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  • Yes, yes, yes….. i love “the post “. I am sort of selfish in that i want to be the one to get the mail… even if there is rarely anything of much interest. I still love to write letters on paper too, but rarely do it. You inspire me to start!!!

  • super cute post Clarita. and yes… there are quite a few lost arts in this modern time that i miss.

  • Oh, and have you tried to make your own envelopes?  Out of magazine pages? It’s too fun. 

    I am also a big sticker-lover, to cover my snail mail with prettiness.  I have drawers full of stationary things.  It’s bad, really. 

  • I am with you on this. I LOVE sending and receiving post. And, I also have that on my list to do better at this year. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful ideas.

  • I’m so glad you posted this, Clarita…it inspired me to send out more cards and letters this year. :) I still have some lovely ones saved that you and Jana sent me! You’re right…email and facebook just do not compare!

  • I fell in love with all those bags. Oh my.

  • I love mail time too and my kids do too! There is often a run out through the grass, when they see the blue car coming with a blinking light on top. I would love to learn how to write prettier. And maybe that’ll be a goal for this month. :) I agree with you on pens! But somehow, my favorite always becomes someone else’s favorite and it disappears. :)

    Yay for a giveaway!

  • This is so so fun!
    By the way, your last post was so good. I think I read it twice over. Just what I needed!

  • HELLO I WANT TO BE INCLUDED. Not that beautiful little cards from you don’t show up in my mailbox anyway. And yes I save every last one. Why not, with it being a lost art and all. I love that we love the same things. :)

  • I love “the post”! I have since I was a child, and seeing that blue jeep with a orange flag would cause my young self to go running outside in anticipation. It makes me rather sad that today’s “technology” has taken away a lot of “the personal touch”. I think that’s one reason I love the Christmas season so much, knowing that, if only at this time of year, the mailbox is overflowing with goodies.:)

  • I am so with you on the heart skipping when there is a letter in the mail FOR ME. Thats part of the reason I LOVE Christmas. My childrens faces light up when they see their names on an envelope too. I go to the stationary isle sometimes and fall in love with all the gorgeous stuff,i have bought and made cards too and had the best of intentions, but……………. I have said so many times that if I wrote a note everytime I thought of someone I would spend most of my time writing. I am a terrible procrastinator so my good intentions never really materialize, much to my shame. Thank you for this reminder. The card, envelopes,and little brown bags are most delightful.


  • You have inspired me to go buy a card today and mail it to my best friend. Thank you

  • I must admit. I’m a bit of a stationery hoarder myself. There is NOTHING like getting a letter in the mailbox. I bring it in and don’t open it right away. I move it with me from room to room as I finish up pressing matters so that when I open it, I can sit down with my cup of coffee and savor it. You can’t rush a letter. It’s special!

    I love Target stationery too and Hallmark, one of my favorite stores EVER. But seriously, I’m going to have to check out TJ Maxx for that. I didn’t realize they had that there, I’ve been buying all kinds of other cool stuff there.

  • I love all things paper too but seldom actually get the cards written and sent. I can spend a long time in the stationery aisle at any store, even the Amish stores. A you never know where you will find your next treasure. Matilda miller

  • Ooooh. I love good stationary. But I am not well versed in using it.
    It calls my name. I buy a little. Splurge, you know. And then it sits.

    But that address stamp? Swoon! Totally putting that on my list of future needs.

    I do not have really nice penmanship. Recently i discovered videos on youtube that slowly made letters and I could follow along! Yay for flourishy writing.

  • i love getting mail. i mean, personalized mail, not bills and junk mail. i am a little sad that christmas is over and there’s very little fun mail, but even more special is a note or card during the year “just because.”

    i would love to win your giveaway. :)

  • Oh how lovely!! This makes me realize that it’s time to find some pretty writing supplies.:)

  • You have inspired me and reminded me of my goal for 2013 to send more cards via mail!

  • What a fun collection of pretty papers! And I love the beautiful handwriting on some of the envelopes. Makes me wish I had better handwriting. I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions, but if I did it would be to send more letters this coming year. It really is so special to have a handwritten note in the mail!

    LOVED all the beautiful inspiration Clarita! As always you blog is a bright spot in my day :)

    PS- I think you have some of the loveliest handwriting I’ve ever seen! Seriously.

  • So it looks like I’m not the only who loves Christmas time for all the cards that come in the mail :) The brown bag as an envelope is a new idea…I love it!

