August 14, 2012

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    The computer is propped up on the butcher block countertop in the kitchen,
    providing me with Fernando Ortega while I’m attempting my baking day.

    It’s not every week [or every month, for that matter] that I designate an entire day to baking.
    But, you see, there is a long-anticipated weekend with extended family in the lovely region of southern Ohio this weekend,
    and there is much preparation to be done.

    The kiddos are writing on the kitchen chalkboard, as I write,
    fulfilling what I hoped for and envisioned when we were designing the kitchen.
    Baby is in his bouncy seat, playing with his little toys
    [since when did 3 month old boys become old enough to play with toys already?].
    Cinnamon rolls are baking in the oven and spreading an old-fashioned aroma throughout the whole house.
    I should learn to love baking, if just for that smell. :)

    tea party, ben's 32 103tea party, ben's 32 113

    [Zoe's rendition of the alphabet, by herself]

    Adding to the “mmmmmmm” factor in my kitchen there is also Pam overspray on my floor,
    singing a duet with flour-dusting beside it.
    There are dishes overflowing my sink, cookie crumbs on the floor from sneaking kiddos.
    There was both a spider and a roach the size of small dogs in my kitchen this morning that I killed with fervor.
    I do think I will need a deep-cleaning when this is all over!

    This summer has been one-of-a-kind in its busyness.
    While I’m not even sure what all has made it seem the dizzy merry-go-round that it is,
    I do know that simply having an infant that eats every few hours is one of the things,
    along with 3 family weddings since March,
    and a major bathroom remodel at school that we’re partially in charge of and provide much manual labor for.

    For once I may have a short and sweet little post on my blog. :)
    This is just a little popping in to say ”hello!”

    My sister has been begging for pictures, and said I can just put up a few and say, “Each picture is worth a thousand words.”
    So, this is for her. :)
    One of these days, if I ever attempt a catchup, there will be an overabundance of both words and pictures.
    Just a warning/brace yourself. :)


    She’s a little monkey.
    How one little child can melt me in a puddle one minute and exasperate me so completely the next,
    I’m not sure. I do know that we adore her, and we can’t imagine our family without her.

    tea party, ben's 32 055

    tea party, ben's 32 056

    tea party, ben's 32 034



    huddy 1

    I caught this picture one Sunday afternoon, just wanting to capture the sweetness of them napping together.
    Baby gave me a little smile in his sleep, which absolutely slayed me.

    It’s so hard to believe this little guy just turned three months old.
    WHERE did time go? WHAT happened to my baby??
    People guess him around 6 months old already, and that’s his clothing size
    [although I try to squeeze him into 3 month clothes that are too cute to pack up already].

    It’s funny, how when you have a baby that is small and petite
    you think she’s just absolutely perfect and adorable and you’re so proud of her littleness.
    And when you have a baby that is on the top of the charts and fast outgrowing clothes and gaining weight
    you think that is perfection, and you couldn’t be more proud.
    I’ve had it both ways, and both ways are so perfect.
    It makes each one so unique, so original. I love it!

    tea party, ben's 32 089

    He’s still a little baldy, with just a few hairs sprouting a’top his little head.
    With my girls I would just wear hats and headbands to draw attention elsewhere.
    This little guy? Well, let’s just say he and Mr. Clean would be good friends on appearances. :)

    zoe is 5! 051

    Ben stopped me while I was mowing on Saturday and said I needed to take a picture of Hudson.
    He had taken him outside with the rest of us, and Hudson fell asleep with Zoe’s thoughtful props.

    date night! 020

    date night! 017

    Nearly every day I think about how perfect Hudson is for our family.
    Before he was born I just couldn’t even imagine our family with a boy.
    Of course I wanted a son one day, but after two girls, we just kind of seemed like a girly-girl family.
    I grew up with four girls all in a row, and thought that was perfect.

    It’s just so beautiful to see how God hand-creates each family.
    To be so unique, so original, so perfect for them. Girl, girl, boy. It’s perfect for us.
    Even though I still hope for my four girls some day. And a brother for Hudson. :)
    I suppose we’ll wait and see what God’s Perfect for us is.


