Month: March 2008

  • The Big Pink Flower Hat… and other things


    When I was in Pennsylvania the last time, I went into a little baby botique and saw the most adorable little hat ever. It was white with a big pink flower. I was absolutely smitten. I froze when I saw the price: $20.00 for something Zoe would only be able to wear a few more weeks. It took all of my willpower to put it back on the shelf. (And might I add that was not the only expensive thing in the store: little shirts were $40, shoes $50, just ridiculous.)

    Then my sister Claudia and I were shopping at the mall and what do you know but I find a big pink flower! And on a clearance rack at that, for one single dollar. I bought it immediately. But I had no white hat. Big dilemna. I thought and thought and finally remembered a little pink hat that a cousin had given me. I tried the two together, and fell in love…

    My husband thought the flower was waaaaayyyyy too big, and was rather embaressed about her “new” hat. Oh, but the first time I went to Wally World with the Big Pink Flower Hat, I had multitudes of women stop and comment about her hat. I actually had a pregnant woman (noticeably pregnant, I might add) literally running down one of the aisles after me, wondering where I got the darling hat! So, after that shining report on the Big Pink Flower Hat, Ben is now fine with me wearing it on Zoe.

    And – the Big Pink Flower Hat itself…

    IMG_1449 IMG_1473 IMG_1472 IMG_1447

    Her eyelashes on this picture and the next one are too cute…



    And now, my fetish with old colored chairs…

    in the garage (which is where everyone comes in down here in the south). This was was bought for $5 at a little antique store.

    the back patio, with the newly planted flowers. And this one was found in the shed on our rental property – left here by previous renters. :) Can you say “free!”


    As I write these things, I am constantly reminded of the gift of life – physical life, yes, but also eternal Life. I was sobered and extremely heartbroken this morning to hear from one of my best friends – her father was in a bad accident last night and died today. But even sadder than that, as far as the family knows, he was not right with God. I’ve had family members that have died, but there has always been the hope of eternal life and knowing that I will see them again one day. And that brings so much comfort in the midst of the pain. But to know your own father rejected God?? It’s the worst grief possible…

    So I have an unexpected trip to Ohio this weekend for a tragic funeral. I want to be there for my friend, but my heart breaks because I don’t know how to comfort in such a nightmare situation… Please say a prayer for the Miller family…

    May you truly LIVE today!


  • Monday


    Another weekend has come and gone, and it’s back to Monday again. Oh Wonderful Monday! I truly do love Mondays. A chance to rest after a usually busy weekend, normally sleep in a bit,  the cleaning is not needing to be done since I just did clean. Although I could clean again after the youth and young marrieds were here for supper  last night, I’ll just let it slide. Until Wednesday. I like to do my cleaning on Wednesdays for some reason. That gives me the beginning of the week to do some of my fun projects, and leaves the weekends free. Totally a mind thing, I know! But it does relieve this mind of mine.

    Oh, but there are graham crackers on the floor. I had just done my cleaning last Wednesday, put Zoe’ in her high chair in the kitchen with some graham crackers, and I checked on her a little while later only to discover quite a few of the graham crackers on the floor! This was the first time she’s made a mess like that. Ben came home that night and I solemnly announced to him that “Today marks a new beginning in our lives. From this time forward until 20 years from now, we’ll probably always have graham crackers on our floors. The Era of Clean Floors has ended.” It just struck me somehow. I’m in the real  mommy stage now, you know?

    But it’s a Monday where I meander through the house, singing my heart out to some favorite songs, glad that only Zoe’ can hear my heart-felt rendition of “Think of Me,” hardly venturing outside but perfectly content to be a bit lazy, enjoying my Sunshine Baby Who Does Nothing But Smile, playing toys with her on the floor, a happy feeling that supper is leftovers and therefore very low prep work… This is a good Monday.

    So, I’m back a week now after being in Pennsylvania a week and a half. It’s been a wonderful week at home, at home every night this past week, which is a very rare and very welcomed thing in this family, after being gone almost every night of the week for several months. Zoe’ loves being back with her daddy, she just can’t take her eyes off of him when he comes home from work. And Zoe’s mommy rather likes being with the daddy too. :)

    //This was precious. Ben went out early in the morning before work and bought Zoe’ a little Valentine’s Day gift//

    Some pictures from our darling trip…

    //Aunt Claudia and Zoe’//

    //enjoying some time at Starbucks//

    //and it wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Central Market//

    //David enjoyed being with the girls//

    //Central Market in the rain//

    //of course, Prince St. Cafe’//

    //Ginger Peach Tea with milk and sugar, thank you very much//

    // these expressions are classic// 

    //cheering for Uncle David at his Bible Quizzing//

    //a lovely morning spent with these dear ladies for Beth’s birthday//

    // Mary Jo and myself with our kiddos//

    // “…I wanna hold your hand…”//

    // Sweet Cousins pretty in [matching] pink – Mariana and Zoe’//

    //Brooklynn, Zoe’, the Jayster ;) //


    //Esther and Dietrich//

    //on the floor at Carters. what fun for moms and babies!//

    Looking at these pictures makes me happy!

    We were anticipating a very busy spring, thinking we were buying a house and would begin working on it  the beginning of February. Now we’re in the middle of March already, and it’s been a good, relaxing winter (if you could call Georgian winters “winter. But you understand my general time frame: after Christmas, before the spring flowers). But I was very excited about all the projects we were going to do – have a red kitchen again, maybe some brown walls as well, green, blue, among other colors. I love color! I know we live in a nice rental, but you can only fall in love with a rental house to a small degree. And I don’t think I’ve fallen yet.

    But to help the creative itch, I’ve gotten out some projects around here and been working on them. There is something in me that has to be hands-on and doing something, or I feel like my soul will die. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration and I certainly don’t claim to be Martha Stewart’s relation, but I truly love working with my hands, doing fun projects, being creative. So, for those of you who haven’t been to my house, come take a peep…

    //my husband’s ultimate delight to see upon returning from work//


    //monogram embroidery//

    //two together for the crib//

    //the high chair we painted and antiqued//

    //the chairs and dinette table we painted, added the square adornment, and antiqued//

    //the finished product (er, never mind the stuff under the hutch)//

    //scrapbooking begins on Zoe’s album//

    //and the baby food jars transformed into scrapbook-supply-holders//

    //we aren’t allowed to paint in this house, so the pink circles are actually paper  that we, um, glued to the walls, crib is borrowed for now//

    //close-up of the ribbon mobile I made//

    //pictures pertaining to Zoe’ or my pregnancy//

    //the office was moved into the closet, the baby room uses the rest of the space//

    //new pillows were made for the living room//

    //in the living room//

    And to all - enjoy your Monday! :)