  • Who wouldn’t rather receive a card or letter or package rather than another bill??! I get soo excited when the mailcar pulls up – although most days there is nothing or only a bill or advertisement :(

    Where did you get those pens?? My husband has been looking for those for awhile – his favorite also!

  • I SOOO love to get mail…real, actual mail!  It makes me feel so special. I try to do it for others too, but as you said, I don’t always make it enough of a priority.  And…my handwriting is HORRIFIC!! So I end up typing my cards.  Which is kind of a shame. Maybe you can give me some handwriting lessons!  

    What a cool give-a-way!  And I loved all of your pictures of envelopes and the excitement and love for this sort of thing that came through in this “post”! 

  • would love to win your sweet little give away :) i use to do so much better at sending snail mail ;) but w/ Facebook, blogs, and email i’ve really slacked! thanks so much for the inspiration!

  • oh goodness…my favorite kind of stuff. my heart just does serious pitter patters when I see stuff like this. I’m loving that Brown bag idea. not sure which I enjoy most though, sending or receiving? both are joy filled.

  • I love getting mail to and am reminded now that I should do more of my own mailing to friends! :)

  • Adorable stuff here! I love sending snail mail, but sadly having 3 little kiddos has definitely slowed me down(or should i say, pretty much stopped me?:().. Thanks for the encouragement to try better in that area! :) -Alyssa

  • Truly a wonderful lost art, not truly lost as there are those of us who still linger dreamily with thoughts of pretty paper, pretty pens, and the handwritten word.

  • oh, this is so delightful Clarita!! i have such a weakness for anything paper-ish….in fact, i have a drawer in my desk devoted to cards that catch my eye that i will someday send to someone…and, mail? oh, it is my absolute favorite! i LOVE both sending and receiving mail.
    and, as i recall, you know how to send quite the attractive packages via the USPS. =)
    thanks for this lovely Tuesday post!!

  • That sister of mine is crafty! (I get jealous sometimes:) I like to get mail too and this post reminded me of all the notes I need to write. Jill is in to writing notes also.

  • wow. i never do stuff like this. but it’s you…and stationary. how can I not like and comment?! :)

  • This totally make me want to send someone a card with and adorable envelope of course! =)

  • Definitely a card person, here. But I don’t send them near as much as I wish I would. Some fun stuff from you, might be the motivation I need. Need to do some practicing on the hand-writing, though. Penmanship wasn’t my thing. :(

  • don’t put my name in the draw.. since i’m “international” and all! ;)
    but had to say i love LOVE this!!
    there is just something so special and powerful about the written word-
    something tangible in your hand that communicates someone cared enough to take the time!

    such a cool giveaway and i feel all inspired now to go write someone a note! :)


  • I love this!  I also love receiving handwritten mail, but would like to get better at sending it.  I’ve also noticed your gorgeous handwriting…any tips on it?  Did you take calligraphy?  It adds such a beautiful touch.  Thank you so much for this post…it’s gotten my creativity flowing, which would be so much better by winning a great giveaway!

  • Really enjoyed your post. Like everyone else, I loved the beautiful paper and envelopes. Creative inspiration. Love getting mail, but I too am guilty of not responding in kind. Sometimes I deplore technology, but I use it just the same.

    Nevertheless, I would love to win your give away, and a couple aunts would love it if I sent them a “real” post. Thanks for the little push in such a sweet way!

  • I agree, REAL letters in my mailbox are the best. The above stationary products are so amazing!!
    Have a blessed day~Judy

  • Oh yes! Post is still the best, how I love getting a real honest written just for me letter.
    Years ago I wrote lots of letters, but now the convenience of email,messaging,& texting has taken over.
    Love all those nifty ideas^^

  • Definitely love snail mail! In fact, when my now-husband and I were dating 5 years ago, we wrote letters to each other, just for the fun of it! Love that I can go back and read them, and they’re more personal than cards, even. Great give-away idea!!

  • What a lovely giveaway! How beautiful it is when we use writing in such a way as to challenge and bless others, and ultimately, bring glory to God. Thank you. Amber

  • Love love love this post!
    I couldn’t agree more!

  • Clarita… Your blog inspires me. Your desire after God, your beautiful cottage, your darling family… Now this. Could it get any better?! THE POST is indeed a lost art. This is something that NEEDS to be brought back into our society. Thank you for making an impact and for inspiring so many.

