October 27, 2005

  • Taking evening classes at Lancaster Bible College is one of God’s beautiful gifts to me right now. The professor is an older man, been to Moody Bible In stitue, has been a pastor for 56 years. He has a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and passion inside of him – what a privilege to sit under him!

    Stirred my thinking to Jesus

    How He left heaven – glory, majesty, the worship of angels, being Almighty – and came to earth where He completely gave up His reputation. Then, instead of trying to make a name for Himself and prove to humanity that He was God, He became a servant. A servant. The lowest rank possible. When He washed the disciples feet He didn’t just wipe dust off, He had to scrub off the animal dropping from walking on the road. He even allowed mankind to kill Him. Kill GOD! So against human logic. Mankind wouldn’t be so foolish. Yet Jesus was willing. It was because He was thinking of eternity, not just the present. This is my Jesus. This is my example.

    How often I try to prove something.  Jesus was GOD, yet was secure in His God-ness and didn’t have to prove anything. What is my area of “no reputation” Jesus is asking of me? Spoke to my heart so deeply that because God knows me, I don’t have to try to validate myself.

    I so want to be like my Jesus…



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  • so how was the rest of your trip in guatemala! you auta put more pics of you and your hubby on here!!! does he have a xanga site??? just curious! I’m so glad you’re so happy! I’m sorry about your grandpa and aunt. my fiance lost his grandma a few months ago and it was hard for me who had only known her for 2 years, he was a mess, God is definitely the only real comfort. hope all is well with your and your family! Miss you guys!


  • Wow! that is powerful…thank you for sharing-that blessed me right where i’m at right now! I do believe God can speak through xanga…thanks!

  • Good thoughts!! Just want to be like Jesus! I love to hear when people say that. After all if we are “Christians” we are followers of Christ!!

    Very glad Ben and you, could talk with Bek and I at Barnes & Noble.

  • hey clarita! good post… it WAS good to hang out with the two of you the other night… thanks!

  • great thoughts. That has been something the Lord has been teaching me this semester: He became what I am that He might make me what He is. …conformed to His image–not easy, but we are blessed with His grace as He “stamps His image deep on our hearts.”

  • hey lady! i noticed you visit my site a lot, so i figured i’d pop by and comment. :]
    such great thoughts…thank you for the blessing.


  • That was incredible, girl…you’ve got such a beautiful <3. Love you so very dearly!!

  • you are an inspiration!!!!!!!! I hope tomorrow works. Love you!

  • you posted! what an inspiration. See you this weekend!


  • miss you. just had a memory of that weekend shirleen and i were out..so long ago, so good though. i have many precious memories of times at your place!! love you.

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