June 18, 2009

  • Olivia Caroline – 4 Weeks

    These were actually taken a little while ago, but I just haven’t had time to post them…

    In between feeding the baby every 2-3 hours, changing the ever-full diapers, keeping Zoe’s tummy full, and taking Zoe’ potty, I feel like that is all my days consist of! :)

    The Little Princess in pictures… We took these when my sister, Ervina, was here. And called it the Disastrous Photo Shoot. :) It rained the entire time she was here, so we had no option but to take pictures inside the house. The house has the longest eaves I’ve ever seen anywhere, so lighting was a huge problem. A lot of editing later, they turned out better than I thought, but still not the lighting I desired. But all that said, here she is!




    … a few black and white




    and because I love her precious tiny head…


    … and her darling little feet…




    … i am still in awe of her perfection – so tiny, yet so complete and precious!







    She was four weeks old yesterday. I can hardly believe how time flies! Already, I can hardly imagine life without her! Olivia is such a precious addition to our family…

    She weighed in at exactly 8 pounds yesterday. Tickled me, because at 4 weeks she is still tinier than Zoe’ was at birth!  We are all enjoying her so much…


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  • I thought the pics turned out very good! She’s a adorable!

  • you are a beautiful mommy.

  • Y’all did a wonderul job at taking pictures!–You look beautiful and the baby is so sweet! I hope all is going well! :) esther

  • Y’all did a wonderul job at taking pictures!–You look beautiful and the baby is so sweet! I hope all is going well! :) esther

  • Such sweet photos!  I love the soft lighting on the one of you covering her with a blanket while she’s on the chair. 

  • What beautiful pictures and a precious baby!!

  • wow! she’s PERFECT! so glad to see pictures!!! thanks for the post.

  • I say this hardly looks like a disastrous photo shoot! All very good pics; and what a sweet baby she is!

  • What a sweetie-pie!

  • Great pictures! I was just reminded of what great pictures I missed out when my twins were born. Being Dec. babies in MI. really leaves no options, but indoor pics and the lighting is such a bother. I think you have nothing to be disappointed about in these, they are great! Trust me, a few more wks. and things will feel a little smoother those 2-3 hr. feedings are time killers, but fun too, new babies are the BEST! Well, so are 2 year olds and then 3 year olds aren’t that bad themselves:) Oh, what age isn’t a good one?

  • Oh, she is just adorable!! Makes me ache to hold a tiny baby again! And like so many others already said, those pictures really did turn out very well! Just got back home last night, need to get “settled” back into our lives here and then I’m ready to socialize with you. =) Can’t wait to see you even if it is just for a short, short while. Have a wonderful day!

  • aww….she is so darling. can’t wait to see her! the pictures turned out awesome.

  • So beautifully done!

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