    We spent a day with Anthony & Jana one weekend, since they live only a few hours from us now!
    We visited their charming little southern home, enjoyed Jana’s good cooking,
    and had fun with family because so close for the first time since I moved here 6 years ago!

    tea party, ben's 32 071

    tea party, ben's 32 066

    ^^ this is what they could be like in seven years, we told them, if they follow us. :)

    tea party, ben's 32 073

    Olivia sure likes her Uncle Anthony.


    Zoe turned 5 the end of July, and we celebrated with a day and night at the ocean. [more pictures later]

    date night! 087zoe is 5! 043

    [Little dresses compliments of Auntie Ervina. Next time, find one in my size, please?]

    zoe is 5! 207

    Ben turned 32 last week, and we had a little in-house party, with in-house people only.
    Because of our busy summer, and being gone so much in the evenings,
    he requested that we have no guests but just enjoy a family night. We did that.

    tea party, ben's 32 082tea party, ben's 32 076

    Birthdays mean you pick the menu.
    Husband chose Taco Salad.
    Really? He’s too easy to please.

    tea party, ben's 32 100

    On his birthday with the three kiddos.

    tea party, ben's 32 098


    Something so important to us, but hard to make happen. Especially since Baby #3.
    Such an event calls for dressing up, and a picture to remember it by.
    Oh, and a tripod, since there was no Zoe around to take a picture.

    date night! 002

    We celebrated seven years in June, and I have to say, this past year has been my favorite yet.
    God is so good to us. He’s so faithful to redeem, to continue to work in us despite our weaknesses.
    And marriage is worth fighting for!
    I’m so humbled when I realize that my marriage isn’t just about Ben and me -
    it’s about being given the sacred opportunity to showcase Jesus Christ to the world.
    I read This Momentary Marriage by John Piper within the past year or so,
    and marriage has taken on a whole new wonderful meaning.

    And now the dishes are washed and food in the freezer. I find myself humming along to “Arky Arky”
    which the kids requested during their visit to the kitchen and I forgot to change the music afterwards.
    Sometimes I think being a mom is like being given a second childhood. :)

    Wishing you all a beautiful week!
    ~ clarita


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  • Love all the sweetness!

  • Such a happy post. So glad you get to be with your family this weekend! I know you will enjoy it to the max! Just read in an old book the other day that to rid your house of roaches, turn a toad loose in the room overnight. Isnt that so very ‘organic’!?;) hugs!

  • beautiful post! anytime my husband picks a meal, it’s almost always taco salad!!! it’s his favorite :) every now and then i mix it up a bit and do taco dip instead (yes, dip for supper!) and last time i made it i substituted chicken for beef, white beans for kidney beans, and added corn…loved it! and so did the hubs :)

  • i’ll bet your kitchen smelled wonderful from all that baking..
    happy birthday to zoe and ben.
    and good job zoe on your alphabet – sometimes when i’m in a rush i say it that way too !!

    hudson is changing so quickly.
    going from that newborn stage to baby stage..
    it happens so fast! too fast some days. and too slow others. ;)

    you look so gorgeous on your date night.
    really.. you have such a classy feminine style i love.
    but what i love even more is that you’re not too prissy to kill the occasional spider and roach if need be. ;)
    YOU GO GIRL!!!

    hope you have a fantabulous time w/ your family this weekend.

    big hugs! :)

  • Oh, those not-so-wonderful roaches! I’m still on the look-out for one that I missed the other day :(

    Yay for date nights! And baking! And family getting together! :) Have a great time!

  • Your home smelled most delicious this afternoon. I have first-hand experience!!! :) And what is that delicious looking drink for Ben’s b.d. meal??

  • @foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown - a TOAD? are you kidding me?! who in the world would allow one to be on the loose in their house!! that is the most “organic” advice ever. what else did they used to say? :)

  • @brokenmiracle - your spin on taco salad sounds wonderful! what a great idea – i will definitely try that sometime!

  • @justcallmeM - it was a pina colada ~ real pineapple and all. :) one of our favorites!

  • I am so blessed to pop in for a minute and see this! :) can’t get over how cute your little ones are!

