May 23, 2009

  • INTRODUCING… our [Roadside] Wonder!





    Olivia Caroline
    which means
    ‘Messenger of Peace and Joy’
    entered the world

    May 20, 2009

    [proud, wonderful daddy with his second daughter!]


    We are so blessed with a precious baby girl!! A baby sister for Zoe’, a beautiful little daughter for Ben and me!

    I had forgotten how completely darling a newborn baby is! We are all just completely smitten with her, and are head over heels in love! She has done so well so far, eats and eats and sleeps! I just love to hold her, smell her, kiss her, hold her… A new baby is just as precious and innocent as can be.

    My heart feels like it’s going to burst with the love I feel for my little family… My wonderful husband who has been such a supportive trooper through the past few days, my darling little girl Zoe’, my precious newborn baby. Any questions I had about whether I could love another child as well as the first have disappeared! The love that  God gives a parent for their new child is just amazing!

    [a few hours after birth]

    Zoe’ has done so well in adjusting so far. I think largely due to her daddy really taking good care of her, making sure she is not overlooked in all the changes that are taking place in her little life. So far she has taken everything in stride. We had told her that mommy is going to have a baby, but weren’t sure how much she understood. But now that Baby is here, it seems like Zoe’s reaction is that, well, we had told her a baby is coming, and now she’s here!

    She comes and wants to hold her, but isn’t overbearing like I thought she might be. After holding her for a bit, she says she’s all done, and then wants to go play. My parents and brothers are now here, and Zoe’ is just thrilled to pieces to have them here! I think all the action around here is helping her adjust well too. But wow, hard to believe my little girl is now the Big Sister!

    [Grandma Yoder with her new grandbaby]

    [a lovely bouquet arranged for Olivia by Aunt Rebekah!]

    [Baby with Aunt Rebekah]

    [Grandpa Yoder with newborn baby]

    [Nana Barkman with Big Sister Zoe' and new baby]

    [Proud Uncle James!]



    The past few days have been rather eventful, as is any new birth entering the world! This birth had a few more unexpected twists than I was expecting, and I find myself thinking it surely must all be a dream! But this is what I remember of my ‘dream’…

    Nutshell Version:
    After 48 hours of labor, baby girl is born in car en route to birthing center.

    Long Version: [and beware, it is detailed. This is for my extended family and friends, whom I can't tell the story to on the phone due to time]

    I was due on Tuesday, May 12, but the days kept passing on by, with me hoping I wouldn’t have to count much higher with each new day! With Zoe’ 11 days late, and now Baby Olivia a few minutes shy of 9 days late,  I’m coming to the conclusion that I’m just a slow cooker – it takes me a long time to hatch a baby!

    My contractions began Monday afternoon, and by 10pm were 5 minutes apart. Although getting close, they were bearable, so we decided to try to get some sleep and see what would happen. At 5am the next morning Ben and I were heading to the Birthing Center with contractions 3-5 minutes apart and getting stronger.

    We took Zoe’ to Grandpa Yoder’s on the way out, and arrived at the Birthing Center to find I was dilated to 4cm. That was encouraging, and we were told to head out to the town for one last “date” before the baby came and to walk around to encourage the labor. I was still able to walk and talk in between contractions, although I felt rather like a spectacle when a contraction came.

    So we did! We went to Panera Bread for breakfast, and I was very relieved that it was a very slow morning in business for them! Then we went to the beach with the intention of walking for a while. By the time we got to the beach we were both so tired from not resting well during the night, so we tried to sleep in the car for about a hour. Rather uncomfortable while I was in labor, but I was so tired I managed to rest somewhat.

    We attempted to walk along the beach, but that day was crazy weather for May, and it was very cold and so so windy, so we gave that up quickly and headed to the mall to walk instead. This was the midwife’s suggestion – I would never have dreamt of going to the mall during labor! WHAT in the world would people think??? She assured me that people are often in their own world and would probably never notice, until my contractions got really hard. So we walked and walked and walked. A lot of window shopping going on, and objects suddenly became very fascinating as I’d suddenly have a contraction and try to breathe through it!