  • I love it…what neat ideas!! and I love getting cards in the mail too. so fun!

  • SososoSO much pretty!  This makes me want to send a card here and now.  You’re right.  We write things we don’t say very well or very often.

    I’m Canadian, so I can’t enter your draw.  But thanks for the beautiful inspiration.

  • Lovely an so very true! It makes me estatic to get mail when we are half a world away, but even at home it is “special” to get a post.

    And your handwriting is to die for! If I am the fortunate one to win, I have a stateside address to mail it to.

  • Just this week I was in search of a box of cards. I did not make out well, as I happened to be at Joann Fabrics at the time. Fun giveaway.

  • I completely agree! If only I could get this body to follow through with all of my brain’s good intentions….Does the prize include several extra hours and a “get-it-done-kick-in-the-pants?” :)

  • Oh how fun!  I’m a word freak too.  I could sooo relate with what you wrote about words! :)   Maybe doubled in the sentimental part, since it is my love language.  I’ve got BAGS of old cards, notes, etc too that I just cannot throw out.  Excited about the giveaway!

  • I love getting letters in the post too.It makes me feel so special to think someone took time to send me something!! :)
    I also love reading your blog.

  • So beautiful Clarita…& I’m with you on the post “snail” mail. Love receiving things in the mail….even if it is vitamins…hehe. Have an amazing day!

  • You may not be the queen of letters in the Post or of hand-lettering world-wide, but you’re pretty much near the top, I’m sure. I always, always, always save your most-beautiful notes & letters & cards. This post {no pun inteneded} just has YOU written all over it . . . from the pens to the paper to the stamps. Yes, you have inspired me once again. Oh it makes me want to do a dance just to look at these pretty supplies and dream about using them! Our mutual friend {hi Jenn} inspired me too with her envelopes this year and I’ve been uuuusing them whenever I get a chance. :)

  • What a lovely “post”…even though it’s on the computer.   I’ve envious of your gorgeous hand-writing, but since I’m able to write, I’ll at least use the gift God has given me, and write that belated birthday letter to a dear friend….I’m sure she’ll love getting it even though it’ll be a week late!   Love, love, love getting good mail, but am not so good at sending it.

    Thanks for the beautiful reminder!

    ~eunice b

  • *happy sigh* I feel the EXACT same way about “real” mail! :) (hahaha ~ I save all of my cards and letters too! :) ) I love to also send pretty envelopes and decorate the envelope to send a little joy through the mail. Thank you for ANOTHER wonderful post! Your blog is soo delightful!!

    ~ Rebecca :)

  • All those brown bag ideas are so inspiring! My mom often wrapped gifts for kids in brown lunch bags, decorated them with pics in colorful ink, punched holes in the top and added brightly colored curly ribbon. I love “the post” too! One of the blessings of marrying into an amish family is getting b-day cards in the mail even though we live in the same community.

  • Beautiful! I too enjoy finding letters and packages in my mailbox. But I haven’t been doing so well at sending them. This post inspires me to make the time. Have a lovely day!

  • opening the mailbox, finding something special with “my” name on it, yes, makes me heart race as well! I was at T.J. Maxx just yesterday and found myself browsing the paper/card section, how can you walk past without claiming some of those super cute cards?? I wanted way more, but I settled for one box. Thank you cards, I needed them the MOST. I have dozens of people who deserve my thanks currently.

    Loved this post, and so excited to see a cute giveaway as well!!

  • ooooh, lovely! notes and letters and cards are definitely a few of my favorite things… this sounds like a lovely giveway!

  • stationary and paper have always made my heart pound! i bought it even when i was a kid with precious saved $$. and i really am shocked at all of the new options available, particularly with envelopes. my word. :) i think my head must have still been in the 1980′s box…big hair and all. ;) i LOVE what you’ve shared here. and honestly? i’ve never heard the phrase “bring in the post.” is it geographically related, like my mention of “jimmies” vs. sprinkles? that’s so classy. compared to our bringing in the mail. teehee.

    you have such lovely handwriting…i have a note from you on my sideboard in my kitchen, which makes me think of you. which makes me smile. often. snail mail is the best! xo

  • Yes! How fun!!! I love getting and sending mail…I’m just SO HORRIBLE at it! I take forever!!!
    My girls write letters and send them out that very day by stamping the letter and walking it across the street to the mailbox.
    I on the other hand keep boxes and envelopes (you know from experience of getting something from me) that I take Forever!
    This year I want to change that, but so far a box for my Grandma has been floating around the house (all ready to go mind you) since the day before Christmas!

