March 21, 2004

  • Aaaaahhhhhhh, it’s been a beautiful, wonderful, relaxing weekend!! It’s the first full weekend we’ve spent here since when we first arrived, and it’s been delicious!!  Kris is spending the weekend with Gina, and because Jan was sick on Friday, we stayed here for the weekend…

    I had heard about a Christian Church in ENGLISH here in town, so this morning Jan and I headed out and searched the streets trying to find it. We must have received incorrect information because it was no where to be found, much to our disappointment.  We went to a Spanish Catholic church for their service, then to Central Parque for a few hours in the afternoon… So lovely!! We’re learning to know some of the kids in the park and they’re such honeys… They’re Mayan children, and are very poor and often very dirty… There’s one little 5 year old that calls us his good friends, ssoooo cute I could just squish him!!

    Both Jan and I were drawing in the parque after lunch, seated on a park bench, and we suddenly looked up to see about 20 Mayan kids and adults surrounding us, wanting to watch us draw!!! Both of us were sketching the 20 foot water fountain in the center of the park, and they were all loving to watch the gringos attempt to draw their fuente! Made us nervous to draw with so many people looking over us!! We had to stop part way through because they blocked the fuente because they were watching us.

    Hope your weekends’ are all lovely!!

    clarita <><

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  • aaaaaahhhhhhh…sounds so very delicious indeed. good to hear that things are going good for you, we’ve been praying for you all!

    life never stops getting interesting here in lancaster…as dull as it is, it really does amuse me!

    love you girls!


  • it’s been a while since i’ve been on xanga but it was really good to catch up with you guys.  Mark and I were at you parents church this morning…that was fun seeing everyone again. Missed seeing you there and i do hope that you guys continue having a wonderful time down there. Much prayers and hugs!! Ruth

  • yeah, this is annette. i was just thinking. they were all crouded around and watching you draw…………..that could be an awesome way to witness, couldn’t it? like some artists can capture things on paper you can’t put into words. such as the love of God. (although that would be nearly impossible even on paper) or peace, joy……..etc. just a thot.


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