    Mid-afternoon we headed back to the Birthing Center, labor was not getting much more intense and I was getting very tired from walking so much. We rested for a while again, and then tried walking again for several hours to speed the labor. Herbal tinctures and things would kick up the contractions for a bit, but I wouldn’t progress.

    The problem was that the baby would not settle head-down. With each contraction her head/body would try to go diagonal, then after the contraction would go more vertex. But she would not settle in the vertex position, which made the contractions ineffective, no matter how hard they were.

    By evening I was wiped out from being in labor so many hours already, and my contractions were slowing down because of that. We were advised to either get a motel for the night [to relieve the pressure of being at a birthing center] or just go home and see what would happen.

    We ended up going home, although we were told by the nurse that when the baby does right herself, that things could happen very fast, and she was concerned about a car birth! So I knew it was a possibility, but for as slow as things were going, I didn’t think twice about it.

    I was a weeping, wailing wreck on the way home! My poor, dear husband! I would collect myself, only to have another contraction hit, and then I’d start crying all over again! Completely exhausted from having contractions for almost 24 hours already, plus this day was my sister Claudia’s birthday and I was so hoping my baby would be born then! I was already a week overdue and the thought of already being in labor 24 hours and not being able to dilate past 4 cm was completely overwhelming.

    We tried to sleep through the night as much as possible. My body was so tired that the contractions slowed to about 20 minutes apart, which allowed me to rest in between them. When I was laying down, they came about 20 minutes apart. When I was up and walking around they would come about 5 minutes apart.

    The next day we had a chiropractor appointment to try to straighten the baby again. I thought my bag of waters was leaking as well, so we went to the Birthing Center to check that out. Somehow, they weren’t able to detect that it really was my water leaking, and I was sent home again. Ben asked if it would be crazy for him to go back to work the following day, and the midwife thought that would be okay, since this labor could drag out for quite a bit more time.

    All this time I was having contractions anywhere from 5-20 minutes apart, and was becoming so exhausted from not being able to sleep well for several nights.

    It was Wednesday evening by this time, and we hadn’t seen Zoe’ since Tuesday morning, so we went to Ben’s parents’ house for supper and to spend some time with Zoe. We found a very happy little girl who was taken care of so well! She loves spending time at Grandpa’s house, and seemed to be having a great time! I think it was harder on me than on her to be away from her so long!

    My contractions started coming 3-5 minutes apart again, and it just annoyed me because I knew the baby still wasn’t in the right position, which made the contractions basically ineffective in progressing the labor.

    We called the midwife and told her that my bag of waters was indeed leaking, quite rapidly. She said that from that point on we had 24 hours to have the baby, or we had to go the hospital. Regulations. We could either return to the Birthing Center that night, or be there at 7am the next morning to try to get things going again. I was so tired I couldn’t bear the thought of trying to labor through the night, so we returned home. Again.

    Ben ried to call a nurse friend who has worked labor/delivery for years, and were not able to get a hold of her. Left a message.

    The next 24 hours looked overwhelming to me. Wednesday night at 10pm marked the point of being in early labor 48 hours, and I was completely exhausted.  I didn’t know how in the world I was going to be able to have this baby! And knew that if the labor did not progress and the baby did not turn, that a C-section was still a possibility.

    So we returned home. Ben rubbed my feet to try to help me relax as much as possible, and my contractions were still coming about 5 minutes apart.

    We got into bed around 10:30pm, and shortly after got a text from Lois, the nurse friend, who had just got the message, and said we could contact her if we still needed something. Ben went out and called her, and while he was talking I felt the baby’s head move. Definitely move, as if something seemed to click into place.

    Immediately I went into active labor, with contractions back to back. Ben heard that something was different, and came running back to see what was going on. He was still on the phone, and told Lois to come over as soon as possible. She lives about 2 miles away and was there in just minutes. She saw what was going on, checked me, and I was dilated between 6-7 cm. She told us we need to head out as soon as possible, and she was going with us. She grabbed a couple of towels just in case we needed them, and we were literally running out the door as fast as we could after getting out of night clothes.

