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  • i never fail to be inspired by your passion!

  • I am with Lisa…I am always SO inspired by you.

    That is neat that you let your girls paint the pumpkins like that…what fun memories for them.

    And your decorating is absolutely amazing!

  • Love your post! Your hair looks longer, of course, I don’t think I actually knew how long it was before . . .ha! And is that a “hold the baby’s arm down” technique I see up there for that picture?? lol

    I bet your home is just gorgeous, it looks it from the photos!

  • love your fall mantle.
    love your heart.

    and you make really cute babies too!! :)


  • p.s. where did you find that fur throw on the back of your couch. i’ve been looking for one..

  • love it all :) Your decorating is so cute, someday I want my house to look like yours and if you want to throw in some cute kids I’d take that as well :P
    Great message from chan.

  • living life fully. boils down to choices… but i know it’s key to living ALIVE. loved your thoughts and couldn’t agree more.

    love the way your heart sees the beauty in the everyday. just precious and i’m inspired by you once again.

  • i like it all.
    very much. the pictures and prose.
    and, mostly, the life i see you living. the life that is not afraid to struggle in the hard, the life that is embracing the now and those God has given you.
    and, almost 30? i have to say that my 30′s have been better, far better than my 20′s. you will love it!!
    it’s Thanksgiving week and i wonder if you will be coming home? maybe i’ll see you…and, as always, you’re welcome to stop in if time allows!
    happy Tuesday friend!

  • Oh are the CUTEST mommy! you are SO beautiful! and oh my goodness is your little boy just the CUTEST!!! I want to kiss his little cheeks! We need a baby in our house!!!

    I love the pillows. I love your is so cozy and clean looking. I want to come visit!

    Thanks for sharing the video. My oldest and I just watched it. My sister is doing missionary work with A Passion for Jesus, and she is getting a lot of “Why would you do that? Shouldn’t you be going to school and finding a real job?…etc.” Sadly people don’t keep eternity in mind..and sadly I get so caught up in this world too!

    Now about turning 30. No panic attacks. You are going to love your 30′s!
    and since you only look like you’re about 22 years old, you have nothing to worry about!

    Happy Thanksgiving, and a Great Big Happy Birthday!!!

  • @aSeriesofFortunateEvents - yes, that is a “hold-the-baby’s-arm-down” technique, lest flailing little arms blur my picture. ha ha!

  • @grace_to_be - The throw is a sheepskin rug from (where else?) Target!  It’s too heavy to use as a blanket, but I got it for my babies to lie on on the floor, and when they’re not using it simply for a cozy feel on the back of my couch. :) I just love it! It runs a little pricey, so you can ask for gift cards to Target for Christmas! ha!

  • @jennieanne84 - heeey, what happened to the “littlepinkhouse”?? i almost didn’t know who you were. :) thanks for your sweet comments. i am inspired by YOU!

  • Challenging post. