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  • You are so sweet Clarita! I appreciate your kind comment and recommending my site.
    You are a young Mom with lots of wisdom! You have two cute little bubbly, happy girls you are doing a great job with.
    Weeks are like that, yes, we all have them. Lots of milk spilled! =)  I love what you wrote about giving yourself to motherhood…that is so true.  If we do not have that perspective, we will start to become selfish and feel sorry for ourselves everytime things don’t go our way….which, yes, I do that sometimes…=/

    Your tissue paper balls are so, so cute. And I LOVE that bed in the last picture! =)

  • This part REALLY struck me — And reminded me of how I feel too often “It seems they think their children are “taking up their time” without realizing that God gave them children in order to provide them with an eternal work to do”. So important to keep that perspective!

    Really enjoyed your post. And you are a very talented woman, I might add!

  • Wonderful words about motherhood.  When I am exhausted and I have laundry to do, school lessons to teach, boys wrestling on my kitchen floor while I’m trying to fix lunch, etc. etc. etc… I need the reminder that what I am doing has eternal rewards, in which I am so thankful to have a significant role. 

    The bed in the last picture is BEAUTIFUL!  You are creating such a gorgeous home!

  • Because being a mother has made me feel weaker than I ever have in my entire life.
    Never have I felt such utter dependence upon God. As in, I will not make it if God doesn’t come through. As in, I can’t do this on my own.
    Never have I felt like my own sin shows so blaringly clear.
    Never have I felt like I fail so much. 
    Never have I had to ask for forgiveness so often.
    Never have I needed God so much.

    ^^^ That was for sure my favorite part! So true. All of what you said was so good.
    I am totally in love with your tissue paper creations! I will definitely be trying it. : )

  • I’m very much encourage by this post…thank you!   These precious (on most day) children of ours require so much from us and  often I feel so unequipped for the job.  You’re right….it’s only through God that we can even come close to being what they need us to be.  Lately I have been really struck with the fact of raising our children….for eternity!  I mean I think of that all the time, but some days I get really caught up in my own agenda and I partially lose sight of that.

    Sorry your girls haven’t been sleeping long nights!   I remember telling you the other evening about my short nights, but failing to ask about yours!  I guess I wasn’t doing a very good job of  *listening*. :( / :)      I hope your weekend is very restful and “uncatastrophic”! (:

  • Wow. Beautiful post on Motherhood!!

  • “Because being a mother has made me feel weaker than I ever have in my entire life.
    Never have I felt such utter dependence upon God. As in, I will not make it if God doesn’t come through. As in, I can’t do this on my own.
    Never have I felt like my own sin shows so blaringly clear.
    Never have I felt like I fail so much. 
    Never have I had to ask for forgiveness so often.
    Never have I needed God so much.

    And really, I think this is right where God wants me. Where I am desperate for Him. Where He is my life-line, and nothing else comes close to Him. It’s a hard, helpless place to be. And yet somehow I’m believing [or to be perfectly honest, WANT to believe] that it’s a good place to be.

    In our weakness, that is when God is strong. Because then God is glorified, not our perfect mothering…”

    great thoughts Clarita. love this post and especially the words above.
    sometimes spilled milk might be just.that.
    and at other times it’s the 157th need of the day ~ at 8:30 a.m.~ and that’s when it can make me cry.
    i am still shocked that i gave birth to little sinners!
    and learnING along with my kids how much I! They! We! need Him!

  • Amen and Amen. In the midst of a week of spilt milk and early hours, God is revealing much. Yes, we need Him so much as moms, and yes, what we are doing matters for eternity. I have already received great rewards in having grown boys that bless me and follow the Lord. All you pour into them is worth it, and you will honestly miss these days and think back on your little sweeties. All that to say keep on! God is good to give to those who ask.
    Pretty pretty paper balls, I love what you do with them!

