November 18, 2009

  • It Was the Best of Times…



    Indeed it was. How could it not be, the entire Barkman family together for almost a full week?

    In a word, it was delightful.

    Destination: Myrtle Beach, SC
    Who: The Ervin J. Barkman family
    Place: condo by the sea (well, by the ocean, but “by the sea” sounds better)
    Time: October 31 – Nov. 5
    Weather: perfect. warm during the day. cool for morning walks.

    There are no words to describe how much I love my family.  I adore them.

    There have been several deaths in the extended family within the past few years. I think that makes my family treasure each other all the more. Last Christmas when my immediate family was together, we spent a few moments of sad reflection on a relative who had passed not long before. Things like that are always shocking. So unfair. It could have been me.

    So we remember that, and know that it one day it will be one of us that’s missing from the family circle.

    That’s not morbid. That’s reality.

     And it helps us embrace the moments we have together with all of our hearts. To live with no regrets, because it will not always be this way. Painfully though, I know because of the closeness we share, that will make the parting so much harder. But in that way, the pain is really a gift…

    But today – to LIVE,
                               to ENJOY,
                                         and not take life or one another for granted.

    Showing affection today, because it may be our last chance.


    And on to happier things. :)


    The six siblings. They are just so great!
    How come the oldest sister is the littlest of them all??


    And the family picture was wait to be publicized. Mother wants it to be a surprise. :)
    Therefore, sadly, I have no presentable pictures of mother to be shown (I’m going by her judgment, not mine :) ).

    I adore this man too.


    We even got to go out on a date to Starbucks one morning! Without children. Those times are rare.


    After making fun of Claudia’s aviators all week, we got him to try them on. Then snuck a picture. Ha. He looks like he’s straight from the 80′s!!


    Zoe received a lot of attention. So much so, in fact, that Aunt Claudia declared her spoiled (that’s another way of saying she wasn’t always super well behaved). Whoops.





    And little Olivia was loved on too. She’s too little to be spoiled. Plus, she was born one day after Claudia’s birthday, which means she can do no wrong. :) )






    This is a “celebrity shot” of Claudia.


    Books for the ladies.


    Smile. They’re really aren’t desperate. At all.


    Bocci ball for the men. It is much too boring to simply lie on a beach towel on the sand.


    Fishing. One very cold day. Fished all night and caught no fishes… Well, not all night. But no fishes.


    These two are really too much.


    Or make that three.




    Got to wear Ervina’s super cool green shoes. How I love them. I hope they know I have a birthday coming up soon. :)


    The last day, THEE last, we discovered an ANTHROPOLOGY store. Why, oh, why did we not know before? We spent a precious hour in there. I left without one purchase. There were simply too many wonderful things, I couldn’t decide where to spend my last remaining dollars. So I kept them.

    Just to prove we were there.


    They had these super cool rings in the clearance department. Marked down to $20 from $60?? But oh my goodness, they were huge!! A little overkill, maybe?


    Sisters. Everyone should have at least one.


    Or make that three. :) They are beauty personified.



    There was a Worst of Times too. It was at the end. Saying goodbye.



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  • i love the memories…i love my family…i love your thoughts….but please take those horrrrible pics of me OFF your site!!!!!!! i am having an identity crisis just looking at them, why on earth did you have to choose thee most unflattering, ghastly-looking photos of me on here?!! take it OFF, i say!!!!

  • i like the part that says ‘she can do no wrong.’ baha. it’s so true.
    oh olivia. how i love her. she’s my favvvv. haha!
    these pictures make me smile. so many memories wrapped up in one post. how do you do it? oh, how do you do it?
    ps. someday i shall buy ben a pair of his own aviators.. but not yellow, ‘cuz those are just for me. :]

  • @grandpas_gurl - I know not of what you speak?? :)

  • Jana - You are gorgeous as always! Does that help your identity?

    Family by the sea….. looks like you were with your favorite people at your favorite location. Some of the most memorable times for me too, have been with my Glick family.

  • looks like a wonderful time! so fun to see a post from you again!! glad you could have some time with your family.

  • So glad you got to spend time with your family again!  There’s nothing quite like being with your very own family, which is why I am basically counting down the days until Christmas!!!  It just can’t come quick enough!  Btw, you are all quite stunning.  Jana, I saw no  unflattering, ghastly-looking photos at all!!:)

  • Ohhh…I adore Anthropologie. It’s the most beautiful store I’ve ever experienced. :)

  • Wasn’t the idea of “FAMILY” one of God’s most wonderful ideas?  Looks like lots of love around for everyone.  And Jana, I have no idea what you are talking about….  you’re beautiful.

  • You are so right about the sisters (Everyone should have a sister or ….three). I’ve got four and they are all very special to me. (As well as my two brothers).

    Loved seeing a new post from you and all the pictures. Sounds like such a lovely time!

  • Sounds like so much fun! Zoe looks like she had a blast as well :) Love the green shoes!

  • clarita, i know not how you could miss it…sigh. thanks ladies, my identity is slowly being restored. lol! ;)

  • I liked the beginning part; the words of realty, the words that speak of one who wants to cherish every moment with those whom God has in her life…but, I liked all the rest too:). You are truly blessed to be able to share a vacation with your family in this way, and it looked like such a wonderful time! Your children are going to have so many good memories from these days….

    and as for your dear sister Jana…you could not take a bad picture if you tried, dear girl, so do cheer up!

    a fun post Clarita!

    have a wonderful weekend!

  • Inbetween a crazy week and an even crazier weekend, I stumbled across this delightful little post that brings back ever so many memories! To say it was Perfectly Delightful is tragically understating but the more I try to describe it, the less words I have. You know what I mean. :) Basically I just like our family vacations a whole lot…

  • Ahhh…Family!  Yes, Christmas just can’t come soon enough…

    Beautiful post.  Beautiful thoughts.  Beautiful family.

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