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  • I love seeing pictures of you and your sisters together.
    Your little guy is SO, SOOOOOO adorable!!! Baby Gap cute!!!

    Loved what you wrote. So much truth.
    It was a humble gift the boy offered, but God turned it into a miracle.
    and sometimes life feels like that…like there isn’t much to offer.
    It’s the intentions of our heart that matter to God.

    Clarita, you are such a sweet person. Through and through, you just are.
    When I think of you I think ~ pure heart.

    Happy Thursday to you.

  • I think of you and there’s just so MUCH. And no, That wasn’t a fat joke. ;) You have such depth and understanding I don’t know how it’s all held inside one person. You can see it in your eyes!

    Everything you give is special, Clarita because God made you and when you give, whether its a gift or just a conversation with someone, or supper on the table, it’s special. I can see Him in you, He just shines right out. Like you can’t even contain it. Don’t ever doubt it.

    I hope that made sense. Ha!

  • You have an amazing heart Clarita! It’s hard when big circumstances make us feel so small. You wrote this so beautifully all I can say is Amen!! I think it’s the small and insignificant things that He wants the most… that chance to take a little and turn it into abundance. I have been so stingy lately. I need to change that.

    PS- I wholeheartedly agree with Beth!

  • Aw…y’all are so pretty!  :)

  • O my, your little man is CUTE! :)

    And wow…the part about offering what we have…”The miracle is in the God who takes our simple offering and breaks it, and blesses others with it.
    The miracle is that GOD is blessed with it.”
    So true! You have encouraged and blessed me!

  • Clarita, your words on “loaves and fish” are just wonderful and so inspiring. Thanks for offering yours! It truly is multiplying.

    How c.a.n your Hudson be so big already. He is just as adorable as your girls!

    …and Zoe’s is following her mother’s footsteps I can tell by her already lovely writing. How precious.

    Thanks for sharing your heart. It is beautiful.

  • “The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’ Matt. 25:40
    And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded.” Matt. 10:42-

    I had the same thoughts of insignificance yesterday waiting in the car pick up lane at school – and often have those feelings when I sit at home alone, not knowing anyone around me – what in the world to I have to offer, give, or what can I do in a place where I’m not acquainted with anyone?? Just being a mom to your little ones is significant! You are pouring into their lives, displaying the love of Jesus, being an example of a servant.

    You are beautiful! Inside and out. I love to see the relationship you have with your sisters – incredible and inspiring.
    Hudson is growing fast and very very schnuck!

  • Great to see you on here again. I know you’ve had a bit of a rough month… but always so great to see a post from you. You always have something encouraging to share. Tried calling you back a few times this week… I’ll be around all day today if you get a chance to call!:) I’d love to talk. Happy weekend to you!

  • this almost made me cry…what you wrote about the loaves and fishes. such truth. all of it.

    i’ll be back to look at the pics. xoxo!

  • I could cry with the significance and simplistic truth of what you wrote… love it so much. I’m still waiting for my word for this year. Oh such lovely days were spent with you. Love love love being family.

  • oh, this was so very good. so very true.
    it seems ironic? no, actually significant that this is the second piece in as many days that i have read about giving what you’re given. timely, indeed. because, as we all do, we struggle and are bombarded by doubts and thoughts of insignificance from the source of all bad things and it’s so very pivotal for me to remember, to react with His truths in times like that. little IS much when God is in it, and it’s good for me to remember that.

    i’m so happy for you that your sisters and brother could come. those truly are the best of times.
    to a slower, healthier January; cheers!!

  • Such a inspiring post, I believe as mothers we can feel like our world becomes so small and we have so little to offer. Love the thoughts on giving even when we feel like it is “little and meaningless”, because the truth is, yes, God multiplies it! If we give big it can become to “us involved” and it might become meaningless…..

     The lose if a loved one really does give life a different perspective and things change so fast that our hearts and minds cannot seem to catch up with our feelings and grief. It shakes your world and it’s takes a lot of time for things to settle within your heart to where you feel like “you” again. I found it harder to deal with everyday life challenges for a long time because of the emotions that seemed so “out of wack”.

