August 11, 2008

  • Ban on Baggy Pants

    Ludowici Bans Baggy Pants
    [excerpt from our local newspaper I applaud]

       “The Jesup City Commission has talked about it.
       The chairman of the Wayne County Board of Commissioners brought it up Monday.
       But the Ludowici City Council has actually prohibited it.

       A new city ordinance bans the wearing of pants below the waist in public.

       As of August 1, it is illegal for anyone in Ludowici to appear in public wearing pants below the waist and thus exposing the skin or undergarments.
       “It’s just an unsightly thing to see kids walking around with their underwear hanging out, “City Councilman… said. “It’s a big problem here. We’ve ha a number of parents complain about kids dressing that way, and we felt it was time to address it. “

       …Under the ordinance, any person convicted of violating the provision after issuance of a verbal warning shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $100, plus up to eight hours of work on the streets of the city…

       …Wayne County chairman… said he considers the trend of sagging pants “indecent exposure.” “

    And I say “hurray!” to this new law! Baggy pants are an extreme irritation of mine, as I still love the old-fashioned dress-nicely motto, and I applaud this measure of decency in our nearby neighborhood!

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  • Ach my. There is so much “indecent exposure” on parade every time I go to Target, the park, you name it; someone is flaunting their underwear.

  • I find it really funny tho that they would make a law against baggy pants. :)

  • I read that article to my family yesterday.  What I thought was ironic that parents complained so they asked the government to help them out.  HELLO?  Or was it parents were complaining about OTHER people’s kids dressing that way, not their own?  Not sure what they meant by that statement.

  • That is TOO funny!  Surely one of those hilarious laws that will go in a book somewhere.  To add to the above comment, I found it interesting, too…sounds kind of like the parents at some churches.  At any rate, way to go!!

  • kudos to Georgia!!! :0)see you soon!!

  • Cheers to Ludowici! I was driving through there just yesterday, and just  after i got through the main section of town, I saw a guy with VERY low pants and VERY much exposure.  I hope he got fined!(:

  • I guess i’ll have to tell Wes to make sure he wears his “tight jeans” to Ludowici instead of his low riders…. :]

    maybe more towns will follow in the footsteps of Ludowici – wouldn’t that be cool!!

    see ya later today hopefully!!

  • It irritates me, though, that the city has to tell the kids how to dress cause their mama’s can’t do it. duh.

  • @Yoderfamilyof5 - 

    @twofus_1 - 

    @missderstine - 

    I totally agree with that… I’m not a parent of a teenage child, but it seems very out-of-control that the parents aren’t able to speak into their lives about such things, and need the state/county/church  to do so… Very sad situation, really!

  • Thanks for the reply – however, the first post was by my sis-in-law, virginiadawn.  Sharing the same computer causes interesting moments. =)

  • tis a shame that such things have to be matters for county officials to take care of, but kuddos to someone stepping up and sparing the rest of you folks who’d rather not see some of that “stuff”. maybe the same such ban could work it’s way north….

  • i’d be “glad” and phil would be “mad” . . . me: for the same reason you’re glad . . . phil: because they are taking away our freedoms little dumb law by little dumb law. (wait! does that sound right?? it was supposed to sound like “little by little”.) hmmm . . . anyway, i’m ultimately glad that you don’t have to look at parts of others that you don’t wanna. =)

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