Month: March 2005

  • I miss my mama…

    Me by my lonesome and my sis jan,

    a gas leak in the house,

     four firetrucks one early morning,

    bread and milk for a week,

    my shoulders ache,

    my man is far far away from here,

    too little sleep,

    too little caffeine,

    a very very quiet house.


    this girl still needs her mama.

  • Back in to xanga land!! Hey to all my long-lost blog friends.

    Just returned yesterday from a little over 2 weeks in the continent of Africa. My Ben, my sister Jan, and a team of 12 people flew over.  Africa was on my dream list of places to go before I get married.   I actually wanted to visit the 6 major continents, and still have Australia to visitt before the wedding. Ummm, that’s dreaming big, but like Bloody Mary says in the movie, “You gotta have a dream. If you don’t have a dream, how’re you gonna make a dream come true?” So, I dream, if only in my dreams.

    Kenya, Africa, was amazing. The mixture of poverty, beauty, and people is unforgettable. I have never seen poverty like I saw on this trip, not in any of the other countries I’ve visited, but never have I seen such gratefulness from the people that live there. They have so little, the average person makes the equililent to  $2-3 US a day, yet they are so proud of their country and of what they do have. Such a challenge. The people are wonderful – I fell in love with them and made some good friends even in the short time we were there.

    One huge thing for me was the way the Christians identify themselves. If I met a Christian over there, he would introduce himself and say, “My name is Kefa, and I am a Christian.” Thinking about it further, I realized that being a Christian was their very identity. Here in the US we’ll introduce ourselves and say our names and then tell the person what our occupation is, etc. When do I say that I am a Christian on a first-time introduction?? If my first identify in my Jesus?

    Kenya, Africa was a trip that will take time for me to process. Time for my heart to catch up with the things that I saw and experienced. Ben and I sang a few songs each evening at the open air crusades, and we all helped at a work project for the church during the day.

    I’m happy to be at home now, jet lag hasn’t been an issue because I’ve been so busy since I’m home.  No time to be tired.

    Wedding plans are coming!!!!! I feel like a very very blessed woman.