Month: June 2007


    It’s been a busy last few weeks.

    On Tuesday we were in Georgia. 8 days later, I had traveled about 2,000 miles in a car, slept in 6 different places, and was the matron of honor at my dear friend Shirleen’s wedding [did I mention I was 35 weeks pregnant??]. My husband traveled almost 4,000 miles in a 9-day period by plane and by vehicle, missing his flight, finally arriving in GA only to realize he had left the keys to his vehicle and house in PA. A spare house key and AAA to the rescue to install a total new key system in his truck, and we finally both arrived in Pennsylvania. Whew! I don’t like doing a marathon like that very often.

    We’ve been staying at my parents’ house for a few days, which has been so much fun, and today, almost two weeks after leaving GA, we are moving “permanently” into the little Cabin at Tucquan Glen for the summer. It’s going to feel so good to just be settled again, and have a sense of being at home… A little bit of normal!


    Now for the pictures you’ve all been begging to see…

    preggo pics 001

    Only 31 more days to go…

     preggo pics 3

    side views are quite flattering at this point…


    my ever faithful husand and wonderful support!









    scan0006 scan0007

    scan0008 scan0010 

      scan0005 scan0011 

    scan0003  scan0004 

     scan0009  honeymooners

    outback grilling in georgia

    scan0001  scan0002



    What a busy few weeks these are…  to back up just a bit:

    The car malfunctioned a bit on our trip up to PA last Thursday (continuation of the problems mentioned in previous post) but we got there safe and sound for my sister Ervina’s graduation! Very lovely time indeed, my accomplished sister graduated with about 70 other people, one of which received a scholarship to West Point, and now has her diploma in hand, heading into web design. Amazing how little sisters pass you up – I don’t know how to do web design. :) Also amazing how little sisters become your very best friends…  Cheers to Ervina!!!

    On the way back home, Ben and I spent a few days in Charleston, SC. We celebrated an early anniversary, but also just time away together before a busy summer and before the baby comes. Charleston was… hmmm… lovely. I had so much fun taking pictures, and wished desperately for my digital camera [still on the wish list] so I wouldn’t be limited to film. I shall post pictures later just to give you a glimpse of what it’s like.

    We made it home, although we had more car trouble on the way back. Ben spent all day Saturday repairing it and it’s driveable again. I think it may be time to buy another car, especially with the baby coming… Just thinking about being stranded with a baby sounds awful.

    We have about a week here total before we head up north again – this time for the rest of the summer. I really wish I’d have a few more weeks here before leaving… It feels so rushed. There are still a lot of things I’d like to do with people, and even just to have a normal week at home without obligations would be the first in almost a year of being here. But it’s not to be at this point… Maybe this fall??? Sometimes I wonder if ‘normal’ will ever happen to us… :)

    It’s funny, because being here in GA feels like home, and while I was in PA, that also felt like home. I’m definitely enjoying being at home [GA] and catching up on things here, being around my “stuff” – all the familiar things I call mine – and puttering around with my flowers outside. But I’m also looking forward to going home [PA] for the summer and being with all my family and old friends there. It’s a kind of strange feeling, makes me wonder where home really is????

    Yesterday was a fun day – a RAINY day at home!! There hasn’t been a good rain here like that since around the first of the year, and everything was parched. Grass was crunchy. So when I woke up and it was raining, it was the most delicious sound ever! I opened my doors so I could hear the rain, and made pies/finished a dress for a wedding/cleaned the oven/cleaned out the freezers/organized my closet and started packing/and various other things. My list is longer for Monday, and we leave Wednesday. I fell into bed exhausted, but it was a good day. I just love rainy days…