  • inspiration overload.
    but, not in ‘things’.
    in where it’s really at…
    the heart, and God’s work therein.

    from one mom to another…

  • LOVED what you shared here, Clarita! It’s been quite the week here as well… in a smaller house, with hardwood floors where EVERYTHING echoes, and feeling like the kids are on top of me 24/7 – but also feeling the need to be w/ them and work through their adjusting period, etc. It’s so easy to slip and get my focus off. What you wrote helped swing it back to the right place. :) So very grateful for His grace in my life~

    and I’ve always loved those paper balls but have never made any. I think now would be the perfect time to delve into a few w/ the girls and hang them around —

    thanks for the inspiration on both fronts this morning. :)


  • What a beautiful blog. I love your thoughts about motherhood, too, and appreciate your including a comment of mine. I have been pondering it a lot, as my older kids have made these observations from friends in their mid-20′s to 30′s. May God bless your precious family and give you joy in the midst.
    Sally Clarkson

  • Yes, I know all about early mornings, spilt milk, crumbs, “deaf” ears, toilet messes, potty trained mistakes, etc.   How is it that some weeks I can pretty much take these things in stride, and then there are other weeks where I feel like I’ll go crazy…. Most of the times there are often tell tale reasons, if I stop and think and look for them.  And usually it has .n.o.t.h.i.n.g. to do with my children, but instead my own issues.  Exactly like you said,  “Never have I felt like my own sin shows so blaringly clear.Never have I felt like I fail so much. Never have I had to ask for forgiveness so often. Never have I needed God so much.” 

    This part really got my attention “…understanding that it will take their all – their time, body, life, moments, rights, everything really, to build a godly legacy.” Selfishness and mothering .do.not.mix!!  Okay, I knew/know that.  But, need to keep it in the front of my brain! 

    Thanks for sharing from your inner beauty, and - the outer beauty that you create so charmingly!  loved it all!  Bless you dear.

  • This was so relevant for where I’m at right now. We’re getting close to the end of an addition to our house project and although the kids are wildly excited they are also doing wildly crazy things and my patience for kids around paint and construction is pretty much gone. We were at an Andrew Peterson concert last week and he said something referring to where his wife is at with mothering that has stuck with me all week. My quotation will not at all be perfect but he said, “the people we rub shoulders with every day are the crowning of God’s creation and the best thing that we can pour ourselves into.” Too often I’m not totally giving myself to motherhood and although I love my kids, I’m not seeing the sticky, messy hands and feet as the absolute most glorious thing that God created. Thanks for the honest and inspiring words.

  • Thanks for this beautiful little post! I’ve been “feasting” on Clarkson books in my house lately, and after meeting Sally at the conference a few weeks ago, decided again that I want to be “just like her” when I’m her age~so full of beauty and grace~and so proud of and confident of her grown & almost-grown children!

    And the tissue paper balls . . . I took my supplies to the cabin this weekend and made one, but something didn’t look quite right, so I was going to call you this week and ask WHY, only to come home to this lovely little tutorial! I made mini tissue paper ball/flowers several years back and *that* tutorial said to make them from square paper. But I think that’s why mine weren’t looking quite right this weekend. Thanks for the tips!

  • @FOREVERLANE - for your children’s room?? I was thinking to myself that some tissue paper balls would look really cool in there with the silhouettes. :) Fun fun! And I do want to know what you think of the silhouettes… Like I said, I’m a bit nervous making them for a good friend! :)

    and thanks to YOU for the link to itakejoy!

  • @clearlyhis - I know exactly what you mean about some weeks being able to take anything, and other weeks feeling like it’s pushing me over the edge! But it’s really ME and my own selfishness most times, not really even my kids. I think my kids are raising ME, not only vice versa!! Blessings to you too, beautiful mother!

    @luckymullets - that is a beautiful quote! Thanks for commenting and sharing!

  • You make me want to be a better mom. Love those quotes and what you shared. And thanks for the tutorial on the paper balls. I am one of those inhibited visual learners. :)

  • I have gotten incredibly behind on my postings and just now after my daughter spilled two of my drinks within 20 minutes of each other, I sat down to read this post. Just what I needed. The first time she did it I jumped up exclaiming her name and she started to cry. I immediately assured her it was alright as the thought passed through my head that a spilled drink is no reason to get upset with my child. Her pitiful short-lived cry humbled me greatly.
    Thanks for the step by step instructions with visuals are just my cup of tea. Look forward to trying them!