    Anyway, super fun giveaway. =)

  • oh sighhhhhhh…too lovely! confession time: i love getting but hate sending. & that’s not a good thing at.all! Esther

  • i would have commented even if there was not a give away…

    yes. i am with you. there is nothing that makes my heart sing like good, beautiful paper especially if the postman delivers it. BE STILL MY HAPPY HEART!

  • Great post, Clarita!  This is a fun giveaway….I’ve appreciated cards, packages, and mail in a new way since Ruth died.  The cards and notes of encouragement were wonderful and so much appreciated.  Love to you! 

  • Oh my! So many amazing ideas. :) Writing family and friends is a hobby of mine, and it’s cool to see that it’s one of yours as well. Thanks for sharing your inspiring creativity.

  • Love snail mail! I have saved special letters and cards for years! Lovely giveaway.

  • How fun! I love getting “posts” in the mail. You are just so cute!!

  • Yes! Letters with my name on it make me so excited! I always hold them for a bit to enjoy the anticipation of opening it. I love words, and the powerful encouragement they can be. To know that I can encourage someone so easily as thinking of them and writing a letter is challenging. Why don’t I do it more often? Thank you for the inspiring post! :) I LOVE the brown bags. So chic

  • Ah, Clarita! If only you knew how deeply this post resonates in my own soul! It makes me so very glad to know that there is actually someone else on this earth who shares my fondness for all things snail mail. There is just something so romantic, so special, so thoroughly wonderful about getting an envelope or brown paper package tied up with string in the postbox! Anyway, t’was a beautiful post, dear lady, you made my day! :)

  • So grateful for your part in bringing back the handwritten note! You really have the sweetest handwriting. I love the way you teach and inspire with your posts. From the feedback you’re getting so far i’d say the postman might be working a little overtime soon ;)

  • I so enjoy reading your posts and would be overjoyed to win this!     

  • Snail mail…there is something so excited about going to the mailbox and finding in it an unexpected envelope from a friend. It takes some extra time to sit and write the letter, stamp and address, but its so rewarding. Etsy is a weakness of mine. I would definitely put this to good use. ;) Your posts are always full of life. I enjoy reading.

  • I’m with ya, i love mail in the box.   Always brings a smile to this stayathome mom!  will wait to see who this lucky winner will be! joanna stoltzfus

  • I believe my husband despairs at the boxes of old cards and letters I have stashed away. =) And I’m glad to say that I have a group of friends who still send snail mail. Makes my heart happy to see my name hand written on an envelope!

  • i felt so inspired by a pretty card i found in a drawer the other day, i took a few minutes to write a little note for the first time in forever! it showed up in my mailbox again the next day because i forgot to put a stamp on it :( thats how out of practice i am!!

  • oh,oh you brought me out of the shadows with this giveaway… I have been reading your blog for about three years and you are such an inspiration. I have three littles as well (though mine are all girls), my youngest was born about two weeks before Hudson. I confess I am just a bit jealous of all your amazing talents including your writing, and not the least of which is your beautiful handwriting! I don’t get nearly enough interesting mail but you have inspired me to do better at sending my share! =)

  • It is a Very special time when I and now my girls get a letter in the mail. My girls keep the mailLady busy sending letter to their cousins. Love that about them.

  • I recently found your site and have enjoyed it so much. You are a real inspiration! And yes, I too love getting hand-written mail. What a fun giveaway!

  • My precious grandmother loved the handwritten letter or note, and my mother was one for always placing a note here or ther. I do so with my girls as well. But the most precious time for handwritten note was when my son was in prison and letters were so very dear and important to both. I cherished those letters that came from him, and as I know he did as well. I will always write notes and cards as long as I am able.

  • loved this post…and yes, mail (of any kind) is the best!! ~Lill

  • With this many people loving mail, none of us can go wrong with sending out a card or two! I’ve always loved mail, but it became extra extra special after we moved to MD. Especially in the months when I was cut off from internet, couldn’t use my cell for lack of service, and the house phone only half worked, snail mail didn’t just make my day. It made my WEEK! I don’t keep all the cards I get because i can’t make myself store things I know I will have to move again, but I do save some of them because I just can’t throw them away. The card you sent me when I had my first miscarriage is still in my big Bible. The one I read every day. Your words showed me not only your care, but the heart of God toward me in those horrible horrible days of dealing with a molar pregnancy and the darkness that surrounded it and I still read it often. Remembering how much God cares. And how gentle His heart is. I’d love to be in the giveaway, if it’s not too late. I can’t remember what the cut off date is and I’m too lazy to go up and find it again. :)

    Oh, and PS: I wrote down the name of the pen you recommended. I always use the Pilot G-2 series, super fine. I love a good pen and can’t wait to try yours!

