Month: February 2009

  • Outside Fun


    Regardless of how desperately I have missed “real” winter this year, I have absolutely nothing to complain about when the days down here have been in the 80′s. It is completely delightful!! Everything is still as brown as can be, so I try to overlook the lack of loveliness around me by remembering that come Springtime, it actually does become very beautiful here. And Springtime is just around the corner, for us Southern folks! These days now actually feel like early summer in the north.

    Having a little toddler that begs to go outside each and every day, I am equally delighted when the weather permits her to go out and play - for hours, if I allow it. She feeds the dog [or so she thinks: dumps her food all over the garage floor], then goes and inspects the 100 remaining chickens [notice the numbers are slowly decreasing].  The past few days we’ve had a little adventure with the chickens. Nothing major to most of you, I’m sure, but when I’m the 28-week-pregnant woman racing around in the yard trying to catch 6 football-sized chickens running away from you, I consider it a rather large feat to get them all back in. Now when we feed them, we are ever so careful to c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y close all possible latches whereby the chickens could escape. We don’t want all 100 running away from me, now do we?? No, indeed we do not. In that case, I’m sure the remaining number of chickens would decrease even more rapidly, as Large Pregnant Women are not very good Candidates for Catching Chickens.

    Last Saturday Ben has a side job to do, and because it was his 3rd Saturday in a row that he was going to be gone, he asked me if I’d want to go along with him. My first reaction was that I’d love to go – if it would be only me. Taking an 18-month old along to a side construction job didn’t sound like a very good idea though… Who knows what all she would get into? And how in the world would I keep her entertained the whole 4-5 hours?? But going along seemed to be better than staying at home alone, so we all piled in Ben’s Blue Bulldog [what we affectionately call his early 90's Chevy truck] and away we went.

    I grabbed my camera on the way out the door, and snapping pictures was what I ended up doing all afternoon. The lighting was too bright for the the color to look good, so I shot on monochrome. And what fun using the new camera lense I’m buying from Marylou!

    For those of you who aren’t family, this might be rather boring – mostly pictures of Zoe! :)



    The dear older man for whom Ben was working… I tried so hard to get a secretive shot of him smoking his pipe, and this was the best I could do without him knowing it. I was snapping pictures of Zoe’ all around him, so he didn’t know I also wanted this one of him! I felt like I was back in time with him sitting there with his old pipe…


    She found all kinds of things in his yard to drag around…



    and found Daddy’s tools most fascinating.




    He was very concerned that we didn’t get hungry or thirsty, even though we had packed a lunch of our own, and brought out ice-cold coca-cola and chocolates for a snack. Zoe’ was thrilled!



    He owns this adorable old, old tractor… wish I would have taken this in color so you can see the bright red…


    and this old barn is his…


    this large pond…


    was right behind his house where Ben was working. All day I kept fearing that Zoe’ would decide to run and jump into it, and almost drown. Thankfully she decided to do no such thing…



    I had nothing planned for supper with being gone most of the day, so we whipped up some broiled sub sandwiches. And just for fun, using my new lense, seeing how I can focus on one tomato with the rest being blurry… Ooooo, that makes me hungry all over again…


    Time for a little sunshine! Have a splendid weekend – each and every one!


  • Happiness. and Challenges.

    [in bullet style because words aren't coming too freely these days]

    Happiness is:

    -my parents stopping by for the night “on their way” to Charleston. Such a lovely time with them!

    -enjoying my new shelf [which I painted black, because Jana said to paint it black. And when sisters say, "Paint it black!" then there is no other way it looks right but to do as they say]


    -my sisters and two friends stopping in for the night…and day… on their way to Florida


    story time with Auntie Claudia… she’s going to strangle me for putting this picture on here, but I love it! I don’t know who is more engrossed in the book. :)

    my most wonderful guests! we didn’t want them to leave!

    -walks on crisp days with a dear friend, and hearing our babies “chatter” together in the double stroller!

    -finding that lasagna noodles fit in an Oval 5 Tupperware container

    -being pregnant with Little Treasure #2

    -snuggling on the couch with Husband after Baby is in bed at night

    -being pregnant at the same time as some dear friends of mine!! makes it ever so much more fun!

    -hearing my little daughter giggle. and she can giggle!

    we don’t walk anywhere. we RUN. and therefore, Pregnant Mommy sprints more than she cares to to Rescue Baby From Danger.

    -sleeping all night, now that Zoe’ has all 4 molars. we were up many times a night through that teething process…


    -friends that start dating…. I just love it!

    -phone calls and pictures from the Land of Snow

    -hosting company and doing things to make their time special

    -buying a slightly-used camera lense from Marylou! :)

    -a cousin that just had a baby! my first cousin ever to have a child… I’m so excited.

    -completing housecleaning in the month of January (my goal)

    -being all caught up in Zoe’s scrapbook album (also a January goal). I hadn’t worked on it for about a year, so had to go from when she was 4 months old to 18 months old. Rather overwhelming, but a wonderful feeling of accomplishment!

    -my planner. I absolutely love it. The second year in a row I bought the same one.

    It’s an X-large planner from Moleskin. Weekly spread on one side, notepad-style on the other. Perfect for all my lists [I'm a total list freak! and I love it that I don't have to write all my lists on a seperate paper, only to lose it halfway through the week - that's what happened to me before I got this planner, and then I'd be lost. My planner is my brain: I write it there and erase it from my mind], my menu for the week, for my days to be mapped out. Also has lined pages in the back for notes, and a pocket to hold my extras [note cards, church phone numbers, stuff I like to carry with me]. Perfect size to fit in my purse, nice and slim. There. You convinced I like it?? :)

    -hot coffee on a cold morning. Today I just wanted to crawl inside my mug to warm up…

    -reading other people’s blogs. Being blown away with how creative/inspiring/talented they are. Whether it’s in writing, domestic things, their heart for their families/other people…

    -quiet times with God before Zoe’ wakes up.


    Challenges are…

    -grocery shopping with $___ cash per week, and wondering if our set amount is possible with no bulk or discount stores for hours around.

    -doing a cash-only budget for particular categories

    -finding coupons for situations such as above

    -being happy with living in a Land Where There Is Never A Flurry [of Snow]

    -being content with One Season [Summer], plus January and February

    -sleeping in a 63* house at night and living in a 67* house during the day [part of the plan to converse on electricity. If it doesn't work, then by George, we're turning the heat up]

    -drying most of the laundry on racks outside vs. using the dryer [also part of the plan to save on the electric bill - learned from Linda! :) ]

    -learning what evening/weekend activities to cut out when Husband works from 6am-7pm each weekday, plus some Saturday side jobs. We’re so grateful he has work, but wondering how to stay connected??

    enjoying our days outside… the one nice thing about not living in a cold climate… Love that little drop of drool hanging off her chin! :)

    Oh, and just as a side note: all 102 chicks are doing just great. :)