Month: December 2006


    I know, I know. Xanga has been a thing of neglect for me lately.
    That’s fine though – there are other things more important than xanga. :]

    Hard to believe that Christmas is only 4 days away.
    I’ve never spent Christmas [that I can remember] in a warm climate.
    It really is different. Days away from the time where everyone is dreaming
    about a white Christmas, the temperature hits the 90′s.
    A white Christmas really is only in my dreams. [sniff]
    It’s a good thing Christmas isn’t about snow.


    Ervina coming for a week!! Ever so much fun!
    -A girlfriends weekend in OH
    -2 week Christmas vacation [oo-la-la!]
    -early bedtimes
    -a rainy day
    -my beautiful sisters and best friends
    -pregnant friends :P
    -getting Christmas cards
    -hot tea [note the tea, not coffee; explanation later]
    -10 days in PA after Christmas!!!



    A few pictures to share…

    my sistahs…
    claudia, jana, :], ervina

    Copy of sisters

    “what big eyes you have!!”

    Sisterhood in Georgia 066

    in savannah, ga


    river street, savannah, ga


    and, last but not least,
    mr. & mrs. yours truly

    Ben & Clarita

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

    Be blessed with the peace of Jesus…