Month: July 2005

  • what does a person say that’s been married for 3.5 weeks!!??  we had the most lovely time in the Dominican, looking back it just seems like a lovely dream!   our wedding day was so much fun… ben and i just loved it! there were so many friends that made our day so special, it was truly a beautiful gift from God.

    we’re back at home now, living in the heart of Lancaster City and I just love it! the central market and library are just a few blocks away, so it’s a great way to get exercise. ben and i are having so much fun fixing up our house, making it cozy, walking around the city… AND i might add that we just love having people over to our house sooo this is an open-arm invitation to all our friends!!

    this time here close to my family is precious to me because we’re only planning on living here about 2 years before we move to GA for the rest of our lives… makes me realize afresh how dear my family is to me!

    we’re still on the honeymoon – we just have to work sometimes so we can keep on honeymoonin’.