Month: June 2011

  • New Trails...


    I'm walking down a new trail...

    I've joined the Mary Kay team and have become an independent consultant!

    If I can get past the awkwardness of feeling like I'm advertising myself!! :)
    I am not a natural salesperson, and so things like this can make me feel extremely wierd and nervous.
    And there is that hint of scariness to it - what if I can't do this?
    what if no one buys anything and I feel like a flop?
    what if I come across like some of those [annoying] gushy people that are your friend
    just so they can sell you something? scary,scary.

    However, I realize that sitting in a corner isn't going to help anything.
    And so I'm giving it a try. :)

    Sooo, as an initial start-up, during the month of June I am going to be offering specials on various items of Mary Kay - skin care products as well as the makeup and glamor! Each week there will be a different special.

    I am completely sold on the products - that is the only reason I can do this little sales pitch. :) I have been using Mary Kay for 12 years, ever since being introduced by my aunt June, and absolutely LOVE them! There is a 100% guarantee on all products, which I really really like. If I have not been perfectly satisfied with something, I have been able to return it for full credit. This goes for any product Mary Kay sells.

    This also has a two-part deal to it. :)
    All monies from now until October will go directly toward our Ellerslie fund, 100%. So you're contributing to a cause. :)

    So, check in later this week for the beginning of the specials! :)

    Meanwhile, you can check out the products here:
    If you are new to Mary Kay, it's fun to look at the Tips & Trends, Best Sellers, Beauty on a Budget, or New Products under the left hand tabs of the site.

    [disclaimer: this is not meant to take current customers away from existing consultants. If you already have a consultant, then be a peach and stick with her. :)  ]