  • @lifeisadance – For the life of me i cant remember which of my old books this was in to check for other advice! Call me crazy but if i had roaches i might try it. Arent toads and roaches more nocturnal? It makes sense if you play the scene out in your head.:)

  • Hope you have a great weekend in Ohio. Lovely pictures of your family!!! Great to see a post from you again. I think we’ve both had a busy summer. Too busy to talk on the phone and too busy to even stay in touch over the internet. Yikes! We need to do something about this!!

  • You are right. Being a mom is like being given a 2nd childhood. Being a grandma is like being given a late childhood. The only trouble is it’s harder to get up off the floor once you are down.

  • so much happiness when i stop by here. :) and this time the smell of baking too. lovelove. you look so pretty all ready for date night, good for the two of you, making that happen—i know it gets harder with more littles. take care sweet friend.

  • every time. and i mean, EVERY TIME, that i read your blog, i get so inspired to just be more aware of beauty. and to just be more intentional about the part of life that you show. your girls are simply gorgeous. and wow. i had no idea Hudson was so BIG already!! love your stripey outfit. and thanks for making me crave cinnamon rolls now! i rarely make them because baking is so not my thing. i only bake to eat the end results!

  • I just love that picture of the girls writing on the chalkboard wall…my favorite part is how Zoe ended her alphabet! “X, Y, N, Z” That is just what it sounds like when we say it! W,X,Y, an’ Z….what a little smartie. Beautiful family, loved the update. I would say “post more!” but I truly understand how little time gets allotted to the internet with a little one in your life. Just keep doing what you can.:)


  • just beautiful, little mr Hudson there! I think too he fit’s right in.

    Baking, the smell, worth it? maybe. :)

    so happy for you that one of your sisters is closer now, I clearly understand your reason for wanting 4 girls, all in a row. so much nice and spice. it’s a gift, really.

    taco salad and birthdays, sounds like a perfect plan to me.

    blessings on your week!

  • Lovely post. Your girls are so adorable. Olivia reminds me of Reagan… exasperating, but sweet, with a touch of a wild side. :)

    Hope you have a wonderful trip this weekend.

  • loved it all! the large spiders & roaches… def can relate to that one here and I would say too that Zoe is doing great w/ her writing. love your wall there. your little man is growing up so much and so cute! I know the feeling of having a little baldy. its like having a little old man! =)  Hope your day is blessed!!

  • I really, really enjoyed and LIKED this post… with pictures. You are so beautiful….inside and out. And your family looks so happy and sweet. You make having 3 kids look fun. :) You complimented me the other day on fb about being a good mom. well, Ahem! YOU are too!!! :)

  • I enjoy hearing about the moments in your kitchen with all the little ones. I felt like I was on a visit. I love that being a mom is like a second childhood. It is a blessing to see life through our children’s eyes.
    The pictures are all so wonderful. My favorite has to be your son and hubby sleeping. Sleeping with babies is so special, and that little smile is priceless!

  • Clarita, this is precious. I’m dead tired and so that’s it for now. Jus. SO precious. Oh, and absolutely adorable. ALL of you. Okay, good night!

  • i think what i love most about visiting here is that you take ordinary daily moments and make them very special. i just love that- i dunno. :)
    and i hate to pick a “favorite kid”- but that little olivia, man she looks like a ton of fun. may she always keep her quirky, beautiful spirit.
    i love the chalkboard pics… like i said fun, everyday moments!
    have a superday! me

  • What a fun little post.  I enjoy looking at your pictures. And I will totally hear you out whenever you get time to write the rest of what is going on in your head these days!!

  • Love the weekly happenings and news as well as the cute pictures. That one of Hudson and his daddy is just SO amazingly sweet!
    Have some lovely family time this weekend!

  • do i say every time how lovely you are? or do i just think it? : )
    you truly are.
    your boy hudson has changed overnight, still a darling.
    a couple of my favorite lines ….’i should learn to cook/bake just for the smell of it’, for me too!! and ‘i love how God puts the order of our families together …’, again!!
    blessings to you ~

  • Somehow I have missed several of your wonderful posts Clarita! I enjoyed catching up :) That picture of Hudson and Ben is just priceless! What a perfect moment to catch. Little boy smiles get to a mommas heart. I love peeking at all your lovely, creative ways, but mostly I love hearing your heart!

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