Month: December 2005


    Ben and my 6th month anniversary.
    I absolutely loved our wedding day…

    a few photos to relive the moments…


    one of the best days of my life

    A few days before… planning with my Aunt June and sisters…

    the interior of the church before decor.
    fabulous old stone with stained glass windows…

    preparing the flowers for the reception

    a few of the many dipping oils…

    Liz and bridesmaids helping with my hair and veil…
    So so fun!

    my sweet papa and me…

    rather large bridal party, but every single one was worth it many times over
    note a few of the parade of sweeties in the front…

    the lovely bridesmaids and yours truly

    more of the bridesmaids

    the loveliest sisters anyone has ever had

    a casual shot… my prince and me!


    Happy anniversary to me


    Merry Christmas to you!






    Evangelism needed in a beautiful, though dark, city

    You will have:
    -a pub down the street
    -neighbors yelling at each other that you can hear through the walls
    -a stranger stopping in and asking for a lighter for his cigarette
    -unmarried couples living together all around you
    -police cars screaming by on yet another chase
    -the pub owner inviting you to stop in for a drink any time on the house

    This is a difficult task but you will probably be the only Jesus
    these people will ever know. Do not fear, for the Spirit
    of the Almighty God is with us!