May 27, 2008

  • The Baby Ate My Contact Lense… and other fun life events


    Let me begin the post by saying I have the most splendid company anyone could ever have. Well, maybe you can’t call family company, so maybe I should say that I am spending my week with the most delightful  people I have ever known! My sisters Ervina and Claudia flew down on Sunday to spend the week with us, and we are just having a smashing time, to use Ervina’s pet word. We will complete the Sisterhood next week when we meet Jana on our week-long family vacation! Oh, these are just wonderful days!

    So here are a few pictures…

    At the lake on Memorial Day
    The beauties themselves



    Our supper of grilled chicken strips, potato wedges, and Olive Garden Salad


    I had forgotten to take anything along for Zoe to sit on or play with [and she couldn't sit on the grass because of Fire Ants], so Ben came up with the brilliant idea of sticking her in the picnic basket. It worked quite well.



    Out on our back patio




    Zoe’ is so excited to have her aunties here, she hardly eats or sleeps. She wants to play all day! :)


    And in other news… The onion fields have recently been reaped. Or whatever you say when they take the onions out of the ground. Oh, Ervina says its “harvested.” That sounds more learned. Not that these fields hold any personal meaning for me, but I thought they looked rather impressive.






    And last week I went over to Gloria’s house, who is 2 weeks away from having a baby, and gave her and her seven year old daughter pedicures. It was a lovely time… Gloria is a dear heart, and I have learned to love her dearly…

    Kaleigh’s toes…



    And the lovely ladies of the house…


    and little Mr. Evan, who just had a bad accident on a “train” the day before



    On Saturday I went to a, um, dare I call it a store? Technically an antique shop, but let’s just say it’s more like a scavenger hunt. It’s in a house, but inside the house there is only one pathway going through each room – all the rest of the house is filled with stuff. Oh, the night after I went there I had nightmares dreams of all the vintage dishes and articles. I had only my purse with me, Zoe’ was at home with her daddy, but even that one lone object was enough to send some of the “stuff” flying in my attempt to keep my balance through these little pathways. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING! It was unbelievable…

    Then I asked if I could see some of the furniture outside in the shed, and she told me there were actually threes sheds, and I could go and look around. So I did, and I should not have been surprised when I opened ALL THREE of the shed doors to find stuff piled right up to the door. I figured if she told me I could look through it she wouldn’t mind if I, er, rearranged some things, so I moved a few items just so they were low enough that I could climb on top of them and walk on the first layer of furniture around the sheds. Needless to say, that isn’t the best way to check out furniture. In between trying to keep my balance and trying not to be paranoid of Black Widow spiders that might have been lurking in the depths, I didn’t find much in there. And I wasn’t really dressed in a kung fu uniform –  what would have been needed to move everything.

    But I did spend a good bit of time there [what would you expect, I still only looked through 10% of her items] and came away with a few treasures.

    This is only part of the stack of dishes, most of which I need to return because they didn’t fit in the space above my cupboards like I was hoping…


    Some of the plates I ended up keeping… I liked the colors on the above picture, but don’t want a contemporary look, and after I brought them home I was afraid they would look so.


    And these vintage canisters… Are they not the coolest things ever?? I paid a meager $8 for them, something I was more than happy to do…


    And since the first one was painted red, it gave me the idea to complete the idea on the rest. I also put new drawer pull knobs on all of them.


    A little more vintage than my kitchen was before, but I am charmed.


    I also found a tiny little bucket, which, though it will have to be painted [any ideas on the color?], will be perfect for berry picking and such things. You just can’t pick berries in a plastic container and have them taste as scrumptious.


    And I’ve also been door-painting. I have a fetish for red doors. Or blue doors, or black doors, or almost any other color door. As long as it has a color. This time it was red. And I do think it cheers this grey house up a bit.



    need I say “after”? but should I paint that little while side panel thing?? It looks rather… strange as it is.



    While I was painting the door, Zoe’ was so grouchy I brought this washtub inside the house and she splished and splashed ever so happily, I was able to paint and door and more!



    Ben has been finding rather strange creatures in our yard… This week he brought this rodent in. [Well, it's probably not in the rodent family, but I view it as such].


    And while I was adjusting the camera, the father even allowed the baby to touch this awful creature. I was mildly horrifed.




    And perhaps I should clarify that title sentence with the story behind it. It all ended well, but let me just say that it did not begin well…

    It was one of those nights when Baby didn’t want to settle down for the night. Bedtime is usually 8pm with a 12-hour night – sleeping straight through. Absolutely wonderful for this mother. Feels like I am finally getting my  energy back again! But as I was saying, it was one of those nights. Baby was put down for the night probably 3 times, each time meeting with wails and shrieks of all kinds. This particular mother was fooled at first, thinking her baby must be deathly ill to be carrying on so. But after the first time or two, meeting Baby’s triumphant smile upon entering the bedroom to see what WAS the matter, I learned it was just “one of those nights.” For some reason, Baby wasn’t tired. Finally, around 10pm, I decided it is TIME for bed, whether she likes it or not.

