October 14, 2005


    …My grandpa died, who was like a 2nd dad to me

    …I got married

    My dear aunt died

    …My sister Jana is leaving for a year in Colorado

    There are so many changes that have taken place in my personal life within the past year… Sometimes I can hardly believe it’s reality. Sometimes the pain in them almost overwhelms me, some of the changes have been extremely painful. Death was never so real to me as it has been in the past year. God is my Comforter, but there is still an ache in my heart… I have been so homesick for heaven, it doesn’t feel like home here anymore. Relationships have come to mean more to me than anything else in the whole world. Jesus has become more dear to me than ever before, even though I can’t understand all of His ways.

    “…When I am overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I am…”

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  • May He, Great God of the Universe, be enough.  May you find that He has strong arms to fall into.  May the each dawn bring new reminders of His faithfulness.

    Miss you.

  • hey dearest, the times we’ve spent together over the last few weeks have been priceless. i will forever treasure our long talks together, *wail* and the times we simply enjoyed each other’s presence over a cup of coffee…often the memories are most beautiful in the small, unexpected times we’ve been together or talked…thanks so much for being here for me, baby! i love you, & already miss you, just thinking of leaving you for so long…never forget your beauty & worth!! it is far too great for a pricetag! :) -*smooches* -jan

  • My heart aches for you and your family. I think I know the feeling of the emtyness that seems to linger no matter what. In the stillness of each day there always seems to be the reminder of that person and the piece of ones heart that is lost and will never be replaced. It seems aweful to bend down and gather the pieces of our hearts and go on with life…at the moment life seems so cruel and heartless. I don’t know if this makes sense and I don’t think it’s really encouraging but it’s what I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I love you a whole lot!! We’re praying for you guys!!

  • clarita…thinking back over the past year…remembering when your grandpa died…words are escaping me…and i wish…that we could just sit down over a cup of coffee…and catch up on life with each other…it’s been too long, girl…and i know what you mean about being homesick for heaven…there are days when i don’t want to be anywhere but there…girl…keep resting in the Comforter…and keep embracing the beauty of life…love you much…sue.

  • babe… what dizzying circles life is spinning us in…
    sometimes i stop and think and wonder how in the world life became so crazy.
    but i’m so, so glad that i still have you and that we can be emotional on each other’s soggy shoulders.

  • He is in our tomorrows!  Breathin a prayer for you this morning in all the changes being “thrown right in your face” in a sense.  Its true, He is God alone.  I love you

  • we missed you today but I totally understand. Yes, we do need to get together again and chat…maybe use each others shoulders too. goodnight!!

  • Just a line to say hey and I’m think of you!


  • “thinking” I mean !

  • hey sis…i thought of you today & it made me *cry*. it already feels like ages since we’ve seen each other…hey, i hope you are having a great week & feeling very cared for by the Father…wish i could stop in at work & we could have a white mocha together!! call me sometime…

    love you bunches…toodles, _jan_

  • i love the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait to see your beautiful face again! :)

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