  • Yes, for my children’s room. AND the package DID come yesterday (or maybe while we were gone). MIL dropped it off sometime yesterday while I was gone. I *love* them!! So adorable, and they DO look like my children. :) Thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh, and the little extras in the package were quite delightful too! Do I have to reserve the headband for Claudia or may I wear it too? It’s so pretty! Packages from “The Cottage” are so much fun to open . . .  Thanks!!

  • I can totally relate to this post. The funny thing is that I got kind of behind in reading xanga posts and when I saw the title to yours I was like… um tissue balls?!?!?! My life is way to crazy to think about tissue balls and almost didn’t read it!:)
    Early mornings?! Oh my word! My children are nearly driving me wild with their EARLY rising habits. My grief. Cossette slept till 6:10 this morning and I felt like I was on vacation. Her normal wake up time is between 5:00 and 5:45. WHY is it so hard to greet children joyfully at such an hour. All I can think of is how tired I am, what a long day it’s going to be and my irritation at being made to leave my cozy bed at such an early hour. But in the whole scheme of life it really isn’t a big deal and I really just need to get over myself. It’s amazing what a better mommy I am when I lay down my “rights” to my sleep and a clean house and just enjoy my children for who they are and the stage of life I’m in right now. Oh, and if I could learn to enjoy being pregnant that would be pretty cool too!:)
    A happy Tuesday to you! Thanks for this post. Loved it!

  • Love the reminder that is in the quote on motherhood!  Maybe I should memorize it or print it out and put all over my house as a constant reminder :)

    Thanks for the tutorial.  I had tried the balls a while ago and they failed miserably.  I think round #2 will coming shortly!

  • Beautiful, life-giving words!!!!

    Oh, and I read your update on FB. :( :( :( That is HORRIBLE. I hope badly that your pictures can be rescued.

  • I could so identify with this post.  You have been such an inspiration to me.  Thank you for sharing your heart with us!

  • I keep coming back here … for two reasons. That little paragraph about “these kid years” in our life. Its just a really good thing to read. Those tissue balls … I am having a baby shower tomorow and I have been making them for the decorations … and i am LOVING how esay and cute they are! Thanks for sharing them!

  • @The_Carpers - isn’t that a great quote? the site ( is one i was recently introduced to, and it’s been so encouraging for me as a mother… and have fun with that baby shower! what a fun way to use the tissue paper balls!

  • I just love your blog, Clarita. Rather, I love your heart…the refreshing honesty, wisdom and whimsy that pours right out of it.

    I have nary a craft to display, but I am grateful for the way you not only craft tissue paper, but words.

  • Hey Clarita, I’ve been meaning to comment but keep procrastinating. I loved this post, btw. and it looks like alot of other moms did too. I read this the other day and since then, those words about motherhood have been resonating in my head, esp the part about God giving it to us for a “life work”. Kinda puts the minor frustrations a little more into perspective.

    Is that THE Sally Clarkson that commented up there???

    I do love the tissue balls as well, and really need to find a spot for some!

  • crazy, messy, spilling week here too! glad to hear it`s not just me… love the white balls over your table..

  • Your words on mothering and the quote from Clarkson were just what I needed to hear in this week of worrying about my baby’s health and potty training my 2 year old. Thanks.

  • I just tagged you in my latest post… and I’ve had your site open for over a half hour… love your playlist! I’m going to make some puffy balls for my house! I’ve always loved them, but you are the one to finally convince me how effortless they are. :)

  • @lorennmeg - Wish I could have been there with a booth! Glad you did well! :)

  • @baileyandme - The white balls over the table didn’t last longer than the Indoor Garden Party. Husband was talking about finding a place other than a flower-infested house to live in after about a week of them up, so they were moved to the little beds in the girls’ room. :)

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