    So, after she had been playing a while, we went off to her little room, settled ourselves in the creaky rocking chair, and began rocking. Baby did not take to this idea very well. She was still too wide awake for such sleepy time, and began moving about quite vigorously. Meanwhile, I continued rocking in the creaky rocking chair, hoping she would remember this is what normally makes her sleepy.

    I suddenly felt her little hands flail around, hitting my face in several different areas, trying to keep herself awake. Moments after the attack, I realized I couldn’t see correctly, and was horrifed to further realize my contact must have been popped out by my child. I quickly put her down on the floor, turned the light on, and with my one good eye searched frantically on both child and myself for the missing contact lense. No wondrous find was to be found.

    I was already having nightmares of wearing my coke-bottle glasses, so off I rushed to the bathroom to see if maybe it was still in my eye but just up inside where I couldn’t find it easily. After searching there as well, I decided I had better go back to the bedroom to see if I had missed it there.

    As I entered the room, my little child grinned up at me, ever so happy to be awake and have yet another reason to stay up. As she grinned, I saw a shiny object on her tongue. Yes, you read correctly, her tongue.  I entered the room faster than I had ever entered a room before, and didn’t even have time to pray I could rescue my contact lense before it went down the tube. I slipped my finger inside her tightly-closed gums [she hates when I stick my finger inside her mouth - I'm forever having to rescue things, but this was definitely the mostly costly rescue], and pulled out the $80 contact lense just seconds before she swallowed it.

    For those of you that wear contacts, you can sympathize greatly, I’m sure. For those of you that don’t, you probably don’t know that heart-sinking feeling of realizing your eyesight may be gone for the next few weeks.

    The babe was wide awake after that episode, so the sleeping ritual had to begin all over again… in another hour or so. Meanwhile, I packed Ben’s lunch and let the baby take her bottle on the floor…


    So that’s the “Baby Ate My Contact Lense” story…


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  • your canister tins are just the most glorious things i have ever seen! i must say your “doctoring” them up with the red paint and new knobs made them even cuter! wow– my sister will  love this post i`ll have to tell her to check it out. i told myself i have to redo this magazine rack i bought for $1 awhile back tomorrow. i have great dreams for it. we`ll see…

    the baby in picnic basket was just a classic! how darling and the food looked GREAT too! enjoy your summer– looks liek you already are. :)

  • So many things to comment on…  I’m so happy for you that your sisters are with you right now.  What a lovely thing for you to do for Gloria.  The red door looks wonderful with your gray house.  I’m surprised your landlord let you do that.  And lastly, I’ve heard of strange things happening to them, but this is a first.  Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week and a good vacation with your family.

  • ahhh! life is good! great post clarita. have a wonderful vacation.

  • ooh, so your sisters are there. that’s wonderful, and i’m looking forward to having my mom, two sisters, and a bro. here in about 2 weeks. can hardly wait!! your red-paint projects looks super . . . and i’m glad you found your contact lens. =) babies are just a riot, eh? After a week or so of very restless nights and waking up at 6:30 am for quite a few mornings in a row, Dietrich is back to his usual good self of sleeping 12 hours. such a relief! but it only came after TWO MORE teeth popped out . . . so I guess they usually do have good reasons for their sleeplessness. love you!

  • That canister set made me me awww! And your red door– lovely. I have a passion for anything red. Sounds like Zoe keeps life quite interesting. Have fun with your sisters.

  • It’s all so so good! 

    Being from the south I can picture your antique escapade clearly…tee hee!  Looks like you did great with all your treasures though!  I absolutely love your red front door.  I have been wanting to do our front door and shutters too, your pics inspire me, but not sure how soon I’ll get it done? 

    So glad you’re having glorious times with family….!  I just spent a week in SC and had awesome ”sisterhood” time for a week!! mmmmmmm 

    Whatever was that creature your husband brought in the house?!?  Gives me the shivers!!

  • lovely work on the canister set and the front door!! so like life is bout to get exciting for me, being i have only 2 wks left till baby arrives:) but im so ready and wait…..:) well just wanted to say hi. hope u have a great wk! -deb

  • I loved the canisters and the brightly colored plates. I need to go antique shopping with you sometime! LOL.. Baby Zoey is so adorable. I was glad to have been able to sit with you the other day at church for awhile and catch up on life and babies!

  • Sounds like you are having a lovely time with family! I get to see some of my family in Florida next week and I can hardly wait!  And as for the contact lens….I understand. The other week Maddy did the exact same thing to me and popped my contact out…thankfully it was right there and I could put it back in again,also I have disposable so its not that expensive for me. But its totally frustrating to loose them!  Laser surgury sounds so good sometimes!