    The Birthing Center is an hour and fifteen minutes away, although this time I think Ben would have done it in one hour. He was driving as fast as possible, but trying to be as safe as he could! I was in the back seat, trying to make it through the contractions that were coming back to back with hardly a break. I was since looked back and just laughed and laughed, because my normally calm, collected husband was more worked up than I have ever EVER seen him! He was in the front seat shaking, praying, saying this was his nightmare coming true, and all sorts of funny things!

    About 40 minutes into the trip, Ben had to stop for gas! In all the trips to and back from the Center we had tried to stay filled up, but this was the one trip that mattered and he didn’t think we’d be able to make it the whole way there! As he stopped for gas, I called out, “This baby is coming!!”

    Lois got in the back seat with me, Ben jumped in the front after getting just a bit of gas, and we took off again. But the baby was indeed coming, and Lois told Ben to pull over as soon as he could, he needed to deliver this baby!

    The first place we came to was about 3 miles down the road, a Hampton Inn. We must have been quite a sight, and I’m so glad it was around midnight vs. the middle of the day, because this area normally got a lot of traffic!

    [picture taken the following day]

    So Ben wheeled into the parking lot, squeezed into the side of the car with Lois, and two minutes later we had a baby girl! :) All the birthing equipment we had and needed was bath towels!

    Lois was an angel from the Lord that night… I have since looked at the whole timing of her contacting us and Ben being on the phone with her as just simply DIVINE. She was so calm and knew just what to do, and although the car situation was far less than ideal, she was just wonderful through it all! I feel like I just can’t sing her praises enough!

    After a few minutes of making sure the baby was okay, and she was a wonderfully healthy baby, we continued the trip to the Birthing Center. In all the shuffle of the baby coming so far, we lost the one cell phone we had between the three of us. So we weren’t able to call anyone until we arrived at the Birthing Center, and  Ben ran in and told the midwife that, well, the baby was already here!

    [in the car, approximately 15-20 minutes after birth. Notice the car seat base just pushed to the side!]

    [still in the car, cutting the cord after we arrived at the birthing center]

    And that, my friends, is the story of our Roadside Wonder, as Ben calls this Baby! :)



    We are all doing wonderfully well and are so blessed of the Lord with a safe delivery and healthy baby!

    And now, it’s off for another feeding, and then to try to get some sleep!


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  • What an amazing story!  She is beautiful!

  •  So glad that you and baby are doing well. Your story is most every Mom’s nightmare, a car birth. I love the name and she certainly is adorable. BLESSINGS to you and your little family as you adjust.

  • Oh dear Clarita! Bless your heart…48 hours of labor! I thought 30 was unfathomable! But, praise God your darling princess is here safely! Your story literally brought tears. I’m so happy for your little family. Beautiful the name and baby!! Take care of yourself!

  • oh my!!! congratulations!!

    (that is why I homebirth… I’m scared of having a baby in a car. I’m a screamer – people would think I was dying! haha ;) )

  • What a story!  Congrats!!  Beautiful name!

  • She’s a beautiful baby! Can’t wait to see her in person! It was interesting hearing the details from you. :)

  • Wow, Clarita! Truly an incredible delivery story 0= I hope when my baby decides to get serious at coming it comes easy as that (that it could be a car birth) But wow! I thought a 30 hr labor was loooong enough.. I hope this baby, due in 3 wks, doesn’t lengthen in labor time compared to our first )= One thing that really struck me about your pix, you look so fresh, and beautiful! never would guess you went thru so much drama the last 48 hrs! Congrats! and happy mothering!! (=

  • Oh Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!!! what a story… I’m glad everything went ok, even though it was so not how you were thinking it would go and that you didn’t need to do a C-section.  I kept thinking about you this past week, wondering what was happening.  Hopefully you can rest well now and get sleep again!

