Month: March 2007


    Well, I’m back. Into the world of cyberspace, that is. My schedule has been way too busy the past several weeks – today was actually the first time in 3 weeks that I had time to go online to my favorite little places… !!! So for all you people that have been trying to reach me online, I apologize. Our little dial-up laptop doesn’t help things out in the quickest way possible, but the phone company told us DSL hasn’t come out of town this far yet. :) So, I shall try to be content with this…

    Life has been going at such a fast pace, today I just came home and cried. I’m so tired of being so busy, of never having a day at home, of packing lunches every week day, of coming home from work at 4pm or after and making supper every night, of making sure we have clean clothes to wear and clean sheets on our bed, that we have groceries in the frig, and a [decently] clean house to live in. The schedule of everything is just getting to me, I guess… I’m so looking forward to having at least a few weeks before the baby comes when I’m not working, when I can take naps if I get tired, that I don’t have something planned every day. I didn’t realize how exhausting pregnancy is!! I’m not sick anymore, but I feel like I’m never caught up on my sleep. Anyway, enough of moaning about my life!!! I do have a wonderful husband who rubbed my feet after supper tonight, so that takes all my worries away until tomorrow. :)

    This weekend is our first weekend at home in a month, and I am so very excited. No, I don’t have anything planned at this point, except that I’m going to soak in some much-need relaxation!!

    Florida with my family was good… A  bit busier than I expected, but it was good to see them again, spend time together. [Pictures take quite long on my computer, so check out grandpas_gurl to see pictures]. I didn’t realize the challenge of going to the beach while one is pregnant. Definitely complicates matters. I finally dug a little hole in the sand where my tummy could fit into, and thus was able to lay out. :) ) My little baby seemed to get clausterphobia every time I stuck him down in the hole, because he’d start kicking and moving as if he really didn’t like it! Quite funny! Our little baby is just over 12 inches long now… Isn’t that a thought that just makes you smile?? :)

    I never thought I’d say this, but Georgia actually is gorgeous right now!! :) The dogwoods and azaleas are blooming, the leaves are out on the trees, the weather is absolutely perfect, and my little clay pots have gerbera daisies and other sweet flowers in them from Walmart. :) Never thought I’d go to Walmart for my flowers, but then again, I never really checked them out before either…

    We had quite the chiropractor experience the other day. I must fill you in one of these days, but not today. But I’m just curious, has anyone else ever had an appointment that lasted 4 hours????


    Until next time….




    The miracle of this little life growing inside of me is amazing. I now feel his movements all throughout the day, and one night he even woke me up because he was kicking so much! I just laid there and smiled, wondering what kind of personality this little child must already have. My mind is just boggled at the thought that there truly is a little soul growing and developing within me. My changing body can testify to the growth aspect, but I’m continually amazed that there is an eternal life in such a small child… Truly miraculous.

    I’m at 21 weeks of pregnancy so far, so – I’m past the half-way point! Time is flying by so quickly – at times I dislike being so busy with school, but it’s at least helping my pregnancy go by quickly. 10.5 more weeks until school is over, then 7 weeks after that until the little baby comes. Wow…

    Sunshine ahead:
    My family is coming down during our spring break to join us for almost a week in Florida!! It seems like forever since I’ve seen them, and I am ecstatically thrilled!!