  • i know exactly what you are talking about with contacts! i have those little hard ones and they pop out pretty easy. one time i was combing one of our little girls hair and wasn’t watching what she was doing and suddenly realized she had my contact case and broke one of them right in half. and your pop bottle glasses……that’s too funny….my dad used to call my glasses that! they are so thick and ugly, I hate to even wear them in public!

    I know Gloria from way back! she is such a sweet lady! haven’t seen her and joel in years.
    you probably have no idea who I am and here i am just rambling on your site! I’m jenn’s sister from PA. anyway, have a good one!

  • Just where is this antique/junk store? Love the canisters!  Ahem…. the front door is NOT neutral. :) Looks great, though!!! That was so sweet of you to give Gloria and Kayleigh a pedicure. Glad you’re having fun with your sisters! Hope your vacation next week is just great! See ya! :)

  • love the door!! i might just have to do that too!! (paint my door) did you use a special paint?

  • My, what delightful times! i love what u did with the antique stuff. . . sometime’s i wish i could come up with creative idea’s alittle faster ’cause that’s all it takes to make something old, eligant! i’m sure you’ll come up with a creative idea for th berry bucket ;) and  i hope you guy’s all have wonderful vacattion too. . .sister’s are the best! it will be really diffrent not having them around all the time. . . and not having our “all girl” bedroom were we could do whatever we want.

  • It’s totally fine to not walk this week!  I have been enjoying just taking it easy and being very lazy!  Looks like you’re doing lots of fun things with your sisters…I miss mine!  Zoe is getting so big…I think she has literally grown inches of hair in the wks. I was gone!  Have fun in OBX…can’t wait to catch up with you again!

  • Hi Clarita, loved your post.  You have such an interesting way of writing and there are lots of things to comment about…have a great time with your sisters and when you see Miss Jana give her a big hug from me.  Hope you have a ton of fun.  I love red and I love antiques, so the door is great, and when you are finished with the cannister set, I’ll take that please.  Your daughter is so beautiful, and it is so neat to see how much you and Ben love her and care for her.  Unfortunately, there are so many children who need good sweet homes to grow up in and they have just the opposite.  Our children have all been through alot, but I’m so glad that God has BLESSED us with four beautiful children.  We adopted Cami & Christian in 2006 and in about a week and a half we will be adopting Chris and Chad – so exciting.  Have a lovely day – Cheryl

  • Hi there Clarita, thanks for your sweet comment, always fun to hear that ppl like our stuff We prly actually were around when you got married….but not sure you would have wanted us back then Thankfully we keep growing and changing more all the time!
    anyway, thanks for sharing some more of your little projects, I love what you did with the canister set.

  • goodness, that is one ugly critter!

  • and to think we actually ATE those armidillo creatures back in our missionary, childhood, days! *yum* can’t you just remember the taste?!! okay, totally kidding about the yum part, but no wonder we like so many exotic foods now! for real!! i have to admit, we did come a looong way, from being raised eating such uncivilized, illiterate creatures!! ;)

    *cheers to my niece for growing hair!!* =)=) blonde is definitely the best color to grow, looks like she’s already taking after her fava aunt! LOL

  • many fun projects you’ve got going on.  esp. love the front door!!!  have fun w/ your family on vacation too!!!

  • wow, wonderful post! i didn’t see all of it until now. it makes me miss everyone even more. :( ( did i mention that?
    hope life is going awesome for you all!
    will you be at barkman camp?

  • thanks so much for the info and the advice about red…i have a grey house too and think it would look wonderful…i have painted red inside my house but didn’t have to do that many coats (thank goodness)..

  • hey it’s diane.. rememberme? i stop in at latte luv although i don’t work there anymore.. and see jana and always have to think of you guys.. so nice to check up on xanga.. love the cannisters.. isn’t it so fun to make a lot out of nothing.. there is this antique mall in lewisburg.. called Street of Shops. have you ever been there? you would absolutely love it.  my friend treva (do you know her) lives up there so everytime we go we come back with shopping carts full of stuff and items so large they don’t fit in the mini should go sometime when your in town.

  • I’m glad you’re having fun there!  I must say that I was soooo impressed with Roland’s pictures too!  She did a fantastic job and he cooperated nicely too.  Glad you’ll be in church on Sun.!

  • THAT. IS. HILARIOUS.  only in a Mommy’s world does this happen, (child eating contact), just cracks me up!  and i LOVE those new canisters, totally goes with my vintage kitchen as seen here.  It’s so delightful to give a home to these once-well-loved treasures. 

    will you be up again this summer?  It would be SUCH AN HONOR to have you and your Mom and your sisterhood from brunch!  And my Mom and Aunt Susie as well.

    Love from Strasburg,

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