June 15, 2009

  • Summer Has Come!


    And with it Summertime Fun!

    Just spending some time outside with Zoe’… She’s been needing it lately, with the adjustments of the baby.

    Today I told her I had a surprise for her – and pulled an ice cream cone out from behind my back. The look on her face was priceless! She was so delighted she could hardly squeak out, “ICE-EE!!!” (her way of saying ice cream).




    She was so busy eating I could hardly get a grin out of her, so intent was she… :)


    Licking off all the drippy goodness…



    “Zoe’s messy!!” She kept telling me, wondering why I didn’t clean her up like usual!



    And one last picture in color.


    Zoe’ Grace. How I love you. It’s been a rough few weeks for you, but you’re a good big sister. I’m glad you’re you!


    More pictures will be coming. When, I can’t promise. It’s been a busy life around here. Whew. :)


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  • I’m home with my family in Kenora, but wanted to check to see if you had added anything new here, ’cause I think of you so often!! Cute pictures and waiting for more when you have the time. =)

  • Zoe’s hair is really starting to grow.  These pictures show it nicely.  See y’all tomorrow night around 6-ish.

  • wow. dear zoe. she has a good Mommy. i can tell. :) the green in the last picture added alot. i like it. and her dress is adorable!

  • yeah…. life is busy. i’d love to talk sometime, but finding a time that we BOTH have time seems rather impossible right now. will i see you when you guys come up to pa?

  • such a little cutie! I’ve thought of you many times in the past couple of weeks…how are things going?? Hoping that you’re getting your strength back, baby is doing well, and everyone is adjusting accordingly….
    have a wonderful day with your lovely little family!
    ~♥ Rachel

  • Adorable pictures!!  I love what the summer heat does to her hair!(:

  • Aww, she is gorgeous as ever and I’d give a lot to eat an ice cream cone alongside her right this very moment. I must say it looks like this little photoshoot was a bit more successful than our last one, yes? *secret grin* And I like how the rain stopped AFTER I left. I wish I could come down again and be with you in the midst of your busy life (notice I didn’t say “help” – we know how that goes)! But next weekend will come fast and it will be so so so exciting to have you home! Love you.

  • I felt so sorry for Jackson after Jillian was born. It has to be the biggest adjustment for them going from getting all the attention to sharing it. Your little girl is so darling and I admire you for having your children close together. We have often wished for one in between Jack and Jill but God’s timing is different than ours. Your little girls will grow up to be good pals! I love being with my 3 sisters. I guess you have 3 too.

  • she is such a gorgeous little blonde doll!! growing up so much…i am so disappointed i can’t be with my nieces more often!! **sniffles** can’t wait to have ya’ll here next weekend, it’s high-time! in the meantime, kiss on ‘em til i can myself! =) thanks again for the sisterly chat today…

  • awe, how sweet! absolutly precious.

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