Month: October 2007

  • Of Favorite Quotes, Husband’s Lunches, Restaurants and Little Babies

    My Favorite Quote of the Day, gotten from a wrapper at my favorite coffee shop the other week:

     ”Starbucks Coffee
            flavors my senses
    sweetens my disposition
                           stirs my imagination
                                  nourishes my dreams.

      Ahhhhh… I couldn’t have said it better myself!


    My husband’s lunches, of which (sadly) have been rather neglected of late. I didn’t realize until yesterday just *how* neglected until he came to me…

    husband: “What did you mean for me to take in my lunch today?”
    me: “Just the stuff I had put on the top shelf of the frig, why?”
    husband: [just looked at me, with a Wondering-sort-of-look on his face]
    me: [in a near panic] “Why, what did I put in your lunch???” [completely forgetting]
    husband: “A small sweet potato, a 4 oz. yogurt…”
    me: “…and a container full of carrots!!!!! I’m sorry! What a pathetic lunch!! [insert here that I had been up way late Sunday night preparing for company the next evening, knowing I'd be in a tizzy Monday if I didn't at least do a little preparation. I somehow remembered to get some lunch together for him at the midnight tide but to the best of my recollection I was going to add more...] You must be about to starve, aren’t you??”
    husband: “Well, after the 59th carrot I was quite satisfied…”
    After which we both burst into gails of laughter and I readily promised that his lunch the next day would be far exceeding that of the previous day. Poor husband.


    Restaurants and Little Babies don’t mix. At least, restaurants and our little baby don’t mix. Saturday night Ben and I decided that it was due a Date Night, at which we were both prefectly delighted, since it had been quite a while since that Delightful Event had occurred, with a small child and all. Ben wanted to do some shopping for supplies that he needed, and because both the stores and the restuarant that we wanted to go to were an hour away, we decided against getting a babysitter for Zoe. She will take a bottle at times, and other times, well, it’s the Greatest Disturbance Ever Come Upon Her. So, little dolly went with us.

    All was well through shopping, in and out of the vehicle several times, and parking-lot feedings (in the backseat of the car, of course, how dare you think otherwise). She ate just before we went into the Delightful Restaurant, a.k.a. The Bonefish Grill, and was a perfect cherub the first few minutes, causing the hostesses and other restaurant-goers alike to come and coo over her. The suddenly the voice box opened and a series of Terrified Wails broke out. Visions of a Peaceful Family and a Romantic Date rapidly fled, and of course since babies are definitely not allowed to scream in restaurants, or else the same people who were cooing will now be glaring, Ben and I took turns walking her… outside [where she was perfectly calm]. And as the other [not walking her] ate the meal inside… alone. So much for Sleeping Beauty in the carseat like some babies I hear about. :)

    Seriously though, she seems positively terrified when she’s around larger groups of people, this wasn’t the first time it happened. I think it’s too overwhelming for her, the combination of unknown people plus noise with silverware and chinking glasses…


    And now, for some [stolen] pictures [off Ervina's site] of the Lovely Weekend when my sisters were down to visit us!!! The Sisterhood. There is nothing better.

    IMG_5030 IMG_5019 IMG_5047


               IMG_4905           zoe

    would you look at the profoundly intelligent look in my baby’s eye…

       IMG_4953 IMG_4934 my_favorite_family

    My Little Schnuckums
    [just as a side note, I no longer wear her headbands up so high, as someone informed me it looks like the "martial arts."]

    Two of my favorite people in the whole entire world…

        mommy_and_daughter  cheesy_sisters  big_brother


    no, we did not bribe her for this reaction :) I love, love, love it…



    And now, for some more [stolen] pictures, taken by none other than my Charming Sister Jana, of my Lovely Sister Ervina.  Ahhhh, such beauty….

    Oh ye men, beware, she has fearful older sisters. :)



  • A Good Husband


    A Good Husband…

    …calls from work to say he wants to stay at home with his wife that night and watch an old movie together
    …walks the baby late at night when she’s screaming because of her acid reflux
    …works hard to provide for his family
    …buys his wife a cup of starbucks coffee on a road trip :)
    …listens to his wife rant and rave after a frustrating day
    …makes *really* cute little babies :)
    …lets his wife cry on his shoulder, even when she, much less he, doesn’t know what’s wrong
    …has a ridiculously cheesy sense of humor
    …always tells his wife the meals are wonderful, even when they… aren’t.
    …never complains about good ol’ egg sandwiches for supper
    …tells his baby those diapers he changed in rapid succession were “not in the budget”
    …seeks his Lord in the morning hours for wisdom and direction
    …tells his wife she looks beautiful even without any makeup
    …can make his wife laugh even when she was mad
    …goes grocery shopping with his wife when it looks too overwhelming to go alone with a little baby
    …love his wife even when she’s not loveable

    Such is my husband. I am blessed.

    Ben & Clarita's Wedding Photography Pictures 199

    I love you, Baby…