July 31, 2009

  • Zoe’ Turns Two


    My daughter is TWO! How can that be?! Sometimes I stop and wonder if this is really *me* that has two children, and the oldest one is two! :) My life just amazes me sometimes!


    For Zoe’s birthday this year, we decided to just spend a family day together. We have been rather busy, Ben has been working 6 days a week, and family times haven’t been very frequent. So, in lieu of a party, we had a family day at the beach!

    Her day started early – at 6:30, but she was far too grouchy to remain awake, so after breakfast I tucked her back in bed for another hour or two. She awoke in a much better state of mind, and was delighted when I put candles in her pancakes and sang “happy birthday” to her several times! She then started singing “happy birthday to zoe!” and just giggled when doing so! I don’t think she really understood what was going on, but whatever it was, she liked all the special attention!

    Soon after she got up, I told her that we were going to the beach that day! Zoe’ absolutely  loves  the ocean, and was just thrilled! It took us a bit to get out the door – just getting out the house is a bigger deal these days because the baby first has to be fed, the lunch has to be packed, the sunscreen and chairs and drinks and snacks and lunch and stroller and beach towels and sand toys need to be loaded in the car (whew!), then both babies are loaded in, and finally – we’re off!

    After a quick stop at Target to pick up a few necessities (I think it was necessities. Sometimes I make up “necessities” just as an excuse to go to Target because I hardly ever go that hour distance!), we picked Ben up who had been working half a day close to the islands.

    A picnic lunch at a park just a short distance away from the ocean… I think she liked this almost as much at the beach itself!


    looking up through the big oak tree above the picnic table


    Zoe’ is so difficult to photograph. She is very photogenic, if she’s in the mood. But most times when she sees the camera she runs away giggling! Most of these pictures were taken playing peek-a-boo or some such thing!


    Fun-loving mischievous girlie!



    Then on to the ocean! The waves were a bit bigger than normal, but normally there are hardly any waves at all because the beach is so gradual. So it was still great to play in, and she was able to “jump” the waves with daddy’s help!


    I love my little big girl!


    She didn’t even seem to mind the salt water in her face. I was surprised at her!



    Baby Olivia in the stroller. She did really well to be on the beach several hours. See those little chubby cheeks she’s getting? Still a tiny baby, but filling out a little bit!


    Yes, he does have a farmer’s tan. :) But it doesn’t affect his daddy skills one bit! :) He was wearing a hat because he had been outside a few days before and his poor head got fried!


    After several hours of playing hard, Zoe’ was tuckered out! She fell asleep when we went on a little walk…


    Pizza and cupcakes were the menu when we got home late that evening! I had great visions of darling pink cupcakes, but um, they didn’t turn out very well. And they tasted terrible.  I made a white cupcake recipe from Taste of Home, and put coloring in to make them pink, but it was nothing worth repeating! So, Zoe enjoyed her one with the candles, but that was the end of that!





    And a bowl of ice cream to finish off the little party!


    Zoe’ doesn’t like being two. She can hardly hold up the two fingers, and then becomes frustrated and says, “No! One!” Yeah, I know other people that want to deny their age too… :)

    At Two:

    … Zoe’ is talking and talking and talking. She is such chatterbox, and is one of those children that *needs* to tell her mommy every thought in her mind at every waking moment. :) So far it’s not gotten annoying because it’s so cute! She’s starting to come up with such fun little saying that just crack me up and we just laugh and laugh together! She has a sweet little lisp so I can understand her most times, but other people don’t always know what she’s saying.

       The other day I asked her if she needed to go potty. “I don’t think so. I’m fine.” She responded nonchalantly and plain as day. Oh excuse me! Perhaps I should have asked if she needed to use the ladies’ room, as grown-up as she responded!

       Another time she was playing on the couch and fell off the side. “Zoe has ouchie! It’s BAD!” She told me! I was trying to comfort her but just started laughing at her so much that she stopped crying and was laughing too! I think she will be dramatic like her Barkman aunties… :)

    … She is ridiculously passionate about horses. No, we are not re-doing her room in horse wall-paper, although I’m sure she’d be thrilled! She has several horse books, play horses, and now a stick horse from Grandma for her birthday.

    … Curious George is her favorite character. We have several big Curious George books and she will literally spend hours a day looking through them! Grandma Yoder gave her a monkey backpack for her birthday and she wants that on her every hour of the day! So cute!

    … She is now the owner of two kittens! That was Ben and my gift to her for her birthday, and between them and entertaining them with kitty toys sent from Papa and Nana for her birthday, the Curious George books, and her horses, she is busy from morning to night! I heard her yesterday when she was feeding the kitties, “Pray! Titty tat! Pray!” :) ))

    … Zoe’ loves a particular book called “Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes” and we read from it almost every day. The other day it was left in the car that Ben took to work, and she walked around in the morning saying, “Where’s Jesus??” while looking for it! It was so precious!!

    - Her hair is finally growing out! Her almost-hairless stage lasted quite a while, and although it’s still wispy, it’s coming in very well and looks darling! It’s gotten so sun-bleached this summer and is almost white right now!

    - Still has the chubby baby fat cheeks that jiggle when she runs! :) I’ll be sad when she looses that!

    - LOVES to help. It’s very precious, she’ll run up to me and say, “Zoe’ help! Zoe’ help!” whether it’s getting laundry off the line, folding washclothes, making supper, wiping up the kitchen floor… I must have patience with her, because if I don’t she will soon loose the mentality that work is fun! Then when she’s 10 I’ll wonder why she doesn’t want to help me! I must keep sight of the end goal – working together one day, and one day life will be more efficient! For now, this is the training stage…

    And that’s our little two year old!

