May 14, 2009

  • The Little White Bed

    I am up from attempting a nap with a 21-month old… Sometimes she settles fine, but this is one of those wiggly, giggly, teasing days. And after about 1/2 hour of neither of us getting anywhere, I decided I’d better try my nap time later – after she’s already asleep!

    I asked Little Baby yesterday if he/she realizes that he/she’s already supposed to be here! :) I was expecting to go late this time again, but am somehow optimistic that I won’t go 11 days late, like before. Why the hopefulness, I have no idea. But I remain hopeful nonetheless!

    Tuesday: due date, midwife appointment, time to treat myself at Starbucks. ;) I normally drive the almost 1.5 hours to the appointment, do what shopping has been necessary, then drive back again, without stopping at the many tempting coffee shops and bakeries and charming little botiques. But this was a day when I decided the few extra dollars spent at Starbucks will be well worth it! I should have asked if they give free drinks to pregnant women on their due date. :) I saved the cup and made myself another iced coffee at home the next day…


    Tuesday was my due date, and I also had a midwife appointment scheduled. And it was confirmed that the baby is head down! What an answer to prayer! Today is the 4th day in a row that it has been down, so I am hoping and praying that that will be true until delivery! If not however, I know the Lord is faithful and what He chooses for this delivery will be good…

    And since I’m on a rabbit trail already, nothing what the title of the post suggests, here we go again…

    We have been having absolutely gorgeous weather, which makes the days lovely to be outside as much as one likes! That definitely helps pass the time, since my little projects and to-do lists were completed for a little while already.

    Our evenings have been spent on long walks as a family, or picking dew-berries, or just being together. Lovely, lovely! I wished I would have taken my camera last night as we walked the road looking for berries. It was near dusk, and I didn’t think there was enough of natural lighting for good pictures. But just the sight of my little daughter holding her very own little silver bucket, mouth and chin stained from berries, little dress spotted with berry juice, and her little voice constantly piping up that her bucket was empty and she wanted more – all that was enough of delight to make me be okay with not having the baby yet, if I can see such delight on my little daughter’s face!


    The Little White Bed is a project I’ve been working on the last month or so. A friend of mine knew I was looking for a toddler bed for Zoe’, and a few months ago mentioned to me that she had seen one that was simply adorable in a local antique shop. I wasn’t able to look at it for another month, but when I stopped and peeked, I was totally smitten. And thought my friend completely unselfish for telling me about the bed, rather than buying it herself and waiting until she had a little girl! So, Anita, I am very indebted to you!

    I had some birthday/Christmas/piano money that I had been saving up for something, I wasn’t sure what. When I saw this bed, I knew where part of that money would be used!

    The antique dealer told us the bed came from the late 1800′s, and is solid walnut wood. The detail on this bed just amazed me, because most of the toddler beds I’ve seen are either plastic or else cheaper wood. This is simply an heirloom!


    Ben and I couldn’t decide what to do with it – should we strip it and paint it, or should we strip it and stain it? Because it’s an old bed, I was afraid that either one would make it look more new, and I didn’t want that.  We went back and forth, and one weekend when he was gone I decided to just clean it up and see what it would look like then.

    One gallon of bleach later (it was so so filthy, I couldn’t use even a strong cleaner to get the grime off), the bed was clean.  The picture below is the clean foot board and the not-yet-clean headboard.


    But too clean-looking for an old bed with peeling paint. Plus there was blue paint in the carving detail that I wasn’t too fond of. So I went over it with black antiquing glaze and let it sit for a little while.




    Then rubbed it off. It looked much the same as before I had cleaned it, actually, but I rather liked that old-fashioned look plus I knew it was clean.  We decided to keep it that way, so that if in the future we decide to repaint or stain it, either one can be done without a problem. But this natural look is growing on me more all the time…


    That was fun, although very time consuming. But the most fun part came when we set it up in the nursery, where both babies will be sharing a room. The crib was moved into the closet, and the Little Princess corner began to be set up!

    Because we are in a rental, and not able to do any painting, I have been collecting white/cream/brown accents for the nursery since I was pregnant with Zoe –  that way it has a peaceful and natural look, regardless of the gender of the children. The only exception is a touch of pink around Zoe’s bed.

     I think that perhaps I would like to add a real accent color throughout the nursery though, only I haven’t decided what color! So for now, it’s a white and brown nursery. In the years to come, my kids will probably say, “Mom! You used brown in the nursery?! That is so old fashioned!” Perhaps it will be one day, but I love it for now! :)

    I debated about using these paper lanterns that I already had on hand, or using a cheap white mosquito net. The net was ruled out because it hid too much of the bed, but the lanterns looked too lonely by themselves so I added a white sheet panel behind the bed. That added what I was looking for.


