Month: August 2005

  • Women.

    The word itself is so intriguing to me. There is so much mystery that surrounds us. I’ve been thinking about this subject quite a bit, but it’s hard to wrap words around my processing…

    I posted yesterday about wanting to witness – more often, more comfortably. Thinking about that over the past few days has led to more thoughts. I –  as a Christian woman that has chosen to take Scripture literally – am daily faced with the visible evidences of my Christianity. People can tell just by looking at me [my overall appearance/headcovering] that I believe differently from the world. That is powerful witnessing.

    But it’s hard. Why is it the woman that bears such a huge responsibility? If people look as us as women, know we’re Christians, we’re called to respresent God to the world. But sometimes I don’t feel like a witness. I feel more like a sore thumb, or someone rather wierdly odd rather than beauty. Why are we so visible [by our literal application of Scripture= modesty,headcovering] yet so hidden [by our literal interpretation of Scripture=modesty]?

    I want God to teach me more about this womanhood, this visible evidence of my faith, what is behind all the mystique. Where beauty plays into the questions. I am covenanted with my Jesus to follow Him in all things, to not argue based on my emotions, but to believe His Word even when I don’t understand. As I walk this journey, may He enlighten my steps. May He show me what real beauty is, not what the world portrays it as.

    As we women walk this journey of life, may we be what we are called to be: the beauty of Christ in this world. So help us, Lord.

  • Congratulations to Bek and Jeremy Martin!! The groom and beautiful bride are on their honeymoons in the mountains of New Hampshire this week.

    A beautiful wedding, with pink as the theme. Bek was a beautiful bride… I loved her relaxed attitude and ability to just drink in her wedding day. So many brides are frantic – but not Bek. She was calm, excited, and bouncing like always. Dear Bekah.

    Mary and I did the flowers for the wedding – a dream of roses! Bek’s flower  theme was roses, so we were working with dozens of the white and pink flowers of love! A florist’s dream! It was the first time I was ever completely in charge of the flowers for a big occasion like a wedding, but we had so much fun with it! Was a dream come true for me.

    Bek and Jeremy – may the honeymoon never end! Cheers and many beautiful moments throughout the rest of your lives together! Love you dearly.

  • I’m just loving life. God has blessed me with a wonderful husband, wonderful friends, wonderful family… Why me? I feel so unworthy. Sunday nite was so refreshing – Ben’s brother Chris, friends Ron, Liz, Leathermans, my sweet sisters, the Huyards, all came over. My soul was encouraged in the sincerity of those people.

    I walked around Lancaster city yesterday, smiling as I drank in the fresh air and met my neighbors. It felt like an autumn day, and my heart was drawn to God through the beauty of the day.

    Been praying for opportunities to witness for my Jesus. Lately it seems like I don’t even have opportunities, but I wonder if it’s because I’m not watching for them, I’m not even thinking about them. Telling people about my Savior strengthens me, even though sometimes I feel awkward doing it, it’s out of my comfort zone. I’m not ashamed of my husband, or my friends here on earth – why am I ashamed with identify with my Best Friend of all? May God purify my heart. Seems like there would be all kinds of opportunities in the city, but I’m surprised at the unspoken privacy code of the people that live there.

    We brought a piano over to our little house. I didn’t realize how much I had missed playing/singing. There is something in me that just comes alive with  music and drama like I can’t explain. I wish I had 7 lives – where I could pursue all the dreams that lie within me. Sometimes it’s hard being a dreamer - there’s always a restlessness, wanting to pursue another dream, work toward another goal.

    Came across a verse in Romans 14: “Whatever is done without a firm conviction of it’s approval by God is sin.” Wow, may God alone be my foundation of living.