June 13, 2011

  • Special #3


    Thanks so much to those of you who have purchased through these specials! I am very grateful to you! :)

    The special from June 13-19 is Eyes!

    [My sister, Jana. She's in Italy at the moment, and I'm sure won't mind me stealing a picture to use as my 'model'. :) ]

    This is a fun one, getting to the bit of glamor! :)

    This includes:

    Mineral Eye Powder




    Mineral Eye Cream (used to be creme-to-powder)
    [this is so pretty, especially if one desires a more subtle look]

    Eye Primer [which keeps eye makeup from smudging or smearing]


    Some of my personal favorites are these:

    Precious Pink Mineral Eye Color

    Granite Mineral Eye Color

    Chocolate Kiss Mineral Eye Color

    Crystalline Mineral Eye Color

    As well as the Ultimate Mascara and Eyeliner in Black.

    All these products are 20% off from June 13-19! And free shipping!
    Find them under the 'Eyes' tab at the top of the page here: www.marykay.com/claritayoder

    These eye products make wonderful gifts for birthdays, hostess gifts, graduations...

    [All proceeds from Mary Kay will go directly toward our Ellerslie fund, where our family is headed from October - December of 2011. Also, this is a not an attempt to take customers away from current Mary Kay consultants].




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  • after you told me about Ellerslie...i had a rememberance of it. actually i had looked it up after you mentioned it. so excited for you guys. these things look great. not sure i could order anything cause i'm in canada....:(

  • Your sister is gorgeous....and she is in Italy! I am so jealous!

    I LOVE chocolate kiss...I wear it every single day. MK eye shadows are my absolute Favorite!!! 
    I just might have to order some of this. =)

  • Jana has such pretty eyes..of course, i think all of you sisters do too!
    and, like Liz, i'm soooo jealous that Jana is in Italy! if only!! ;O)

  • @foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown - if only is right!!! :)

    @mytoesareblue - aww, too bad! i think shipping to canada is rather expensive. :(

    @Elizabethmarie_1 - i wear it almost every day too! love those eye shadows! and yes, i've thought of you with my sister in italy! her pictures are out of this world gorgeous!

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