July 19, 2005

  • what does a person say that’s been married for 3.5 weeks!!??  we had the most lovely time in the Dominican, looking back it just seems like a lovely dream!   our wedding day was so much fun… ben and i just loved it! there were so many friends that made our day so special, it was truly a beautiful gift from God.

    we’re back at home now, living in the heart of Lancaster City and I just love it! the central market and library are just a few blocks away, so it’s a great way to get exercise. ben and i are having so much fun fixing up our house, making it cozy, walking around the city… AND i might add that we just love having people over to our house sooo this is an open-arm invitation to all our friends!!

    this time here close to my family is precious to me because we’re only planning on living here about 2 years before we move to GA for the rest of our lives… makes me realize afresh how dear my family is to me!

    we’re still on the honeymoon – we just have to work sometimes so we can keep on honeymoonin’.

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  • Chloe!! It’s so good to hear from you! And I have to tell you something, I didn’t “forget” to get you guys something. I’m just, well, working on it. Help us all-I’m glad everyone isn’t like me. But I think about it all the time-I just had to make it perfect is all.

    Anyway, so good to have you back. Love you so very dearly!

  • babe, the day at your house last week… it was amazing…
    just how i imagined it would be someday… so much fun.
    you’re my favorite newlyweds ever!
    yes indeed, may the honeymoon never end… with you guys, how could it?

  • Way to go with living int he heart of the city!!! I’m gonna be spending a good bit of time in your town over the next two years, going to Thaddeus Stevens College… I can hardly wit to get started!!

  • Glad you made it back safely.  Your and Ben’s wedding truely encouraged me in the love of Jesus.  Thank you  so much.

  • awww. and thats all i can say

  • glad to see you on xanga again!

  • how exciting!! i am so happy for you…hopefully we can see each other soon…XOXO, nat~*

  • hey girl!! can’t believe its been 3.5 wks already!!  wow!! i’ve been thinking of you so much and wondering how you guys are doing!!  Can’t wait to chat with you!!  luv ya~

  • it’s been so fun hanging out with you two love birds *wink*…you have the sweetest little apartment!

    i love you!

  • aw shuuucks. :] you’re making my heart all aflutter with excitement for those fast approaching days of married life. i can hardly wait. :] such a joy to see your happiness…


  • Just stopped by not really expecting to see an update…well, what do you know??(-:  So happy to hear from you again!  Welcome home!!  Loved your wedding by the way, and can only imagine how cute your house is!  You never cease to challenge me, Clarita!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Love you!

  • Welcome, welcome back.  May you days be filled with new-birthed wonder . . . may you find the joy of the little things . . . may you not miss the great good that is coming . . .

    And thank you, both of you, for the lovely wedding.  There was radiance and joy there because it came from your hearts.  -Tamar

  • hey girl, so happy for you. can’t wait to see the two of you together. bet yall are the cutest couple around

  • hey sis, thanks for the lovely chat at starbucks today! (even tho’ it took a little while to get started! :))…made my day spending time with you, and i love the way we can still be best friends…even if you’re married!! you’re da best, darling! take it easy, and hope you continue to find great fulfillment in being where God wants you to be! :) love you always, jan 

  • Glad to see you & Ben at Joe’s welcome back party! (and at the church meeting). Hope you’re adjusting well to married life! ;->

  • clarita! i found your site! ~gorgeous profile pic…hope this finds you and *yours* well. :)

  • you make me smile. xoxo.

  • awwww…good to see an update from you!  life sounds wonderful!  keep up the wonder…and i’d love to take up that open-armed invite sometime! do i sense a roadtrip?!?…hmmm…someday…this fall? would be awesome…but this girl needs to stop travelling and start making some money sometime…oh well…the summer was awesome…i’ll tell you about it sometime…sue.

  • AWW…Im so happy 4 ya guys!!! Congratulations 2 you girlfriend! sounds like a beautiful life xoxo~missy

  • Congrats on starting a new life! I heard that you were a beautiful bride.(By your uncle Lael) I stumbled on to your sisters site and thinking it was you… But I told her and I want to tell you! I don’t know if you remember me or not, but I have been trying to get a hold of you since you spoke to us girls at the youth focus weekend in January! and I have been struggling about really feeling God.. and I was doubting in my heart! But then I stumbled acrossed Janae’s site and realized how mighty God is.. He knew I was trying to get a hold of you and I kind of gave up hope.. but no, God pulled me through once again! All I really want to say is “Thank you” So much for talking to us at the youth focus weekend… It did me so much good to hear you spill you heart out to girls you didn’t even know… Your beauty really shows when you can see God in your life!!!! 

      Love in Christ,


  • hey i need your address! email me: smrowan@hotmail.com  or comment me back with it. thaaaanks! :]


  • Hey….I guess ur enjoying married life too much to post eh>?lolz…..I’ll c ya around sometime!….smoochez–>Lyn

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