May 16, 2009

  • Master Bedroom Summer-Do


    Guess you could say I’ve been on a rampage the last few weeks. Knowing the baby is coming soon, getting somewhat bored with my house because it’s been the same way for several years, and praying for creativity to help me give some rooms a new look without spending money! And it’s been so *fun*! But also really special as I see God answering my prayer for creativity.

    This spring I’ve really been wanting a new, fresh, but very simple look to things around the house. Partly because this is my 3rd summer in the Deep South, and although I absolutely LOVE colors, vivid color, I remember from the past 2 summers that certain colors I’ve had can also make a house feel warm in the intense heat of the summer!

    We live in a rental house which we were allowed to paint a very neutral color when we first moved in, but no color other than “navajo tan” was allowed throughout the house. This was a big switch for me, because the first house we lived in was painted and painted and painted – a glorious selection of favorite colors! And it always felt so cheerful and bright! But also, my furnishings were very neutral then, to allow for the wall color to have the main say. So when we moved to a house with light walls everywhere, it all felt very ” blah” – things felt very neutral. Too neutral.

    My focus this spring was the Master Bedroom.

    I had been able to find some bed furnishings several years ago on clearance racks at Pottery Barn and other favorite places for just a few dollars to bring some color in there, and have loved added things with texture and such things. But when spring time rolled around this year, for some reason I just wanted a very light, free look to this room. But a look that I could change back to color when it got cold again…

     I took before and after pictures, but can’t find the before pictures anywhere, so I must have deleted them from my camera before uploading them.

    These were the color accents in the room before, and the duvet I found at Pottery Barn for about $7, I think… Loved them, and think I will probably return them when the weather turns cooler again.


    But for the summer, I decided to go with just white. White with a touch of light green. I would love to hit a few Goodwills or garage sales just to find some treasures for this room. It feels pretty basic, but I guess that adds to the airy feel I was wanting anyway.

    I found this white duvet at Goodwill for around $15, and I was planning to cut it up and use it for another project. But after I had it for an hour, I thought it was far too beautiful to cut in pieces, and that got my mind rolling for a summer re-do for the bedroom.

    The lightweight cotton with a satiny stripe that inspired me:


    I had simple red curtains that I was embaressed for anyone to look at closely :) – those were taken down and I put up white panels.

    I had seen this idea in a Better Homes & Gardens magazine a little while ago, so I added the sheer underneath it just to try to hide the blinds better.

    The window by the bed.


    BH & G had this idea – to swoop back the one side and just nail it to the wall. Simple enough! And adds a whimsical look that I like.


    This bamboo rod is where I must give credit where credit is due. Not original with me at all, but with this very inspiring lady.  She had done something with bamboo rods, and when I was needing something to hang my curtains on, I remembered her idea. We have oodles of bamboo growing wild in our backyard, so this was the cheapest (free!) route! I just tacked it up with a piece of brown fabric and nailed it to the wall.


    There is a little corner in the bedroom that we really don’t use that much, but I wanted it to look like it fit into the room. The chairs and table were given to us when we first got married.

    The “shutters” I found for a couple dollars each right after we got married – they’re actually vents/grates for the floor. Needed screw anchors and screws to nail up these heavy things.

    The table is covered with a white tablecloth first, then some scrap green upholstry fabric I had on hand.



    These beautiful pillows were given to me by a dear friend and embroidered herself! I love them!



    Our furniture is a little crowded right now to allow for a cradle close to my side of the bed.

    Branches from the Great Outdoors in a black vase. The little wooden box was made by Ben when we were dating – his idea and gift for my birthday – to hold all our love letters! I love it!

    The second lamp isn’t lit because it doesn’t work. :) But it balances the look on the dresser, so I keep it there anyway!


    I had an odd assortment of frames and candlesticks that I picked up at garage sales here and there, so I spray painted the candlesticks black (they had been a wide range of colors) and painted some of the frames white. The black frames I had on hand.


    More wedding pictures framed and hung on a narrow wall.


    The bed pillows… The bed feels like it needs more texture – with so much white it’s hard to make it stand out, so I’ll just look for some more things and add them when I find them!

    The white pillow I bought at a yard sale from my mother-in-law. :) Love the texture on it. The green pillows I made out of the same green fabric on the little round table.


    This pillow was designed by my Uncle Freiman – a master artist! This doesn’t nearly give justice to his amazing talent, but it’s just a little taste! He has often designed pillows that my grandmother hand embroiders and sells at novelty shops. This one I special-ordered what I wanted, and my grandma helped me learn to embroider!

    Carpe Diem means – Seize the Day! A perfect waking-up motto! :)


    The Baby Corner! This is still awaiting the bedding that my mom picked up at a garage sale. When the baby is born and mom comes down to be here, we’ll be able to finish setting it up.



    It looks like I’m really into this paper lantern thing, but I had three hanging above the bed before the changeover, just in reds and white instead of just white. :) They do have little battery-operated lights in them, so it’s a very charming little feature.

    The sheer panels were an idea that I saw in a Pottery Barn magazine, only their idea was suspended by curtain rods from the ceiling. I didn’t have extra curtain rods, so just used little nails to secure them. The sheer panels were used at our wedding by little runners to announce the coming of the bride! I love the nostalgia they have for me in our room!


    Clean and simple, but very refreshing and a cool feeling even on a hot day!

    Total cost: $15 for the duvet


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  • i love it, so creative in deed. Keep up the good work.

  • I love looking at your rooms :) ! Have you ever heard of Uppercase Living?  I recently discovered it and LOVE the look. It is a vinyl adhesive you apply to walls.  When you want to change you just take it off and it leaves no mark and no residue.  You can also apply to mirrors, mailboxes, refrigerators, plaques, almost everything! I have pictures of what I hung in my house on my Facebook.  You can look at the website (I became a demonstrator b/c I love it so much!) at

    Praying for you these “last days” and waiting for the baby news!

  • this is my favorite kind of post– doing creative things on a limited budget!!! so pretty… i especially love the painting above the baby crib. love the crib too, btw. you have great style! would be fun to see your whole place there. :)

  • ps. i am SOOO with you on loving the eclectic look. i soo love the vintage, whimsical, anthro look too!

  • just checking in…praying for you today.   i received the most precious package in the mail yesterday ! THANK YOU FOR THINKING OF ME and taking the time to send it….a proper thank you will arrive shortly! 

    Love from Strasburg,

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