    As always I adore pictures of you and your sisters, the light in your eyes, the love and color and taste……it’s all so precious!! Sisters are priceless……

  • @aSeriesofFortunateEvents - You are so kind, but really, I think all that ^^ about YOU! I so admire what you do with the women’s shelter and how you offer SO MUCH hope and life to them. I’m wowed by you. :)

  • @wj3km - so you’re a “transplant” from the north too? wow, i wish we could sit and talk!  the transition of a big move and new area can be a big challenge… i know it was for me. wow. God be with you! ♥

  • @WasabiBek - i keep hoping to call you back too! i’ve been playing phone tag with so many people! we’ll keep trying until we can get each other! :)

  • @foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown - ”and it’s so very pivotal for me to remember, to react with His truths in times like that” so so true… it’s a constant thing for me to have to return to. i think that’s why we need each other/true friendships too, to encourage each other and tell each other the beauty we see, invite the offering… xoxo

  • @aSeriesofFortunateEvents - you said it exactly. made perfect sense.

  • isn’t it crazy how much we can compare ourselves to other women? and start believing lies? This post hit me so hard. and it goes perfectly with alot of other things that have been rolling around in my head. So, SO grateful for ladies like you that can express and write the way you do. Its a blessing!

  • beautiful post! i especially love zoe’s note to “ben”. fun sister pictures- glad you all got to be together…. and i ADORE little hudson’s hair. i was just spellbound by him on the back of your c-mas card. he is so sweet looking and cute!

  • it’s like you must have heard several conversations that i had recently with friends about this very thing—significance. (oh how i wish that what you’ve shared here could have been interjected.) or maybe because it’s inevitable, we all come up against this…and wonder. i was talking about it here. you were writing about it there. :) if i don’t realize why i have significance and where it comes from…i will have to madly scramble to find it and/or prove it…way different than OFFERering.

    i just loveLOVE what you wrote about the “The miracle is not in what we have to give…The miracle is in the God who takes our simple offering and breaks it, and blesses others with it. The miracle is that GOD is blessed with it.” yes. YES! if i were to focus on my what as the something. the miracle. i would end up measuring. and measuring leads to comparing. and comparison sucks life and flattens our spirits and relationships.  He has promises for even my weaknesses! does the creation say to the Creator, i don’t think you know what you’re talking about?! :)

    i feel so encouraged! i’m in the middle of learning too. :)
    and am loving the word offer. what that means from Him.  and to Him.

    and amen and ditto to what beth said. love ya!

  • Oh, dear Clarita…this is a beautiful post; such wonderful reminders and explanations. I am an older gal but young at heart. Not beautiful in the world’s eyes: scarred, crooked face, short and on the slightly chubby side, and not fantastically talented in any way. Rejected because of where I live, how I look, blah, blah, blah. However, after years of allowing the enemy to convince me that I had nothing to offer, I realized that because of Jesus and his power and gifts within me, I had/have everything to offer and want to offer that for his glory. Life is so much better. And I just have to focus on that, not on “do I look ‘good enough’ to go to Trader Joe’s market” or “I can’t invite ‘HER’ over because she lives in hoity toity neighborhood”, or “oh, I can’t provide a meal for that young couple who lost their baby because the other gals at church are much better cooks than me”, etc. Focus on Jesus and his gloriousness…that’s my life-saving, depression-killing motto. Thank you for being who you are on here!

  • Thanks for sharing your heart on this . . . and your watchword! I love it and am filled with thoughts to ponder. Your list of things that have happened, and what you’ve been up to made me feel both excited & happy, and a wee bit tired. Whew! You’ve had a lot going on! I just love the fact that your sisters and men could be there. I love those chiefs and their dutch oven experience, and am proud to have two of them in my family too. :) Oh, and Zoe’s reading and writing?? Um, WE are not even there yet, whether it be because of the teacher or the boy . . . but we’ll celebrate the gladness with you and keep {in your words} be-bopping along til we get it right here too. ;)

  • Are you homeschooling Zoe? I can’t remember. It looks like she has the same Abeka books that Kierra has to read. It IS so fun to see them learn!

    Hudson is getting so big. Wow!

    I enjoyed your thoughts on loaves and fishes. So often, I feel like I have so little to offer. But I need to remember to give what I have, and Jesus can multiply it exponentially, maybe even when I don’t see what benefit my loaves and fishes were.