  • I do love getting mail but I’m afraid I have gotten very lax in sending any out. :( Maybe some new stationery would inspire me?? :)

  • Oooh your first giveaway! How exciting!!! And of course you already know how I feel about mail from our conversation a few nights ago:)

  • any kind of note is wonderful but hand written definitely rock! Love all the handwriting ideas…your blog is lovely!

  • hey, i’ll join ur little give-away draw! oddly enough, for 2 people who don’t really know each other, we’ve already exchanged mail through the “Post!” ;) i’m not a fan of on-line birthday cards n honestly, facebook birthday wishes r just cheap! everybody says the same thing n nobody has 2 think twice 2 say it. i definitely agree with u on the art n meaning behind mailing a tangible card/letter.

    if u ever want funky ideas 4 card making, here’s something i’ve started recently. 4 my families birthdays this year i’m making cards out of my leftover kitchen curtain fabric. u can check it out on my blog:


  • i agree, snail mail is the best. specially when you live out of state from your family and you receive a real letter. no bills, no junk mail… love it! kristen

  • Oh Clarita. I LOVE your blog. It is about my very favorite of the blogs I read. Cause you are a fantastic writer. And your pictures of family and life and real stuff…..they’re so good. And your thoughts are deep yet practical. And I am IN LOVE with you post on POST!!! I, too, am one of those who adores handwritten notes and pretty cards and lovely scripty handwriting. Ahh… I would love to win your sweet little give a way!!!

  • I love it!  And I agree…long live the post!  There is something so much more thoughtful and special about holding the written word in your hand. 

  • I loooooved getting your note in the mail yesterday, it made me so happy to see a juicy, handwritten envelope in my name! Thanks so much for taking the time to write to another “North meets South” woman in transition! :) Let’s get together soon, Loves XO

  • oh yay, I love the post! I love writing letters so much more than typing where it seems like you have a huge box with a blank cursor and try to type enough to fill it up. Give me a pen and paper and it’s like I never have enough room for all the thoughts that come.
    I love all your inspiration you posted. My problem is taking the time to make it cute.
    So happy you posted your favorite pen. I definitely haven’t mastered the art of the curlycue and whenever I do it it looks like ‘wow’ you’ve got an extra line there that looks like you tried to do something fancy and failed’ :) Maybe the pen is the trick? Maybe, just maybe I can get my handwriting to look slightly similar to your lovely kind!
    And as for the give away, I’m all in :)

  • Beautiful!! I love to send (and of course receive:)) beautiful mail. It makes me feel loved. :) )

  • Love the little brown bag ideas…so cute!

  • This looks like so much fun! I love personal mail too…. And when it’s beautiful, it’s extra-extra-special. Your blog is a delight to the eyes and spirit; keep filling your world with beauty.

  • Oh! I *love* the brown paper bag idea for envelopes. . .one of the students from last semester received a ‘brown paper package tied up with string’ which was just too much fun. Being more intentional to write and mail notes is something I want to do this year! Miss you and the whole family!

  • I love snail mail and I have a huge collection of stationary.  I always have good intentions and start out well but need to continue.  Hope your goal for 2013 keeps up for you!  :)

  • You are so right. My eight year old has been giving me the most thoughtful notes, and I’m motivated to return the kindness and share it with others.

  • I love old-fashioned mail as well. It’s too bad that internet is killing the postal service’s revenue…but we are living in good times where everything is indeed moving forward at incredible speeds. It’s rather scary actually… I love your creativity and the giveaway sounds like fun. Have a happy week!

  • because I love opening my mailbox and pulling a hand written note out, because hand written letters were so special and meant so much in Bangladesh and because I love give aways! =)

  • I just love opening the mailbox and seeing an envelope with my name on it. I don’t do a good job of sending letters myself. Your post got me to thinking… We are leaving for Haiti in the morning and have a long layover. I think I am going to take cards and paper and write some letters. I will have plenty of time. =)

  • “Snail mail” is the best. I have two large shoe boxes full of handwritten letters my husband and I wrote over the course of our 6 year mostly long-distance courtship/dating/engagement time. We could’ve e-mailed, but we felt like we could express ourselves much better through hand-written letters. Even though there were times when I had to wait weeks to hear from him, it was worth it when I sat down to read a 10 page letter.

