June 13, 2007







    scan0006 scan0007

    scan0008 scan0010 

      scan0005 scan0011 

    scan0003  scan0004 

     scan0009  honeymooners

    outback grilling in georgia

    scan0001  scan0002


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  • *in katie’s voice* ‘ your soooo talented’    

     in other news. its been so so good to have you around here. love you.

  • Clarita, your pictures are so amazing!!!!  I’ve never been to Charleston, but the pictures remind me of Savannah which I loved!!  So beautiful and full of character! 
      How are you feeling?  Haven’t seen you in forever!  Enjoy your summer and the best to you on  the arrival of your precious baby!

  • Beautiful Pictures! I hope I see you sometime while you’re around this summer,
    and best wishes with the baby…I hope you have a “normal” delivery and a healthy
    baby! Thanks for the comment! Blessings!

  • ya i heard bout that!!that is soooo cool!!!hard to belive u r already havin little ben!!!awwwww
    cant wait to c u!!!!love ya to

  • Just thought I’d let ya know that my little one finally arrived safely. Hope the same goes for you.

  • do you have a professional web designer doing your site or something? lol. hey, your little house is fabulous–thanks for letting us break it in. guess it’s a good thing walls don’t tell stories!

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