May 21, 2008

  • Date at the Concert


    What a fun night we just came from! Ben surprised me late Monday night by saying he wanted to take me to hear a classical concert sometime this week.

    Let me give a bit of background by saying we live in a town that produces a newspaper only bi-weekly for lack of news, that gives all the police reports from the past few days, and that dedicates a full page to the recent happenings in NASCAR but not a word is given to any events other than that in the rest of the world or the United States, political elements heated now or not. Obvious what is important to folks down here. :)There are a lot of radio stations we are able to get here; your choice of many country stations. Maybe one rock station, one Christian station. No classical or jazz stations nearby. Ben tells me the real Southerners like their music as whine-y and grunty as possible. Again, it’s obvious what matters to these Southerners.

    So when Ben told me Monday night he wanted to take me to hear an orchestra, I was rather surprised. Shocked is more like it. There is no such thing for several hours around, unless a school orchestra counts, so I knew we’d have to drive quite a ways. Ben himself had never been to something like that, so for him to decide to go and actively search for something was a big deal  – to both of us. He even said he wanted to use some of the gift money he got from school students for the big night out in the city. I couldn’t believe it!

    At first he told me he was looking at a performance for Friday night that was dinner and a concert under the stars. But that cost $1000 per person, so we opted for $35 tickets instead. There was actually something playing on Tuesday night, and though it was rather last-minute to try to find a baby sitter for Zoe’, Mama Yoder and the aunties were very willing! So we dressed up all classy-like and enjoyed being snazzy and intermingling with the rich that night. We hadn’t had a date like that in a long time, and especially not one that formal and dressed up.

    I hadn’t been to a symphony orchestra since we lived in Lancaster, where those kinds of things are frequent and your choice of many styles and places. The music was just gorgeous… For those who care, we heard Beethoven’s Symphony #5 in A Major, and Concerto #3 for Violin and Orchestra by Mozart, with Elmar Oliveira on the violin. It was amazing. Such beauty that is so exquisite it’s almost painful. Music stirs my soul like nothing else can…


    // after the concert in the beautiful arts center. just look at that massive pipe organ//


    This was an extra-special evening for me because that is not Ben’s primary idea of a fun time – although he did say afterward that he enjoyed it. Before we got married he had never heard of The Messiah or other wonderful pieces. He kept me in stitches through the evening though – he had never been to anything so grand or so, um, classical, before, so his comments were so funny.

    Him: “What’s that stick thing out the side of his mouth?”
    Me: “Oh, that’s a flute, Babe.”

    Or his cracking up over the dramatic clarinet player and the way he had the eyebrow-raising and body-swaying going on. Or his declaration that Beethoven must have been ADD because his music style is so unpredictable. I told him I doubt that because otherwise he never would have had the patience to write such lengths of music – and this was only one of his pieces. By the end of the concert Ben was actually using musical terms and asking which “movement” we were listening to, and I was so proud of him I forgave his insulting comment about Beethoven.


    It was fun explaining to him the first and second violins, showing him who the concertmaster was, the difference between the violins and the violas (and how to say ‘viola’ and ‘concerto’ and ‘Mozart’ correctly), and between the basses and cellos. And even though it was all new to him, he did well in being the part of a dashing male companion.

    // a bit fuzzy, but inside the hall//

    The harbor was just outside the Performing Arts Center, so we went out afterward and watched the moon rise over the lighted bridge and took pictures of the city lights. So so fun!




    //my modern art shot of the bridge and moon :) not really, I had just set the shutter speed way too slow and this is what happened//

    Evenings like that are just lovely. So thoughtful and reflective. It does my soul good. Wish we lived choser to something like that and could go  more often.

    When I hear things like that last night I wonder why I’m not involved in the music world. Not that I have the ability now, but why didn’t I go to college for music and the arts like I wanted to?? I think I’ll always wish I would have… One of those things I may never understand why God never gave me the go-ahead, but that I simply need to rest in the Lord, that He is good, that his purposes are only good as well.


    But it was a lovely evening – one that I hope can be repeated in the future!

    Maybe next time I can even persuade him to go listen to an opera. Ha!

    Cheers for classical music!