  • Thank you for the story and pics – glad everything’s over and done w/ and now you can just rest! love ya, ginny

  • Although you would never ask for a birth like that, it will be something you’ll remember forever.   It will be an exciting story to share with Olivia someday and she in turn can tell her children.  I’m glad you all are doing fine and I can’t wait either to see her!

  • Finally . . . the little girl and the pictures to prove it. [I have been checking for pics a couple of times a day] =) She is so *tiny* and *sweet*!!! Oh, and the sign, “We love HAVING YOU HERE” is just too perfect!! With beginnings like that, how could she be just an ordinary child . . . she must be headed for grand adventures in life. =)

    Oh I just wanna see you all and MISS having you around like the time we had together 2 years ago with our first babies . . . and seeing you guys with your second baby makes me ready to have ours too [except for the 48 hour labor part--I'm fine if you keep that as YOUR story only . . . I'll stick with my really short labors if you don't mind!]

    And speaking of thinking of you all so much, certain foods remind me of you guys because we’ve either eaten them together or I think “Oh Ben & Clarita would probably like this recipe . . .” Anyway, I think the grilled vegetables with yogurt sauce will always make me think of Ben, and a new salad recipe the other night that turned out SO good made me think of you and all your yummy salad concoctions.

    Blessings on each and every one in your little household. We love you guys!

  • Wow, Clarita, WHAT a story!!!! Those first long hours sound so miserable and draining and then…boom dramatic entrance! :) Your baby is absolutely darling and I love the names Zoe and Olivia together. Very pretty. I’m so, so very happy for you that she is here. Congratulations!

  • goosebumps here and you made me cry too! ben is right– that is every man`s (and mama`s) worst nightmare. :) i have to say– you make having a baby in the car look like a breeze though… :)
    carmen asked me at church this morning if i saw your blog/story. i hadn`t been on xanga for awhile and was so bummed i missed it! i was so excited to come home and see the name, story etc. wow! WHAT a story for little olivia to hear one day.
    and she is just BEAUTIFUL and love the name too… newborns are just awesome, aren`t they!!

  • ps. i can`t help thinking we have a lot in common. i hope one day our 2 little daughters can meet eachother. maybe at bible school in 2o years. ha

  • What a sweet baby! Congratulations! I think this story sounds so “God”, isn’t it just DIVINE how He comes through every time! Here’s wishing you a good nite of rest. Joleen

  • She is positively beautiful!!!  I have been checking in for a post quite frequently, and was so delighted to see this one!!  I’m so excited about coming over to see her!

  • amazing story!!! Clarita, we’re thrilled she’s finally here!! Congratulations on your beautiful daughter. Thank God for his protection on both of your lives….can’t wait to see her!!

  • oh I just loved the story of Olivia’s birthday. You look great in the pictures despite your labor ordeal. I am glad you remembered your camera in the mad dash out of the house! Congratulations!

  • Congratulations! Just love the name, your birthing story made me laugh.  When prego w/our first Lee thought it would be great roaring to the hospital, it’s safe to say he hates it now, never a car birth but mighty close.  Glad everyone is doing good!!  Was your mom able to be here?  Ben looks so suited with another bundle of pink, it’s awesome to see a dad love a newborn.

  • Congratulations…Bless ur dear lil heart, i couldnt even imagine how to feel if that would have been me….although it will make a wonderful story to look back on and laugh at!!! and u look wonderful for just having a baby!! the name is beautiful!!! blessings to u and ur lil family:) -deb

  • oh. my. goodness. gracious!!!!  what an incredible story and isn’t that sign just perfectly spelled out?  “we love to have you here.”  OH Dear Clarita, you’ve been on my mind so much, what a darling little girl you have, so perfect and beautiful and just full of life!!  Now our husbands have something in common, we’ll have to get them talking about their delivery stories!  Labor and delivery is just an amazing thing!  And yes, thank God for that dear friend/nurse of yours….an angel indeed! 

    Kiss your little girls for me…..AND WAY TO GO GIRL…..YOU DID IT!!!!!!

