August 26, 2005

  • Congratulations to Bek and Jeremy Martin!! The groom and beautiful bride are on their honeymoons in the mountains of New Hampshire this week.

    A beautiful wedding, with pink as the theme. Bek was a beautiful bride… I loved her relaxed attitude and ability to just drink in her wedding day. So many brides are frantic – but not Bek. She was calm, excited, and bouncing like always. Dear Bekah.

    Mary and I did the flowers for the wedding – a dream of roses! Bek’s flower  theme was roses, so we were working with dozens of the white and pink flowers of love! A florist’s dream! It was the first time I was ever completely in charge of the flowers for a big occasion like a wedding, but we had so much fun with it! Was a dream come true for me.

    Bek and Jeremy – may the honeymoon never end! Cheers and many beautiful moments throughout the rest of your lives together! Love you dearly.

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  • oh lady!…i’d love to join your seminar team!…i must say i agree with you on wanting to be beautiful so that it awakens the desire in others!…i love you dreams, lady…they’re so beautiful…just as you are! love you, sue.

  • Hey, you don’t know me but i was messing around on xanga and i noticed one of your cds- The Alleluia to the Pachebel Canon in D.  is that a good cd?  is it worth buying? i absolutly love canon in d and i thought this cd might be good.  thanks! -carolyn

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