Month: June 2004

  • 2 very happy things and beautiful gifts from God within the past 24 hours:

    1- I get to be with my boyfriend this weekend!!!!

    2- I have a job for the summer!!!!

    Happy surprises like that make me feel hugged by God…

  • Aaaaaahhhh, the luxury of coming home to my very own bed, snuggling up in my mountain of pillows….. We got back home tonite, after driving about 5000 miles in two weeks. Yikes, that’s a lot of driving, and I’m very happy to see my house again.  It was a super vacation though, I think the best family trip we’ve ever taken. Had some wild Rook games and arm wrestling, scary things when my little sibs are making me work to win.  Thank you, Lord, for my wonderful family…

    Mixed feelings about returning to life back in Lancaster again… Only 3 months before I leave for Bible School for possible a whole school year, and until then…??? Dealing with some fears and unsure emotions. I am once again unemployed. *sigh* It’s official, again. No, I’m not low, I’m just stating facts, but it’s a rather humbling fact to come to terms with. I put in applications at so many different places, but I can’t get a job for only 3 months… Maybe I could travel!! Uh, I just got back… plus, it takes money… I miss Guatemala so much though, would love to go back and visit my dear friends…

    Lord Jesus, please help me to live with purpose and with passion, to live with all of my heart, no matter what Your plans are for me… Help me to trust Your heart, that You know what is best, even if it means a poor income.  Let this summer be what You dream it to be… Help me to be all that You made and dream me to be…

  • HEY HEY!! We’re on our last leg of the journey, have one more whole day before we head back home to Bird in Hand… This has been the most super vacation – we’ve been busy and active and have been doing all kinds of stuff, kind of unusual for our family to be this active  but it’s been so fun because we get to sleep in every morning.  White water rafting on class 1-4 rapids was definitely a highlight of our trip, and on Wednesday my dad, Claudia, Jamos, and I climbed the 14,100 foot Pike’s Peak of Colorado.  We left at 3am and got there 9 hours and 13 miles later. It was definitely a work-out and I was sooo happy to see the summit! The challenge of stuff like that thrills me though – seeing if I can actually conquer the mountain… And it carries over into my daily life with God too – the step by step, enough light to see where I’m supposed to walk next, enough strength to keep following my Jesus… Sometimes I’m exhausted and wonder how I can go one more step, but He is so faithful… And He’s so personal too – you know how wonderful it is to actually say, “MY Jesus” ?? No other religion is so personal to people, where their leader is actually theirs on a personal, intimate level… What a tender, sweet Jesus we love!!

    Lizzie!!! You’re going to China!!! I am sooo excited for you I could cry!! Can’t wait to talk with you about it!


    clarita <><

  • hey allbody!!!

    We’re here in the Rockies of Colorado… WOW, these mountains are just fabulous!!! The mountain passes can be rather scary, sometimes there are sheer cliffs on the side of the road with no side rails – definitely makes you gasp at times.  We are having so much fun though – we’ve been to the Black Canyon, are heading to 4 Corners today, going back up to CO Springs next week and Dad, Claudia, and I are planning to climb Pike’s Peak if the weather is still okay… Yesterday we went to a charming little western town and just walked around the town for several hours. Then we rented horses at a livery and our whole family went horseback riding up a mountain.  The view was amazing, and I was so proud of my little sibs!! We’re all in one motor home – definitely tests the family ties and bonds.  Just imagine, 8 people in one motor home – eating, sleeping, driving, traveling, and being together 24/7. If I have an attitude about something, there’s no running away and pretending nothing’s there…!! Is building great family memories though!!

    Almost ready to head out again.. Oh, I had my first warm shower since Monday on Friday morning… Wow, felt WONDERFUL, I forgot how much showers are so special.


    clarita <><

  • Heading out tomorrow morning early for our family western adventure… Still can hardly believe that 8 of us are going to snuggle in one motor home for 2 weeks.  Definitely will make some family memories, no doubt about that…  What those memories will be is yet to be discovered.

    As you can see from the lovely pic posted on my site, my heart is thrilled to be dating Ben!! He is a wonderful southern gentleman from Georgia…

    Sometimes the hardest things we go through in life turn out to be the richest, most beautiful times. I’m seeing the truth of the words, “He gives beauty for ashes… joy for mourning…” He truly is a Redeemer and He truly is Good, even though I can’t always understand or comprehend it at the moment. But God has promised that He Himself will never disappoint me – I’m hanging on to that with all that I am… And meanwhile, I’ll embrace His love as I keep dancing in His arms…

    until next time,

    live out of the Gold within you!