    P.s. I know another way you can use white sheets….keep them in your trunk when you’re overdue!!!

  • Wow, what a story- nightmarish and yet exciting to see how all the details worked out in spite of circumstances.  You must feel like you ran a marathon!!! I love the name you chose, and wish you a healthy, happy baby and a good recovery time.

  • What an amazing story. I’m sorry you had such a long, traumatic labor…but very happy for your family and your new, precious baby girl! Congratulations.

  • Beautiful and Congratulations!  You and baby both look beautiful.  You look fantastic in your pictures.  May God continue to bless you and your family.

  • Congratulations! thank you for not just posting the nutshell version-the “long” story was very interesting to me! :)   as much as we wouldn’t wish for delivering a baby in a car it really does make a great story!!!!!! :)   My sister-in-law had her 3rd baby in her car, and they didn’t have an “angel” with them to help (that lady with ya’ll trully was from God-timing couldnt’ have been any better!), but luckily the baby waited until they were in the hospital parking lot and nurses could help! Olivia is Beautiful and you look great! i hope the next weeks,months are smooth as y’all adjust back to a ”new” normal! esther

  • I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry for you!!! It all sounds like something from a movie! And I did actually have to smile when I read your header then, b/c I was thinking…..’yeah,this thing called motherhood is certainly a journey…and an interesting one for you recently!!  So glad she is here safely and that you both are doing well! The pictures you posted give no indication of what you had been through in the previous 48 hours! YOu look great!!! Tell Ben congrats!!

  • Wow, that is quite a story! So glad that everything is ok. Congrats on another beautiful girl. Those two will have so much fun together. I like the name you chose too. Take care and enjoy your precious little blessings.

  • she’s so cute!!! can’t wait to see you guys!

  • WOW…your story brought tears to my eyes…just seems it would be so completely overwhelming holding your baby girl after that ordeal!  She is beautiful…

  • Congrats on your new baby girl!!!  she is darling and you look amazing!!  your story is amazing!!!  Im sure she’ll enjoy telling it when she gets older  :)   hope all goes well the next few weeks/months….congrats again!

  • olivia is utterly beautiful, and you are looking amazing as always! i’m so, so thrilled about seeing you in a few days! there’s so many months to catch up on, and stories to tell, and hugs and kisses to give… your little family won’t know what hit it. *grins*

  • olivia is utterly beautiful, and you are looking amazing as always! i’m so, so thrilled about seeing you in a few days! there’s so many months to catch up on, and stories to tell, and hugs and kisses to give… your little family won’t know what hit it. *grins*

  • oh, Clarita!! I could not believe when I saw the title of your post on my email update, and thought surely it could not mean what it insinuated, but indeed it did!! What a grand entrance little Olivia made! I’m so happy for you that you did not need a c-section, and that all went well, and that you and her were safe. What a beautiful little baby she is! I’ll keep you in prayer as you make all the adjustments and changes that come with a new little person in the house. Enjoy each moment and definitely let people do all they can for you, as long as you have help being offered!

  • What a story!  You were such a trooper…and what a prize you got for your labor!  I love the tag name…precious little Roadside Wonder. 

  • finally got to read the story– and it made me cry!! this thing called motherhood. .  . what an adventure!

  • I came across your story here and was rather transfixed – we women love birth stories – right? – and this was QUITE the story!!!  Once I start into “real” labor I progress pretty fast, so it has always made me a bit nervous to think ”what if we don’t make it?” - so far we’ve made it to the hosp. every time!  I am so glad all turned out well and that it worked out for Lois (my cousin) to be with you  – I’m sure she was the right person for the job!  Congratulations on the sweet girlie!

  • Congratulations!  What a story!  I just popped over from resolved2worship’s site ~ love your wee one’s name ~

  • Thank you for allowing me to read your amazing birth story…you sound like an extremely interesting woman! :) I am Lois’ cousin…she’s quite a lady, isn’t she? Glad she could be with you for the car birth…what a story to tell your daughter someday! Blessings to you and yours. ~Twila from WI

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