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  • i thoroughly enjoyed your site, and subscribed.

    you, and your little zoe, are beautiful.

  • What a lovely evening!  I am glad that Ben took the plunge and adventured into the unknown!  Matt and I went to a lot of concerts when we were dating.  Fewer now (partly lack of time, partly lack of money).  But last night we had a nice evening out at the Stratford Festival.  We were able to get cheap tickets for Hamlet.  This is the second Shakespeare play we have seen together and it was a lot of fun!  I hope you get more outings like this!

  • hmmm, so that explains why this girl ain’t never answering her phone no more these days. *snorts* i done think you dropped off the planet…(even though it does feel like it anyway, you bein’ in ga) lol! awww, sweet post. what an awesome husband! ;) ooooh, you got a new dress, eh?! cuteness. looks like you get out moe than i do these days! ha. can’t wait to see you in a week!!!

  • that looks like the perfect evening!!! WOW…
    we used to go to MANY a concert when we were dating– g had to go to a lot of then for school. your story made me laugh because i was “ben” in our story… i really did learn to enjoy music in a way i didn`t before…and musical terms– oh yes!
    loved the beautiful couple pictures but i admit i missed seeing little zoe! :)

  • wonderful post. =) had me laughing too, because although Phil might know a teeny bit more about classical music, it sure isn’t much and we run into the same sort of, um, “conversations” about such things. =) hey, i love your dress . . . and the red purse. looks like maybe MSP was involved in that??!

  • i am smiling…
    how proud i am of dear ben for planning such a delightful evening for you! it looks perfectly wonderful, from the grand concert hall (kinda like carnegie hall) to the lights of the city reflecting on the water (yay for cities) to your fabulous dress (and i thought jesup doesn’t have cool places to shop) to the cunning little strappy sandals (may i borrow them?). i love it. you deserved all that and more!
    see you in three!

  • That sounds wonderful!!!!!!!!! how far did you have to go?  i miss the “arts”,  did you know there is an old dinner theatre in jacksonville?i’ve heard was great – although i’ve never been, but planning on doing that …some day

  • actually, we did go to the salvation army last night… wow. ada and i both went a little crazy in there. :) they even had 50% off of a lot of items. ada had never been there either, but we both decided this is a place we will come back to.

    i do want to connect w/ jana again and other old friends from this area, but this week it’s been crazy just trying to get settled in, do a bit of working at the restaurant, and trying to get started w/ summer online classes. next week, tho, i want to start being social (so if you read this, jan, give me a call!) :)

  • looks like fun!!! Pretty dress!

  • i would leave you a nice little comment and say how much i love you and how i can’t wait to see you[which is all very true and much more]

    ..but i’ll just wait till sunday. AHH. sunday!!!

  • Looks like fun!! Glad you could get out and have some “culture” since the local culture is rather .. well … southern small town. :) Oh well, as long as no one forces me to listen to country music I shall continue to be okay!

  • How Grand!!! I’m so thrilled that Ben surprised you. I was smiling to myself the whole way through as I thought about our converstion we had…was that on Monday afternoon?? We shall talk again very soon. :)

  • Wow that sounds lovely! There’s nothing so romantic as when husbands think of your interest and take the time and energy to plan something especially just for you. 

  • How sweet.  Loved your story of your evening date.  It’s so special when husbands think of lovely romantic things to do with their wives.

  • looks the part of  a perfectly lovely evening…
    and i officially like the dress.

  • hey, hey, hey!!! your post made me lol more then once!!! your so funny!!! i have no idea what some of the musical turms ment but it sounded cool!!! lol well it was so good to get to know u a little better!! i just wanted to tell u that u inspire me and that i see Jesus all over u!!! very nice pix!!! have a wonderful week!!!

  • aw, well thanks!! praise God!!!! and about the clothes i thought the same about u all week too!! :) well have a lovely weekend!

  • Aww, that sounds like a wonderful evening!  I did have a wonderful time in PA!  But it was absolutely wonderful being with Eric again!!  It  really will be good to be “home” again!  It’t too bad our times out of town are backing up to each other like they are!  I need a long walk….and a good chat!(:

  • I linked your blog on my last post.
    Maybe I should’ve waited for your permission.
    Let me know.

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