May 3, 2011

  • A Faith Walk


    Well, it’s been a while. :)

    2.5 weeks in Pennsylvania.
    Then a day after returning home I got hit with a bad case of strep throat that had me in bed for a week, and recovering for a week after that.
    Now it’s a week later, and goodness, I’m not sure I remember how to blog anymore. :)

    So I’ll just chatter, I guess. About things I’ve been thinking the past few weeks…

    And add of bit of the flora and fauna that we had earlier this spring.


    About how we’ve been tested in the whole department of choosing gratitude, as I wrote about in my previous post. Choosing to see the blessings I’ve been given,  I must admit, in the past few weeks have been a stretch.

    We returned back to the south because there was work here for Ben again. That was a huge relief, knowing that at least for a month there would be work. I remember thinking, “Whew, it’s going to be SO nice that he can put in full weeks again, after not having steady work for about two months. We can finally catch up a bit financially.”


    That was probably the arm of flesh, depending upon itself. :) And over the next few weeks I realized again our complete dependance upon God, and also His faithfulness to us. Because a full week of work still hasn’t been in the picture since we returned 3 weeks ago. Not because work hasn’t been available, just, well, other things.

    Like me getting strep throat, and Ben taking off a day of work because I was so sick I couldn’t function. Throw my two doctor’s visits in there, an injection, two kinds of antibiotics, and I was finally feeling better.  I don’t know what we would have done without Ben’s younger sister to help care for the girls for several days over that time. Oh, and Olivia’s trip to the doctor because of terrible mouth ulcers.Then a few days later Ben got strep throat, from me passing on the highly-contagious virus. Insert doctor’s visit for him, an injection, and antibiotics… We have health insurance, but it only covers medical emergencies, and nothing of the above.


    You get the picture. Not exactly the financial strides we were hoping for! I remember praying and thinking, “God, surely there is something to be thankful for in all of this, but right now I’m so sick I can’t see it!”

    But God was faithful. And there was enough money to pay bills and put food on the table.


    [quote on mirror from Leslie Ludy]

    Then came the news of the devastating tornadoes in north Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. And there was an opportunity for some of the men from our church to go up for a day and assist with manual labor, helping local residents in any way they could. And both Ben and I felt like he should go, and he wanted to go. No, there hasn’t been steady workweek for him lately, but we have a roof standing over our heads and were not even touched by the destruction that completely wiped out whole areas. We felt like Ben going would be offering our gratitude to the Lord for the many blessings He HAS given to us, even in a time where we feel stretched ourselves. And giving in that way is so much more heartfelt when it requires personal sacrifice. So Ben went, and blessed, and gave.

    And God is faithful. There is enough of money to pay bills and put nourishing food on the table.


    And then there is the walk of faith in the future that we’re excited (and maybe a bit nervous) about. It’s called Ellerslie. We have dreamt and prayed, and doors are opening. Ellerslie was founded by Eric & Leslie Ludy as a discipleship training school in Colorado, in 10 week semesters. Lord willing, Ben and our little family plan to attend in October for one semester. It’s still 5 months off, but with a family, these kinds of things take a lot more planning than the fast decisions of a single person! :) We were accepted in January, so have been thinking of this for a few months. Ben will be a student, and I will be a supportive wife and loving mother. :)



    But all this comes at a time when it really is a walk of faith. We are beyond excited about this, and know that actually going will be well nigh to a miracle because God is leading us to go at a time when it really hasn’t been stable financially. I realize that we are in a minority of people that has been extremely blessed in the western world, but even so, not having steady work for several months doesn’t seem to be the most “safe” time to go. :) But that is where God is leading us, and we are confident of His faithfulness!

    After just the first couple months of adventure God had us on this year, the next months look exciting! :)

    [our personal flora and fauna :) ]


    [first spinach from the garden]

    fresh salad

    Sooo, that’s a little bit of what’s been happening. And I’ve been seeing God’s faithfulness in huge ways in our lives.

    Despite challenges, despite things out of our control, HE IS faithful. His faithfulness is not dependent upon everything in our little world going well. He supersedes that, and cares for us well in every season. And I am so grateful to love such a God!


    p.s. more to come later on the lovely past-trip… it was too long to combine into one post! my heart is full and overflowing from such a splendid time with dear family and friends!