  • Love this post and love your words of wisdom!!!!!!! Here are some scatter thoughts…..God, I think, just wants us to take one day at a time and give Him all we’ve got. I heard a sermon on the radio just tonight about how we have so many visionaries but not many who stick it out and continue to the end giving what they have. I think it’s awesome how God gives us all gifts and talents (Kinda like puzzle pieces that all work together to make the bigger picture

    I want some cute sisters like yours :) Congrats on Claudia’s? engagement! Love her outfit! Someday I will jump on the fashion bandwagon with y’all :)

  • Such a wonderful and inspiring post! Lets just say this — I recommended this post and I hardly ever do that!

  • @seekinHISwisdom - emotions that are out of wack because of a tragedy? yes, so so true here… and sadly. you know what that is like, i know. love to you!

  • @estrellasyluna - well, God hit me so hard with this truth too, and it’s both exciting and scary! NOW it’s the living out! blessings to you!

  • @down_onthefarm  – okay, so i want to be in on your conversations!! i feel lke i learn SO much from you! this whole thing of offering, along with wanting to know more about what it really means to be a woman and offering what that is, has been something i’ve thought so much about the past year. one day let’s sit and talk and i’ll pick your brain and heart. :) xoxo

  • @Richgem - i LOVED your comment. and i could relate to so much of it… the simple thing of not  offering because of not feeling good enough, or not weathy enough, or not a good enough cook, or not dressed good enough…. So many ways the enemy tries to stifle who we are, and therefore the light of Jesus within us because of that. i love what you DO offer, and even from afar i am blessed by it!

  • @richlyblest - yes, i am homeschooling zoe this year! we’re taking it a year at a time. :) but it is SO fun to have front-row seat into the learning and watching the excitement!

  • @redladybug18 - And I love your thoughts! “there are many visionaries but not many willing to stick it out to the end…” so so true! I want to be one of those finishers!

    and yes, you’re good! it IS claudia gettig married. :) and she is a fabulous dresser. so out of the box and fun. :) and you’re welcome to join me trying to join the fashion band wagon! Ha! :)

  • @appalolly - well, thanks! i am most honored. :)

  • And so often I withhold.
    Because my gift,
    what I have to offer,
    the little strength I have,
    is just so small.

    Oh how I feel that!

    But Jesus says, “Bring it to me.”

    Yes.  I know.  Thanks for this beautiful encouragement!

  • I was inspired and challenged by your testimony of offering. Thank you. And, dear Clarita, you do make a big difference around here!:)Love you!

  • @quiet_hearts - that is me too. i’ve been realizing that i tend to give, and give willingly, if i know that it’s wanted, or if it feels like something. but if i have a touch of insecurity, or someone around me seems to offer more, or other wrong reasons, i just withhold. God hit me really hard with this scripture… it was so beautiful and encouraging to me. now the hard part – living it!! :)

  • @lifeisadance - one day… yes! sounds great. :) xoxo right back.

  • @Richgem - you have SO MUCH to offer, gail.
    i have been touched. blessed. and encouraged
    by the person that you are 
    and the value that is communicated to those around you.
    that being said…what you wrote resonates with me.
    and love the understanding & wisdom that you offer
    from your experiences.

    i am privileged to know you and call you dear friend. 

  • p.s. I love your header photo. Yay for the most beautiful garden parties in the world. :)

  • i had read this the other day on my phone but couldn’t comment..
    thought about it so much since.
    have had those words come to mind when i’ve gotten discouraged.
    “let him take your loaves and fish and multiple it.”
    i’m not even sure if that’s a direct quote, but it’s what has echoed over in my heart~

    thank you so much for sharing. love your heart and openness and just realness.
    you’re so beautiful my friend. truly.
    and it seems redundant, because i know everyone says it..
    but there is a beauty that goes so much further than what is seen with the eye-
    it’s a beauty you can only feel with your soul and it’s the most beautiful beauty there is.
    you’ve got it.

    so blessed by Him in YOU!!

    love you.

  • Thank you for the challenge of giving from what we’re given. Still trying to think how to fit in a Girls’ Night here with all this busyness. Oh, where are the long, winter nights?? :)

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