    You’ve found some adorable letters and envelopes! Love them.

  • I really enjoyed reading your latest blog, Clarita! I share you excitement–there are few things that excite me more than a beautiful hand-written note. I love to save the letter until after dinner (or even a few days!), and once everything is tidied up and I’ve maybe even put on a touch of lipstick and have a cup of tea in a delicate piece of china sitting by me. I really make an event out of it! I even appreciate when it is handwritten even if the writer doesn’t have the most perfect handwriting…better handwritten and an evidence that a good friend wrote it than just typed up. I think it is a grand way to show people we care…after all, ‘The greatest of these is love’. And what a way to show people we love them! Let’s Bring in the Post! :)

  • What a lovely ‘post,’ Clarita! Reminded me of how my sister and I used to keep a sample of every stationery set we had because we couldn’t bear to totally use up any of them. I’ll have to ask her if she remembers what happened to our ‘collection.’ Ah yes, gone are the days when we exchanged dozens of greeting cards with our teenage best friend; we joke that Hallmark stock must have taken a dive when we stopped. Your writing and pictures have stirred up special memories and inspiration; thank you.

  • I enjoy getting mail too. I have a box full of letters as well. I can’t beat to part with them. Enjoyed your article as well as your sisters in the set apart girl magazine. Have a blessed day!

  • I’m positively inspired. :)

  • I am so sorry I missed the giveaway but I love this post. I feel inspired to send out some homemade Valentine’s

    I love handwritten letters and it was actually on my goal list for this year to send more of them out.

    I used to pen-pal. I loved writing letters SO much. I had over 50 pen-pals at one time and I am still friends with some of them today. Ever heard of friendship books?

  • @purpleamethyst76 - okay, i want to see some of the things you’ve done! envelopes out of magazine pages and cool stickers and labels and…. maybe you can do a post on it? :) these are such great ideas!

  • @aSeriesofFortunateEvents - yay, a fellow stationery hoarder!! :) but getting an envelope and not reading it right away? wow, that is so not me. there is something in me that HAS to open it. RIGHT NOW. but with a cup of tea or something? that sure would up the special factor even more… so send me a card and i’ll steep a cup. ha! :)

  • @VirginiaDawn - i know, isn’t that address stamp great?! i love it! if you search etsy there are all kinds of adorable stamps. i can hardly contain myself. :)

  • @twitterpatedwer - i know what it’s like to have three little kiddos and how that slows down the hand writing of cards and letters! i think it makes it all the more special to receive notes from friends with kids – because i know what a big effort it really is!! i’m trying with you. :)

  • @mLou - oh Marylou. our correspondence from years back STILL warms my heart. you have no idea how i looked forward to thoes letters!! :) and how you challenged me and helped me grow. xoxo

  • @lishmar - i’m right there with you – to know someone took the time to send me something makes me feel SO loved and special!

  • @fromourning2dancing - wrapping gifts for kids in brown paper bags and decorating them is a great idea! and yes, i’d say that is a huge benefit of marrying into an amish family – the cards through the mail even in the same community! wow!!

  • @down_onthefarm - okay, soooo i’ve never heard of the phrase ‘bringing in the post’ either!! i just thought it found kinda old-fashionedy and all, and so, hey, i went with it. :) so nope, you’re not missing something. you’ve just got a friend who puts crazy words together!  xoxo

  • @fanceyface - your comment nearly made me cry because you know a depth to a letter that few of us do. that is precious, that season of writing with your son!

  • @nen_nen - i had to laugh at this – “for two people who don’t really know each other we’ve exchanged a fair bit of mail.” :) one day i would love to meet you! what a great idea to make cards out of fabric! you sure are creative with that! and i know what you mean about facebook on your birthday…. to just get a “happy birthday” is a let-down!! i’ve debated about turning it off on my birthday and seeing if anyone even remembers then. ha! :)

  • @burtndeb - thank you – your comment is so kind! ♥

  • @Amy - wow, 6 year dating/engagement time, and hand-written letters all the while? that is a TREASURE!! i just love it!

  • @runwithperseverance - thank you so much for visiting and commenting! blessings to you! ♥

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