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  • I so enjoyed your photos and your words in this post.

    So much truth here and it is great to see you living this out in the midst of a somewhat difficult time.

    Looking forward to your next post…

  • Beautiful post!
    And lovely flora and fauna…I especially like the moss and the red blossoms. Just.gorgeous.
    What a blessing that God is unchanging and His faithfulness stands no matter what!

  • faith. trust. unexpected circumstances. finding gratefulness.   …..I can identify!  

    May God continue to strengthen you and fill you with His inner legendary beauty! love you.

  • so glad to see you ‘back’….
    must run and fix supper…be back later to comment more.

  • Praise God for his faithfulness. So blessed to read how He is leading you and your family. Beautiful flora and fauna, blossoms, color, spinach!

  • Me too! Glad to see you back, Glad you’re feeling better. I just love your blog. =)
    Your pictures have me wanting to go change around the decor on my fireplace!  Your little cottage is just so cute.
    Life is getting exciting for your family!  Isn’t it so wonderful to see how God work in our lives?
    Well, you have a lovely evening Clarita! =)

  • Such a lovely post! It’s always a special treat to see a post by Clarita pop up in my feed :) Your light blue wall with the red words and bright blossoms is gorgeous! Love your sweet cottage and your sweet heart!

  • faithfulness…such a huge thing. something that God has been pressing upon my heart over and over again. His faithfulness. those who remain faithful and how He honors and cares for those souls….active faith…it’s just sooo essential to the Christian walk.
    and, i’m so glad that even amidst all the downs of the last weeks, months, you can see that…He is and will continue to be your provider as you remain faithful in whatever, wherever He calls you!!

  • oh, how i understand these walks of faith, girlfriend. and what you wrote about ben’s work.. man! i could have written those exact words so many many times. and yet, in it all, as you said- He IS faithful. and i’ve been amazed time and time again as i look at the bank account and yet look around at all we have and i know there’s no other explanation except that He’s provided.

    i so appreciate you being honest about the struggle to be grateful~ funny how when we write something or talk about it God seems to test us, doesn’t He? and then He teaches us to be grateful on a whole different level – the hard one. when things don’t go as we planned or think they should. :)

    you’re a breath of fresh air here in the xanga neighborhood, clarita. so blessed to know you. :) love~

  • ps. wanted to say too the pictures are awesome.. as always, making me want to come just SIT in your house for a day. :) and excited to see w/ you how the training school stuff will unfold. sounds exciting and scary a bit too.. scary in the sense of change and further trusting God w/ finances. :) but what a cool opportunity~

  • oh my goodness. first of all your decorating details are amazing….i just want to escape into the beauty of it. i look forward to hearing about your trip. i am sooooo excited about you guys going to Ellerslie…how amazingly fantastic. i hope that you tell us more about it as your journey gets closer. thank you sooo much for sharing all this with us. i hope your daughter is doing better…so thankful that ben also had family to help you out, so glad to hear that you are doing better.

  • Love your thots, God’s faithfulness, and the *beautiful* red/pink flowers!! Have I seen those anywhere before?? I don’t recall, but it looks so lovely. Can’t wait to see and hear how God continues to provide for you, and especially how your time in Colorado will go. Slight bit of jealously going on here over the opportunity to be in that type of setting and learn and make new friends! Must run off to bed. This whole day has felt like a “race” of sorts, well make that the last two days. We’ve been diving into spring full force: playdates with cousins, trip to the greenhouse and out for ice cream and planting garden, out and about today in beautiful weather, and then out to an awesome creek with a picnic supper so the kids could splash and Phil could fish, a little more ice cream, dirty bodies into the tub and out again, tucked in tight . . . It’s like we’re trying to live all of summer in the space of a few days. But I’m sure we’ll calm down when we know for sure that the warm weather is here to stay . . . and the novelty of it all wears off. :) Oh, and I’m pleased to know you liked my menu plan. Was hoping not everyone would feel like Lil. ;) She and I have discussed that topic before tho, so I knew how she felt. No hard feelings. :) Funny that you’d choose to make Cobb Salad today, because you, I think, were my first inspiration for Cobb Salad on your blog several years back?? Can’t remember when exactly, and I don’t think I even made your exact recipe (did you have one?), but I always think of you when I make that salad. Good night and happy humpday tomorrow.