    This bed is just too adorable. The one side is stationary, while the other hinges up and down. (Forgive me, I just have to show every little darling detail!)

    Stationary side against the wall


    Hinging side to the room. Most times I put the rail up while she sleeps – otherwise we have a cheery little “Hiiiiiiii!!” several minutes after putting her down for her bedtimes!

    I added a white rug by the side of the bed that was just extra around the house, to try to distract from the rather ugly blue/grey carpet throughout the whole house.


    This is one of my favorite features about the little bed – isn’t it just precious???  You know it’s old when you see this!


    Then adding accents… Ben and I have a down comforter on our bed, as well as the guest bed, and I have become an ardent fan of down comforters and featherbeds! So I looked on ebay for a down comforter for Zoe, but had a hard time finding the right size. I ended up buying a white down throw, which fit the bed so perfectly, and was also a lot cheaper than buying a twin size!


    Then it was all just too white, so I pulled out this blanket that was given to Zoe. It’s a heavier weight cream color with pink edging, very pretty, but somehow I just didn’t use it with her.


    But the pink didn’t work with the room, so I used scrap brown fabric to cover the pink. Don’t look too close though – this was my first attempt at this, and as I struggled with it, I was sure there was a secret to doing it, but I sure didn’t discover it!  Hence the far-away picture to hide the flaws! :)


    A little pillow I made when Zoe’ was a baby.


    And a second throw pillow for the bed out of scrap fabric, scrap ribbon, and a white flower pin (that I can still take off and use with an outfit on occasion!).


    The sweet thing is that Zoe just adores her little bed! She wants to show it off to people that come by, and will often climb in it and just pretend to be sleeping – just for fun!

    And the finished little corner! It’s been a work in progress, pulling together little odds and ends without wanting to spend much money! But a fun little project!


    Just perfect for our little Princess!


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  • Wow. That bed is darling!!! I am so jealous. ‘course it would not be quite so charming with my boy but nonetheless… Her corner looks like Resolved2Worship got ahold of it. Quite nice!!

  • That bed, well, it’s simply amazing! Totally my style, and you are sooo lucky to have claimed it!! Not everyone could have made it look as beautiful as you did.

     Enjoyed the post!

  • You did a great job finishing that corner off!!! Absolutely love it!! :) I’m a down comforter fan myself. I keep one on my bed year-round. I think it’s time for a new duvet cover, though. See you tonight! :)

  • i’ve never before seen a bed like that, I love it! I love the sides on the bed reminds me of a picket fence!! this puts me in the mood to go antiquing again!!

  • Hi.. I headed over her per Diane’s recommendation.

    I must say, I am stricken with jealousy. I want that bed. I covet it. It is absolutely gorgeous. You are a lucky woman to possess it.

    Now I will go and repent of my coveting and be completely happy that you are blessed to own it!



  • been thinking of you and praying for you…

  • Love it! Agree with VirginiaDawn looks like Resolved2Worship style. Very nice.

    @swantzfamily - Jasmine you’re too funny. I’ll repent along with you. Soooo cute!

  • bis sisters always have the coolest ideas!!! i LOVE the antique stuff, that is one nice part about GA! =) you are so creative…and what a nice little color brown you’ve got going there for a “happy medium”, just to throw us all off on the gender! ha…and it wouldn’t have to be so complicated with all the pronouns: he/she/it/baby, if you’d only be specific once & for all!! =) i can’t wait to come down & see it, dear. oh, and if i were you, i’d paint one of the nursery walls mocha brown! =) hope your next weeks are great & the babe arrives soon! *hugs*

  • That is too cute. Drool buckets, please. :)

  • Jasmine said it well…. sigh.  What a treasure it is and personally i like the “cleaned up only” look.  God be your strength in the coming days as you wait for your child to be born.

  •!!!! That is so absolutely darling. I am now in the coveting gang as well. WOW!!! Anyway, hope new baby decides to be born soon. Wishing you the best.

  • If I was a little girl, I’d want to show my corner off too.  So precious!  I wish I had more of a knack for things like that.  I’m just not that creative.

  • That’s gorgeous Clarita! LOVE that bed and I’m so happy for you that you found it!

  • Beautiful…Simply beautiful!

