Month: July 2006


    I just saw the house that we’re moving into in GA.

    I should clarify: I saw pictures of the house we’re moving into.

    This was the first time I saw any glimpse of the house.

    Yep, this feels like a big deal to me!!!!!

    7 more days until I see it for real!


    The last few weeks have been spent with a mental camera trying to turn every memory into a photograph for my heart to remember for always…

    Shakespeare in the park
    shopping allllll day with my sisters
    Lancaster Barnstormers game with my sisters and Chris
    … last times of getting together with friends
    … a tearful goodbye at our “Ladies Tea Society
    … a day with my mom
    … finding a house to rent – that we won’t see until we move
    … sad thoughts of packing up and moving to the Deep South

    10 more days.
    Georgia – here we come!

  • Eprops to my lil’ sistahs for updating for me when I’m not around a computer.

    Some quotes that have inspired me of late…


    God’s will is exactly what we would choose if we knew what He knows.” [unknown]


    “There are many of us willing to do great things for the Lord, but few of us are willing to do small things.” [D.L. Moody]


    When I was a little boy, God convinced me that He is God and I am not! This realization shaped the rest of my life. I have never entered His presence without this strong awareness. So I cannot remember arguing with God, or demanding of God, or doubting God. I cannot remember fussing with God, or debating with God.  He is God! And I am not! I therefore choose to let Him be God in and through my life.”  [Henry Blackaby]



    it does not mean to be in a place
    where there is no noise, trouble
    or hard work. it means to be in
    the midst of these things and still
    be calm in your heart.


    Happy One Year Anniversary


    my most favorite couple ever!