February 21, 2004

  • This internet cafe is rocking with the music of a salsa party next door. And uh, that would be the salsa dance, not the food. :) The  neon nights are flashing through the doors thus doing strange things to my eyes….

    My dad, Kris, and Gina arrived last nite around 11pm,  and we were sooo thrilled to see them! We all had a long day of traveling, so we crashed almost right away….

    Today was absolutely wonderfully amazing… The five of us were together and explored and walked for miles together… This town is winning our hearts so quickly, we were out in the sunshine and walking the cobblestone streets most of the afternoon, peeping in the courtyard cafes, trying to bargain at the market and also remember that we don’t have to buy everything in one day. The people here are sooo beautiful, and the children are so precious and darling. Their big brown eyes could melt the hardest heart as quick as a wink! It was sooo cool today too – we saw two weddings while we were walking around town!! The beautiful Spanish brides with their grooms outside of massive cathedrals is an incredible sight! Aaaaaawwwwwww…

    It is soo much fun to explore this town… It is unlike anything I have ever seen in my life – my knowledge of the English language frustrates me because I feel like I can`t even begin to decribe this amazingly beautiful town! It is so quaint, every street is made of cobblestone, and none of the buildings are over two stories because the colonial look is supposed to be preserved. The city of Antigua was designed by an Italian architect so it has a lot of ancient European themes to it… And the mountains surrounding Antigua – oh, they’re soo gorgeous! They completely surround it, and very closely too – makes it feel very protected, except that one of them is a smoking volcano.  It hasn’t erupted lately, just smokes a lot.

    We’re staying at a guesthouse, which is home to about 6 othe people as well… They are from all over the world – a bloke from Australia, a woman from Germany, someone from Canada, several from NC, Boston, and of course there are the Antiguan Amish.  It’s been amazing to see the mix of cultures that are here – please pray that God would shine through us and that His name would be honored through us…

    I had a date with dad this afternoon over a fruit shake… Awwwww, he’s such a great dad!!! I’m so glad he came down for the weekend… We had a good juicy talk.

    por las chicas, clarita

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