  • oh my goodness gracious, it’s too wonderful for words! you amaze me, dear sister. i can’t wait to see it with my very own eyes in a few weeks! i do hope you’ll consent to completely redesigning my room the next time you’re home. *grins* you’ll be on my mind all weekend long, as i canoe down the james river and try not to drown in the rapids. tell baby darling to wait just a few more days… love you!

  • That bed has got to be one of the cutest antiques ever! Why don’t they make toddler beds like that anymore? Hoping your baby comes soon!

  • So like you Clarita!!  It’s an amazing piece of art!!

    PTL the baby is turned right!! Yeah!!  Can’t wait to hear the exciting news!  Love and prayers…

  • very cute! you did a great job! her little corner looks so cozy and inviting too.  and praise God the baby is turned right for you. I was thinking about you tonight…. and praying it won’t be too long yet for the arrival of the little Yoder!

  • So glad to hear that baby has been in the birthing position for several days now!!! The toddler bed is just so adorable and you did a great job at making it look much better. I love when projects turn out better than expected. Blessings to you as you wait for babies arrival and go through the birthing experience again.

  • oh, I just love it! the bed, the lanterns, the pillows, the coverlet….all just beautiful! and, I’m so happy for you that baby is in the ‘ready to go’ position!! PTL! may the day come soon!!

  • So happy that baby is “behaving” . . . no matter what the due date was supposed to be, the little thing probably knows that it’s time is near *now* and that it had better get into position. :)

    Ok, because everyone else has said almost everything there is to say about that ADORABLE little bed and all the wonderful things you’ve done to it, on it, and around it . . . I will just say that I LOVE it, and agree with Ervina, that I want you to come give my whole house a makeover. P-l-e-a-s-e!!! I’ve been wanting some of your ideas around here anyway, but when I saw this post, I was convinced. If only I’d be really rich, I’d “hire” you and pay for your way up here . . . then you could hang out with your family, as long as you promised to spend a few days here decorating. You are simply creative. That’s all there is to it.

    Ok, ok, wishful thinking for now . . . but maybe someday!

    We’re off to Cape May for a camping trip with James & Charmaine. Can’t wait. I’ve been thinking so much of you guys as we planned for this trip because we plan to go biking and it’s almost the same time of year that we biked with you guys at Jekyll Island last year. Fun times!!

    Maybe we’ll hear baby news when we come back!? Or try my cell . . . I think we should have service wherever we go . . .

    ::big hugs for the mother-in-waiting:: ;)

  • simply darling!!! you have such creativity and vision!

  • Zoe’s  bed & decor is darling!

  • That bed is absolutely adorable. I wish I had it and you had a nicer one. ;) Does that make it not covetousness?? :) My first thought though, having been a pediatricians nurse…does that old paint have lead in it?? I would check it out before letting her be exposed to it much more…just a thought, hope I’m not being interfering! :) Lead poisoning does have terrible effects…

  • wow– thanks for sharing the little white bed pictures. i love it!! picturing how proud little zoe must be to sleep in it, just warms my heart. don`t you just LOVE the age they are right now? elle is starting to be so much more expressive and loving. mmm, it`s so fun. :) you def have a gift for creating!

  • ps: so when are you going to post the side of the room [that so conveniently did not make it to the photo] that has *blue* accents, in with the brown?! =]

  • Clarita, it’s so very pretty!!!! I have been in love with paper lanterns for awhile and was thinking about using them above the crib. Are they too girl-y for a boy?

    So, so, so happy for you that baby turned!!!! Hoping he/she will make an entrance soon. I so wish we could hang out in these last pregnancy days. I’m not even close to my due date, yet, but I’m feeling rather down emotionally…. :(

  • @livingwater4me - I did think of that, and do not know if it has lead or not. I sanded it for hours, so it doesn’t have any loose or peeling paint, and Zoe’s not at the “chewing everything” stage right now, so I guess I kind of forgot about getting it checked out. Thanks for the reminder though!

  • @twofus_1 - I would love to be able to hang out with you too! I could use a little encouragement myself with being 4 days late, with no baby in sight! :) Hope your last little bit of pregnancy is lovely though - as lovely as a “whale” can feel (referring to what I myself feel like these days, not to you!), but knowing you have great treasure within you!

  • @twofus_1 - I was going to reply about the paper lanterns too… If you would use a brown or some other more “boyish” color, I think it would be fine to put them in your nursery! One of my extended relatives put them in her nursery in  You may have to go back a few posts, but she added some cool color accents in a neutral nursery because they didn’t know what gender their baby was. Anyway, just thought you might like to see that! :)

  • that is absolutely adorable!! love the shabby-chic look you have throughout your house!!

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