    Zoe’ Grace – I just love being your mommy!


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  • What a fun day for Zoe’, and you too!  I was showing Roland these pictures and he said, “Zoe, here he are…blow candles!”  His “there she is” still needs some help.(:    Isn’t this talking stage just the best!!  I love her little quotes!  What a grown up 2 yr. old!

  • awwww, this post is SOO precious!!! i wish so bad i could’ve been with my darling niece on her very own birthday!! it’s a cryin’ shame how far apart we live. *sigh* your celebration of zoe’s birthday reminds me of how mom & dad always make our birthdays so fun/special. she is such a little CHARMER. gracious goodness…can’t wait to see ya’ll in a few weeks! =) toodles, jan

  • What a little cutie!  Sounds like Zoe will be the life of the party when she’s in the youth group! :)

    Thanks for the quote you gave me…Being a list-person as well, I can directly apply this to my life.  I always look back with gratefulness when I set aside my to-do list and play with Abigail for a while.  It’s especially rewarding when she’s been fussy, and just the simple act of sitting on the floor and being close to her will change her “grumpies to happies”.

  • She has beautiful eyes!  Our little Jill had a b-day on the 26th.  Is Zoe potty trained?  Way to go if she is!!!

  • O the parallels between our lives. Busy Papa, growing baby (although mine is younger and much bigger than yours – 7 weeks yesterday and weighs 15+ lbs and is over 24 in…), toddlers turning 2, using cupcakes for their birthday, going/wanting to go to the beach for said event, potty training, difficult to photograph 2 yo’s, and on the list goes. Guess that’s what happens when the kids are so close in age. Although, I am dying for George to start talking. It would make some things so much easier.

    Zoe’ really is darling. :)

  • Your day of packing a lunch and doing all that ‘galavanting’ around sounds like a fun birthday to me! And a lot of work too! I love the things Zoe says . . . esp. the “Pray, Titty-tat” one. =) And her interests are definitely more “girl-like” than my two year old’s interests! Dietrich is just definitely not nearly as verbal, but he’s got plenty of “sounds” down pat and has been saying a couple of new words/phrases in the past days and week. The latest one is “Vas is des?” and “Voo?” Almost anything we say, such as [in dutch, or course] “Go put the toy in your basket” or “I’m going to make supper” or whatever all you can imagine . . . his questions is always “voo?” [where? or what?] So funny and a nice change from “mama.” =)

    Thanks for all your happy [and worried] little text messages the past few days. It’s nice to have someone thinking of me 24/7 when I’m in a semi-anxious state myself. =)

    Love you!

  • I’m sitting here staring at the screen with slightly happy/slightly melancholy little sighs. These beautiful little family days and birthday celebrations are so far away when, really, they SHOULD be next door. But who knows, maybe God will surprise you someday soon with a revelation to move back home. He likes to surprise us, you know. :) I echo what Jan said, I love how mom and dad always make birthdays so special, in the simplest and best of ways. Way to carry on the tradition (you know I’m proud of your pinkalicious cupcakes!). Kisses to the babies, and hugs to you… Much love!

  • this was so interesting! i say “amen” too- to your first sentence. :)
    LOVED the pictures of zoe with the cupcake! so beautiful– her and the pictures.
    i have to add too– that elle can`t say she is “2″ yet either– no matter how or when i ask her she will promptly say “3!”. no idea where she got that. and if i ask her name she always says, “laila!”. i have some work to do yet.
    love your love for life and your family! :)
    ps. i was glad too that i wasn`t the only one that didn`t make a extravagant spiffy cake for my 2 year old. i just could`t do it this year AND it`s so not my gift. … and oh well, we all were still happy!

  • Such a cute little post about your adorable daughter! So great that you got out and had a family day together like that to celebrate her birthday, sounds like so much fun! I love that you ‘make necessary trips to Target’; so glad I’m not the only one that does that!:)(my husband will sigh!) You know, when Ava turned 2, she could not get the whole 2 fingers together either. Somebody said their daughter would just hold up both of her ‘one’ fingers, and I thought what a great idea! Ava did that for the longest time til just recently she figured out the two fingers together thing. Oh, the things that are a big deal when one is little!

    have a beautiful weekend!

  • @tonyajgood - i knew our babies were pretty close, but forgot their actually almost twins! zoe *was* potty trained before the baby came… :) We had a bit of a relapse since then, but it’s finally getting better again. Nights and naps are still in diapers though…

  • @VirginiaDawn - your baby is 15+ pounds?!?! WOW!!! It probably makes him seem a lot older than he actually is – Zoe was a bit baby too – not quite that big, but it made her seem like she was hardly a baby!

  • @baileyandme - yeah about the cake! :) I just was not up to it, and didn’t feel like searching high and low for an idea and then get the energy from somewhere to make it yet! :) i almost felt guilty that we didn’t have a big party and cake and all that, but it’s just where we’re at right now… i saw pictures of elle’s party though and it was DARLING. so you  have nothing to be embarassed about!

  • Hey there:) I saw a pic of bananna foster that mary jo made for y’all, looked splendid:) is there any way you could get me her recipe?? I don’t have her number and i’m not sure how often she checks facebook? thanks bunches!! you can just message me on facebook…

  • Such adorable pics! And the beach looks so fun, wish we’d live closer, hopefully someday!:) 2 yr olds are so fun, I love the things they say. You have a very adorable little family!:)

  • @druett - i actually don’t have the recipe, but i know mary jo does check facebook fairly often. i think she’d be happy to give it to you!!

  • sounds like a wonderful day at the beach! such CUTE pictures too!!!!!

  • Happy Birthday, Zoe’! beautiful update…i love the pictures.

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