March 22, 2011

  • Found: Paul Bunyan’s Fork


    So in the general perusing of yard sales while in Florida several weeks ago, I happened to glance upward and my eyes met the giant prongs of a fork. Giant fork. About 6 feet tall.

    Yes, a fork.


    I’ve been on the look-out for a fork ever since seeing the gorgeous fork/spoon gigantic canvas’ in Pottery Barn’s catelogue. But am I going to spend $300 on them? Um, no. Never.

    And in speaking with the garage-seller-woman selling this cutlery, she said she paid over $100 for it; she told me I can buy it for $10. Ten! I hugged it tightly, working out my biceps in the process, carrying around the 20 pound fork. [Yes, I am aware of how out-of-shape that makes me sound! :) ]

    [Let me just insert here, that I am a sucker for things that are a bit different. Wierd, if you will. Eccentric, even. Whimsical. Unique, as in, you-can't-just-buy-it-at-Walmart kind of decor. I am quite aware that this sort of thing makes some people uncomfortable, and if that's you, that's okay. This is just me!]

    But this was not just any fork! Oh no. This is that same fork that the storied Paul Bunyan of old ate from, I’m quite sure of it! He is not a tale after all, folks! Here is the proof – his fork alone is taller than I!

    [I couldn't help myself, beaming with my new-found treasure! Even though he really was quite a challenge to fit in a vehicle and bring him 6 hours safely home.]

    Fork 3

    Of course, being that old and full of folk lore, the dear old thing needed a bit of TLC.

    A fresh coat of paint on him and a loving new owner (who will be content to merely look at him with warmth rather than use him to eat with) and he looks like new. Or wait, better than new. Because new is overrated anyway. He wears his age well.

    He stands guard over the chalkboard in the dining room for now. I thought of placing him sentinel over the long window, but my rods are mounted too high, so he stands at attention here for the time being.

    Fork 5

    [should have fixed the falling-down greenery  ]

    Fork 4

    Oh, the stories he would have to tell, would he be given a voice!

    And that’s my ten-dollar treasure of the month! The smallest things make me happy. :)


    p.s. a correction on my previous post: “La Dulce Vita” should actually be spelled, “La Dolce Vita” – just in case anyone else paints theirs incorrectly on a wall. Not that I would know… 

    p.p.s. more information on the ‘La Dulce’ Vita from my previous post: the way I had spelled it is the Spanish version; the ‘La Dolce Vita’ is the Italian version. Just to be technical here, in case you see it spelled both ways!


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  • Oh my word, I absolutely LOVE IT!

  • Awesome! You have *the* eye for doing something with those wierd and wonderful things . . . that’s why you’re allowed to buy them! Me? Not so much, so I look at stuff, think it could be awesome, but WHAT whould I do with it, and even more, WHERE would I put it!? And now that you mention it, I think it could also look great above a long window. :)

  • Ha! I’m Italian and didn’t even catch that….my Grandpa would be quite shocked I tell ya!

    Love the fork. LOVE it!  I think he looks nice right where he is.
    You are so cute! =)

  • Love the “smile at my children” on the chalkboard…I need that

    Enjoy you’re great find:)

  • ha! I LOVe the Fork! So awesome. I never find cool stuff like that at yardsales! I don’t think it’s one bit weird. More like, fabulous!

  • That is awesome Clarita! Perfectly whimsical :)

  • Yeah, how DO you find this old, unusual stuff? I, for one, have never seen anything of the likes at a garage sale, and I have been to LOTS of them.

    I think its very cool how you have your own sense of style and decor that is different than most.

  • Wow! How cool! I have to admit if I would have seen Mr. Fork I would have kept walking, but you certainly have a way of making him look super cute in your kitchen. : ) Now if I happen to see a giant fork for cheap I may give it a second thought. ; )

  • how fun is that?! i would have snatched up Paul’s fork too had i found it…things like that catch my eye…not always for me, but for people whom i know would enjoy them. it’s so fun when you find things like that at yard sales!
    ‘he’ looks quite striking in that little corner where ‘he’ resides! =)

  • so interesting… because just today i was looking through the holiday PB catalog and saw that canvas set and was drooling but guess what?  i like this version even better.  You have the right to be one happy camper.

  • how lucky you are to have found PB’s fork. it is fabulous.

  • I second martintreehouse!  :)

  • how fun! reminds me of my mom who would somehow squish in her treasures while we were on vacation

  • what a chuckle! :) Esther

  • That fork is awesome.  Love quirky stuff.

  • I want to come to your house!

  • my first thought upon seeing the fork propped in the corner was… is it secure??!?!?!? HOW will she keep that door AND the fork from falling over on her children as the run around the house playing all the crazy games children play!:) lol. and then i thought… maybe she has her children trained to stay out of the dining room… or maybe they don’t play dangerous games… but be warned… if we ever make it far enough south to visit you, you just might want to secure it to the wall!:)

    seriously, totally awesome. you make everything look amazing clarita!

  • totally love it

  • @WasabiBek - You’re funny. :) The door and fork are both leaning against the wall at an angle where it would be very difficult to knock them over. Because no, my children aren’t trained to stay out of the dining room, and two, they play crazy racing games on little bikes all over the house. :)

  • @fruitloops115 - @appalolly - Trust me, this is not usual to find treasures like this at yard sales! That’s why I’m all hyped about it. :) I don’t even bother yard saling in my area because it is TRASH-EY as can be.

  • What a unique find. Just home PB doesn’t come after it!! :) And when I saw you found it Florida, I wondered how in the world you got it home. I was picturing it tied to the top of your car. Wouldn’t THAT have gotten you quite the looks!!! :) Can’t wait to see the fork sometime!

  • i love how excited you were about finding the fork. that picture is awesome. i know i’ve found some strange things that others didn’t see the ‘treasure’ in but i’m pretty sure that i had a similar smile on my face! i love where you’ve placed it…and imagine myself the stories he could tell. a little bit jealous that you have places around you that can be found to discover such great treasures!

  • I love your vision and the way you take the unusual things and make them beautiful.  So artistic!  Great find.  Makes me so excited to garage sale again. I’m an avid garage saler. =)  fun fun  (Ravi was quite impressed with the “Paul Bunyan” fork!!)

  • @justcallmeM - We were in my parents’ Denali, which was wonderful. Otherwise I have no idea how we possibly could have brought him back! :)

  • you seriously have talent and I love seeing you use it! also, loved your little chalk board and the things you wrote. made me smile, cause all 3 things were along the same line of thought, that I wrote on my tile kitchen wall last week. good reminders!

    also, I agree 100% with what you said in your previous post, if you live in the same area as all your family, count it a blessing and don’t take it for granted!! =) looks like a FUN week!

  • [mental note} ok, jenny, speak calmly, you do not have to gush...
    but oh, i love that fork so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
    when i saw you with it on that 1st picture, i mentally “felt” with you– that rush of finding something truly unique. it is a lot of fun, isn`t it?
    and honestly, i love how you “have” it. i would have seen it, thought it was super, but would have lacked the gumption to “know” i would have a place to put it/make it cool.
    bravos, blogging sister!

  • how many ” “s do i need anyway?! ^^ (too many)

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