  • It IS amazing how God provides! Your story of attending a discipleship training school reminded me of what we experienced 6 years ago. I was 7 months pregnant with our first baby and we felt God wanted us to go to SMBI for 3rd term. We didn’t have a lot of money and actually gave up going. Elijah called us and said some anonymous friend had paid our way! We came back in the middle of winter, 2 weeks before Auralie was born, with $7 to our name and a big heat bill to pay, plus a baby bill looming ahead. But God came through as he always does! Hang in there! You are doing well with trusting HIM!

  • Praise Him for He is faithful!!!  whoot!  I love love love the red accents!!!

  • Glad you’re back and feeling better! God is faithful and as I’ve heard before, we would chose these trials for ourselves if we new the outcome. Sounds like God is really stretching your faith at the moment. Keep trusting him and years down the road you’ll have one of those stories of God’s awesomeness.

  • I’m pretty clue-less with flowers so, what is that flower all over in your house?! It’s gorgeous! Glad things are going a little better and that God is really showing Himself real to your family. It’s so nice to know that no matter what He’s gonna pull through for us. I’ll be praying for you as well. : )

  • So good to hear from you here again! I identified so much with this post–not having constant work for several months. Never being SURE that the money is there, and determining to trust in God. I love the way that it is allowing me to see God as my provider. Also, I’m realizing how much we arrange our lives to take away the need for trust. That’s not how I want to live even if it’s more comfortable.

    Wow, the discipleship training sounds so exciting!!! I can’t wait to hear more about it!

    I love your dining room (or is it kitchen?) mantle arrangement. The blue, white, and touches of red are so pretty.

  • @foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown - I’ve thought of you sometimes through this, remembering that there was a time when your husband was out of work too. And also remembering your story of God’s faithfulness!

    @rachi882 - WOW, that is quite the story!! How amazing and exciting and scary that must have been! Thanks for the encouragement!

    @JsSteph7 - That is really special to hear you are praying for us! Thank you!! And the blossoms are [white] dogwood and [coral] flowering quince. Aren’t they gorgeous?! I just love spring blossoms!


  • Someone asked me recently if faith is risky?  My answer was NO!  Having faith in God is the only risk free guarantee we have.  Prayers that God will abundantly supply for your family.  May your testimony increase the faith of all those around you.  :)   P.S. I just love the photo of your laundry drying in the breeze!

  • @TrentTribe - I love that “risk free guarantee” you spoke of! So beautiful, and so true! As for the laundry, “going green” in that area has saved us a lot of money each month! :) )

  • hello clarita! you probably don’t know me, but i just happen to be kenny’s other sis. i am admiring your pictures and am wondering how you did the little glass holders hanging beside the mirror???

  • Oh, Ellerslie. Even if I can’t come with you, I’m just SO THRILLED. Lovely words and pictures, as always. Miss you…

  • That is so exciting about Ellerslie! David and I are feeling more and more that there is so much more to life than this ratrace of work and church activities and yet we’re not sure what exactly what God wants us to pursue. So it is always exciting to know that someone is stepping out in faith and following God.

    I love all the pinks on your clothesline! I don’t have a clothesline, but if I did have one it would be full of blues. :D

  • @andrealyoder - Oh, hello hello!! I feel like I already know you because Kenny and Ervina have talked about you so much! I hope to meet you one day! :) The little glass holders came from Pottery Barn Outlet, and I didn’t do anything besides put a nail in the wall and hang them from it. Nothing genius on my part at all. :) I love them though!

  • Great post Clarita! Been thinking about you a lot. Tried to call you the other day… Looking forward to catching up sometime. Hang in there and keep looking up. He DOES know what’s best even when it’s hard. Learning this myself in so many ways right now. I’m SUCH a slow learning though… Love you dear!

  • Hi Clarita, I’ve been following your blog for a while. Just sayin’, your pictures and thoughts are very inspiring. Tonight I just had to comment because you wrote about going to Ellerslie. Wow, that is so exciting!

  • I wish we would live beside each other.
    or right down the road.
    why must sisters be seperated?????

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