April 3, 2012

  • She’s Married!


    It was a most lovely day.
    Jana would win awards for The Most Lovely Bride Ever.

    My first sister to be married. ♥

    [there are actually five people in this picture.
    yoder baby #3 was tucked behind my bouquet. :) ]





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  • love this picture of you guys and love your dresses as well! such beautiful girls!

  • any of you girls would win that award, my dear!!
    you do NOT look pregnant either Clarita!! what a flattering pattern/dress that is for a pg momma…all of the dresses are quite lovely too.
    hope you are recouping okay back at home…
    take care of yourself!!

  • A beautiful picture…you all are just beaming!  I can’t wait to see more pictures…the dresses, decorations, everything!  I love weddings :)   Hope things go well as you settle back into your cottage.

  • pretty… all of you. but man, i’m loving your music on here. where are you hiding your playlist? i’d love to know who is singing this first song?

  • beautiful!! hope you are doing okay. call me when you get s chance!!!

  • What? only 1 picture? I was counting on Clarita to post at least 739!! Please! I love wedding details. I’ve been trying for about 11 years to convince my hubs to let me plan another one for us. So many cool, fun, ideas that weren’t around when we planned the first time! Rachel

  • @singingrachel - for some reason my playlist hides itself?? or i’m not putting it on correctly or something. the song is ‘top of the world’ by the carpenters, a 1973 remix, i think it is. i love it too!


    @everydaymoments -  ha ha. 739, huh? sounds pretty typical for me! :) trust me, more will be coming, but i don’t have nearly all the pictures that i wish for because of being in the bridal party plus having two little kids!

  • each of you girls was stunningly gorgeous! and baby yoder should have peeked out just a bit more…because that is one cute tummy hiding behind those flowers. :)

  • So much gorgeous! I would love to see more of the wedding. It all looks so beautiful! Hope baby Yoder stays tucked and comfy for a little bit yet and then I can’t wait for introductions. :)

  • Gorgeous bride and bridesmaids!

    Your music takes me WAYYY back. We had this record when I was growing up and this was my favorite song. When I would be outside alone, I’d belt out this chorus from the ‘top of my lungs’.;)

  • Such a beautiful photo!! :) Can’t wait to see more!

  • You girls are all so pretty….feminine….just gorgeous!
    The color she chose is so rich too.

    Hope to see more pictures!

  • So pretty – all of you! Love the dresses…..And you look amazing! How are you? I think of you often….take care!

  • beautiful. ALL of you! love the colors, gray sashes, flowers…can’t wait to see more.
    and you little sweet mommy you! yoder baby #3 is really hiding in that lovely dress.

  • I think I said it on facebook too but you guys sure look alike! What are the odds so many pretty girls in one family?? lol

    It looks like it must have been a beautiful wedding!

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