May 23, 2007


    Some days just don’t quite go as you plan…

    I woke up this morning excited because it’s my 3rd day that school is over and I’m not teaching anymore! But I had a list of stuff to do that ran off the end of my paper, and I was looking forward to making a yummy supper for my husband [last week's dinners were all either Japanese take-out or egg sandwiches because of working 9-13 hour days at school finishing up the year].

    So I got up pretty early [for someone that loves sleeping in, that is] and was scurrying around the house, cleaning things that hadn’t been cleaned since a very long time ago, and getting things done before we leave on a week-long trip early tomorrow morning.

    I met a few lovely ladies for lunch, a much looked forward to event for me! With Marylou, Christa, and Ginny, you can’t help but have a good time! :) Great times, I enjoyed it greatly! So excited I can finally do things like this again…

    After lunch, around 2pm,  I ran a few errands in town, went to Walmart, places like that. After Walmart I ran the car through the carwash – it’s been so dry and dusty and the car was filthy. I didn’t think I had time to wash it at home because of my lengthy list of things to do. While I was in the midst of the automatic car wash, my car died. It started back up enough to get the nose our of the car wash for the next person in line, then promptly died again, and nothing I could do started it. The older gentleman who works there came running up and asked the insulting question to a female: “Do you have gas in your tank?” I had just filled up minutes before, thank you very much, and I have never run out of gas in my life. He seemed quite puzzled to know what was the matter after that.

    Another “gentleman” came along, and although he wasn’t your cultured kind, he and his very long hair and kind heart, and me and my large 7-month pregnant belly pushed the car further across the parking lot. He gave me a few suggestions about what it could be, but said I have to wait a half hour before trying to start it again. So he helped me push it some more to the vacuum area where I vacuumed my car [with the annoying quarter-thing that keeps running out] and then decided to dust it as best I could with my little baby wipes that I always keep on hand. After a half-hour I tried to start it again, and no luck. I had already spent an hour at this car wash, and was quite ready to finish running my errands and go home.

    Phone call to Ben, who was working an hour away. He knew what the problem was, and said the spark plugs had gotten wet in the under-carriage wash. My little old car can’t handle new-fangled things like that. The only thing to do was wait some more and hope it dried out. By this time the car was spick and span and I couldn’t think of another thing to do to clean it further, so I went into Walmart and made my 3rd purchase for the day, just to kill time. Also to kill time I stood in the book aisle and read “Chicken Soup for the New Mother’s Soul” and between laughing and crying and aching feet, I was quite cheered when I came out.

    By this time another hour and a half had passed, and Ben was coming to rescue me. I tried the car again and it started! I was overjoyed, and called Ben to tell him he didn’t need to come after all. Mid-conversation, the car died again, at the end of the carwash parking lot. Needless to say, I needed a rescuer after all. By the time I finally got going at 6pm, all the places I needed to stop in at were closed and all thoughts of a lovely supper prepared for my hard-working husband had long since vanished. And not a thing had been crossed off my list.

    Since I’ve been home, several things have been crossed off, and other things have just moved to next weeks’ list. :) But all is well, because 1) school is over for the year!!!   2) tomorrow I’m going home and seeing the friends and family I haven’t seen in 5 months  3) at least the baby is still inside of me and not outside when things like this happen!!  4) I had a good lunch date with my friends  5) I really am very blessed of the Lord…

    Cheers, and hopes of many happy days to come!!



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  • Can’t wait to see you tomorrow! *happy dance*

  • very entertaining story!! hopefully I’ll get a chance to see you in PA!

  • So sorry to hear of your car problems! Next time (okay, so we hope there won’t be a next time…. :) call me and you can use my car to do your town errands. Have a good weekend in PA!

  • hate when things like that happen. Last week I had my second flat in less than a year. Those are times when I’m glad that I don’t have a baby to worry about yet. Sigh! Looking forward to seeing you, oh so soon!!!

  • Love the story! ‘Cuz I can relate to the day not really going as planned! :) It t’was a good day tho… :) Hope you have a splendid time spending it with family and friends back in PA! ~Luv~

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