February 3, 2007


    Life Snippets…

    -Many, many cups of hot tea… Peppermint tea, darjeeling tea, camomile tea, spearmint tea… Oh, happy day when I can have hot coffee again!

    -My husband just came off a 10-day diet. His reaction to “normal” food again is quite humorous. It’s a good thing I didn’t realize when we got married just how much he enjoys eating or I would have been a very intimidated new cook.

    -Continual aggivation with our inherited cat. Too bad I don’t like cats because this would be a perfect feline – it even came free with our rental property. Rubbbing its tail on my legs, sitting on my newly-washed car, meowing us a song outside the door every night at supper, staring in at me in the living room from the back porch railing (very creepy, I must say. Gives you that same feeling as when you can feel a person is looking at you). The worst is when it tries to sneak in the house undetected, then scares the daylights out of me when it runs for the door when it sees me coming. Or the day it happened to be locked in our laundry room off the garage. I was greatly irritated to find it in there in the first place, but horrified when I saw it had been laying on my nicely folded, clean laundry. I still threaten I’ll take a shotgun to it one of these days.

    -Cod liver oil pills, which are supposedly good for pregnant women, make the worst after-burps you could ever imagine. I think from now on I’ll get my nutrition elsewhere.

    -We’re buying some land here in Jesup. My husband acts like a little boy, he’s so excited. :) I really like the land too – quiet road (yeah, I’ve resigned myself that I’ll probably never live in the city again), a small lake opposite the property, a creek along the backside. It even has a bit of a slope, quite amazing for Jesup, which is known for its flatland and pinetrees. We’re thinking we might build there… eventually. And did I mention the name is Lincoln Drive? Almost funny to me, because only about 5 houses are on that sophisticated-sounding road. But I knew I didn’t want to live on Fanny Head Road, or Hymen Poppel Loop, or some other properties we were looking at. Can’t believe some of the road names people come up with.

    -I’m in a wintery mood and want some good books to read. Any suggestions?

    -It’s snowing and snowing back at home *droopy lower lip*. How I wish I could be there for a good old-fashioned snowstorm. But I sit in my house, curled up in a blanket, a pine candle burning, and pretend the rain outside is snow. If only pretending could come true like it does in fairy tales.

    -Lunch with a couple of ladies from Jesup on Thursday! I felt like a little kid, I was so excited. Because of teaching school full-time, I’ve been so tied down and haven’t been able to get out very much. This was the first time in the 6 months since we’ve lived here that I went out to lunch. And it was wonderful…

    -I’ve had more energy the past 2 weeks than I have in 4 months before that. Cleaning out closets, cupboards, organizing stuff until even my husband would just shake his head and laugh at me. I freaked myself out though, when I suddenly remembered what some old gossips say at funerals, “Do you think she knew she was going to die? I mean, the last few weeks she was getting her house in such order, I’m just sure she had a premonition!” Then they cluck their tongues mournfully. I stopped in my tracks when I thought of that and haven’t cleaned out a cupboard since. And just for the record, I don’t have a pre-death premonition – I prefer to call it “Nesting Instinct.” Makes me feel better.

    -Xanga is a quite fascinating world these days. So many of my friends are pregnant and having babies. So fun! I love their excitement over being new moms and loving on their new little Muffin or Cupcake. But I love it too, when they are real and tell me that it’s an adjustment and it changes their world. Helps me better prepare, because that’s reality.

    If you made it all the way to the end, congratulations! I’m home most of the day by myself, guess this is my social time for the day. :) (That’s bad, when xanga is my social life). Hence the long-winded post.

    Tootles, Cheers, and Happy Winter Wishes!



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  • I thoroughly enjoyed your loooooong post! :) And yes, lunch was wonderful!!


  • Like Ginny– I loved your long- winded post!! You sound so happy and loving life. So glad you’re feeling well. Have a great weekend! And by the way-  I will try to enjoy some snow for you, if you enjoy the sunshine for me.

  • wow…that was an amazing post!!! A good view into the life of Mrs. Yoder. Please don’t feel bad anymore about laughing at my names (just give me a chance to do the same :) , we have been somewhat successful since which feels good. Btw…I have had more energy lately too. Yesterday I cleaned like crazy and touched up all the trim and doors in my living room and dining room. I was exhausted by the time I completed my project.  Smooches my friend! Yea, I miss you too!!!!!

  • Good to hear you’ve been feeling good lately. I like the “Nesting Instinct” quote better than the “Pre-death”one. I have been going through that alot lately. So I hope that’s what it is. Thanks for the wonderful dinner you and Ben prepared for us last Sunday night. Awesome..Northern cooking.Havent had too much of that considering the fact I’ve been In Ga like forever. Awesome* luv ya

  • chloe dear. how sad it is not to be their by your side as you go thru this cleaning spree (or is it better not to be there? ) imissYOUsodearly

  • hey . . . loved your post! i had to smile and laugh to myself as I read it. i’ve been feeling *tons* better too and have been using my energy to scrapbook and (finally) cook good meals again. haven’t gotten on the cleaning rampage yet . . . i think i’ll wait til “spring” comes to PA. so good to hear from you and love you lots!

  • Hey, congrats on you’re exciting news!!! Being a mom is yes - a change, but one of the best things too! you’ll love it!!! – Cindy

  • you know, if you’re home all day by yourself and you get bored or lonely or anything . . . . . . i only have a job on monday and tues. morning . . . . .

  • Soooo good to hear from you again!! I think of you tons and wonder how you’re feeling and doin’.you must post lots of pics so we can watch baby ben grow…….*smiles* yeah,you two are special and we love you lots!

  • Wow, a lot has happened since the last time I have checked in on your site.. I was looking at your profile picture of you and your husband (before I read your posts) and thought, “I wonder if they have any exciting news yet!” Weird, but all the best hopes,wishes, and prayers!

  • Clarita – i would LOVE to have you join us on our “overnight run nights”. I always feel bad calling married ladies ’cause i just figure they want to be home with their hubbies, but next time i will definitely call you and i guess if you don’t want to come you can always say no…


  • I’m afraid I can relate with xanga being my social time

  • Next overnight run we have cheesecake scheduled. No, we don’t usually plan that far ahead but we were talking about it Mon. night since I had just made some for Sharon. The more the merrier! :)

  • hey . . . one more thing . . . it looks like you’ve got a good long list of teas going there, but did you know you’re *supposed* to drink raspberry tea too??! someone just informed me of that the other day . . . it’s *so* good for pregnant and nursing women. =) hee hee. just what you need . . . one more *wonderful* tea to drink.

  • congrats and you have my sympathy for missing the snow!! my favorite part of winter and not to rub it in, but we just had a major storm with many inches of the beautiful stuff. but, i do long for warmer weather some days……too bad you couldnt live on bleeble street. now there’s a name for you! (smile) have a full one!

  • Oh my goodness….my busy overcrowed brain forgot to subscribe to that magazine….do not fear…as if I wouldn’t eventually do it…It has been done and should arrive in time for spring cleaning :) ))…..forgive my forgetfulness. Miss ya’ll

  • i really miss you today.
    it’s the perfect afternoon to sit down with a cup of coffee (or tea for the cute pregnant woman), three sisters, and a whole month’s worth of conversation to catch up on.
    please come home soon.
    love, me

  • After all this time….I’m still footin the bill…..LOL…….I thought it was funny, although its sort of expensive humor :)….  Live at peace with all men…..and try not to embarass them even more; this is my decision….hmmm….. another random event in my life :)

  • hey! how are you guys doing?

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