May 17, 2009

  • Ways to Use White Sheets.


    Ways to use white bed sheets – and not on your bed! This also includes white tableclothes, and other large/long white pieces of fabric.


    This is something I’ve been doing around the house this spring, wanting to bring a fresh, clean look into the house before it gets too hot. Some of what I did was because of practical reasons, other things were just fun.

    I had quite a few old white tableclothes/sheets on hand that were given me by my grandmother and a few other people the past few years at Goodwills, garage sales, etc. – I love white linens! But I wasn’t using nearly all of them and don’t have much storage space, so decided to put them around the house, along with some other white fabric scraps. Really, this could be done with any color, but I’ve been using the white.

    There are a million uses for things like this, I’m sure! I’ve discovered only several. Would love to see your ideas played out too!


    -fold a small damask cloth and use it as a runner instead of covering the entire table


    -fold a large linen tablecloth in half, then hang from a rod with little pinchers/clasps. I can’t remember the name of those things :) but they come in a pack at Walmart for just a few dollars if you don’t have them on hand.


    I did this look in the kitchen mainly because there is so little sunlight that is able to come into the house, due to long eaves and many trees surrounding the house.  This makes the room feel lighter just because of the color.



    -drape a square cloth over an old chest or trunk


    -fold a designed tablecloth and use it as a runner on a buffet table




    -hem a large sheet or tablecloth and hang from a suspension rod in the hallway. This was done because there is a bathroom dead-ahead at the end of the hall, and it bugged me that that was the first thing I’d notice. So this adds a little touch, but mostly hides the bathroom!



    -fold and sew the hem of a plain white sheet, then hang on a rod suspended from the ceiling (this sheet was so old and stained, I had to bleach it for a while to get it clean). I had extra rod hangers from the rod in the kitchen, so I just bent and fastened them to the ceiling, then hung my panel on the bamboo rod (again, credit goes here for the bamboo idea!)




    (this is some repeat from the previous post as well)

    -sew a white sheet together with a sheer fabric (the size was determined by how big the window was and how much sheer fabric I had on hand, and I had two windows to make it for), or just use the sheet by itself, fold and hem, then hang from a rod



    -drape a tablecloth over a table, and drape an accent color over that


    Just a few of the things that keep an overdue pregnant woman busy! :) I’ve been enjoying the more vintage, shabby-chic look all this white adds to the house, as well as making it feel light and airy. It’s not as classic as some looks, and I don’t know how permanent it will be, but for now I like a rather eclectic look around here!


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  • Great ideas…I seen that folded back look of the last photos at a Antique shop and loved it. Just tucking up the bottom partway to the side.

  • keep posting, Clarita!! I love it – you’re inspiring, AND being prayed for…..:)

  • I’m amazed at your energy.  And I marvel at your creativity.  I admit I have no desire to do anything to our rental house.  It feels so temporary and there’s just something in me that doesn’t want to waste my time or money on a house that’s not mine.  So, hence, we sit here in a very blah house!  I surely hope we’ll hear your good news in the next couple of days.  Hang in there!

  • You inspire me!

  • you are so inspiring! l luv all the ideas! thanx. i adore Zoe’s bed. where did you get it? i’m looking for a bed for Chloe.
    hang in there. the baby will be here soon. i was 10 days late with Jonathan. totally know how you feel. Blessings LIZ

  • Beautiful ideas!! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  • hmmm… you’ve been quiet there for a few days now. thinking maybe baby yoder is making its appearance!?! =) i can’t wait to hear.

  • Hey!!! I heard you had your baby! Congratulations!!!! Linda filled me in on some of the details, but I can’t wait to hear the story from you, too. Sounds like quite the excitement. :D I’m SOOOOOO happy for you–that it’s over and that you have your beautiful, healthy baby. Hugs, Christy

  • Was just texting with Veronica. YAYA!! I am so happy for you!! Can’t wait to hear what sounds like a fantastic story… :)

  • Congtatulations my friend! Anxiously waiting for pictures ….

  • Love the creative ideas.  It sounds like congratulations is in order too!  Hope all is going well and you’re adjusting. Can’t wait to see pictures of your new little one.

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