July 24, 2006


    The last few weeks have been spent with a mental camera trying to turn every memory into a photograph for my heart to remember for always…

    Shakespeare in the park
    shopping allllll day with my sisters
    Lancaster Barnstormers game with my sisters and Chris
    … last times of getting together with friends
    … a tearful goodbye at our “Ladies Tea Society
    … a day with my mom
    … finding a house to rent – that we won’t see until we move
    … sad thoughts of packing up and moving to the Deep South

    10 more days.
    Georgia – here we come!

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  • Hey Gurl…actually Me my mom and my brother are moving back to jesup this thursday…My step-dad is being transfered back to Ft.Stewart soon we think…Military..it stinks…but Im really glad I get to come home…I need my family right now in this hard time..Hope to see ya’ll soon…Love ya’ll..

  • Thinking about you and praying for you!!  It’s so bittersweet to try to fit all those last minute girl-times, family times, and memories into your life….they are so fun and heart wrenching at the same time!!  Praying that you will feel God all over this move!!! Love ya!

  • Hey girl, my heart goes out to ya and hope everthing goes well for you.  I met your mom when they were out here for the NHM board meeting and she is such a wonderful person.  I know you will miss her and your family like crazy.  Stay focused on Jesus, and He will carry you through.  Blessings to you.

  • it was awesome to spend some time with you today… THANKS!

  • sniffles!!! Those are the only thoughts I have at the moment.

  • today….*sniff*… today was….*blows nose* …today was a….was a….was a…. *tears start rolling* ..today was a amazing last day of walking around town….*breaks into hysterrical sobs*…’no, not the town that made it amazing, it was you, yes you, being with you my loverly sister… *breaks down with shoulders heaving from sobs*

  • seeing you almost every day for the past, oh i don’t know – almost two weeks? - has been absolutely lovely.
    i wouldn’t trade my times with you for anything. thank you so much…
    cheers to discovering coffee cafes!
    love you always…

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