August 8, 2008

  • Ben’s 28th


    My husband turned 28 this week! I remember when I first met him – I was 19, he was 22. And I thought 22 was soooo mature and so old. Now the years have flown by and he’s nearing 30!


    I am blessed with a wonderful man! He is a great leader in our home, is fun to live with, entertains me constantly with his jokes and stories, loves me faithfully, is a wonderful daddy…



    I made a dinner at home for his birthday… I set it up outside, and although it was a smokin’ day, I thought by evening it would cool off enough to eat out there…


    Ben was fine with eating outside (“You’re the one who minds the heat!” he said to me). But it seemed to grow hotter and hotter as the evening went by… At the end of our meal we noticed the butter was in a puddle  in the bottom of the dish! That was the end of eating outside for a long time! But we had a lovely meal together…

    Ben’s Requested Dinner
    [along with photos, since I'm on this food-picture-binge]


    Strawberry Spinach Salad with Chloe’s Raspberry Dressing ;)


    Biscuits and Jam


    and I tried something new – Grilled Salmon with a Mustard Dill Sauce


    The Salmon recipe I pulled off of Taste of Home, and although it wasn’t quite what I was expecting for an award-winning recipe, it was delicious.

    Ben also requested [coconut] Rice and Sweet Potato Souffle’



    After dinner we had a bit of time before Ben’s family and Eric & Linda came over for dessert. We thought it was time to take a few Daddy & Daughter pictures, all cozy on the coach…


    [notice the Ten in a Bed book? such a cute story/song...]


    The company came and we had a fun evening!



    We had pina coladas and cheesecake…

    Cheesecake with White Chocolate Sauce and Raspberry Preserves



    After everyone left, we realized we had forgotten to take a picture together… So we used the self-timer.


    And just so ya know -  you can still be silly at 25 and 28. :)


    Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life!


    And now we’re off to enjoy a weekend – without air conditioning! Our unit went out yesterday, and although the landlord is replacing the 25-year-old present unit with a new one, it won’t be replaced until next week.  Wow.  Nothing like Georgia heat in the middle of the summer.

    Anyone have a spare bedroom we could stay in for the weekend??  jk.


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  • That cheesecake was just divine!!  It was almost too good looking to eat!(:  Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

  • i love the food pictures. makes me in the mood to cook something pretty. :)

  • I can hardly believe that so much time has passed since you two met!  Matt and I both turned 28 this summer–I had forgotten that I was same age as Ben.  And the salmon looked good!  We try to have fish in some form at least once a week, but it has been awhile since we had salmon steaks.  I hope you can survive the heat.  I am staying inside with the air conditioning this summer!

  • Yummo looking food and happy birthday to Ben!! The cheesecake looks to be beyond words!!! And no A/C? Thank God it’s like 3* cooler this weekend but still…. I do have an extra bedroom if you want it. My A/C is working now. :)

  • happy birthday to my favorite big brother ever. i had to giggle at the picture of him reading to zoe. such a ben facial expression and i can just hear what kind of voice he’s talking in. too great. and the picture of you two being silly made me laugh out loud. wow i love you guys!

  • your food looks divine!  hope you survive the weekend.

  • I’m glad for your sakes (and ours as well) that we had a cool-down this afternoon.  Happy Birthday Ben!

  • the food all looks too gorgeous! Dare I say, may your weekend go fast!!!

  • The table setting is splendiferous!   Wish I could visit your cafe. :)  

  • Everything looks so….dreamy…!

    Our hotel has vacancy – but you might have to help bounce a fussy baby if you come here…… =)

  • Your food and place setting looks divine.  As stated above, would love to visit your cafe one day :)   Your meals always look good, you must be a wonderful cook..

  • Hi! How are you? i know its been ages since i actually saw you or talked to you but i love checking in on ur xanga site every once in awhile! You look like your having so much fun being a mommy:) Your meals always look so elegant! I was wondering if you could give me your recipe for coconut rice? (Evan loves rice so im always looking for other ways to prepare it:) whenever you get time cuz im sure you’re busy too… thanx! missy

  • How did I miss this post?? Clarita, you do such a great job of making food look beautiful and tasty. Happy Birthday, Ben! . . . and we love you guys!

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