, WOW! I’m sure that took grace…. I know God must have something even better for you (Ohio would do):):)…..hugs.

  • I love being Mrs. Ulrich. Married life seems so fun. It’s like when your dating or engaged it’s feels one way but once your married it’s a total different feeling and I love the feeling. thank you so much for the pictures too. i really appreciate it.

  • sweeetest lil niece ever!! she is dangerously-charming on that 3rd pic!! and talking with you this past week has just been encouragement.com!! thanks so much for being such a bright spot in my world! i cannot WAIT to see you in a few weeks!! woo-hoo! -jan

  • That would be so much fun to run together…you, me, and our little girls. Oh, lets not forget Phil and Ted would definitely need to go along. :) I’ve been want to call you all week but for some reason I would find myself busy with something else and totally forget. :( Maybe next week!! Have a great weekend!

  • It was so nice chatting once again!! Thank you for your kind words of encouragement…it was refreshing. Looking forward to seeing you and Zoe very soon!!!

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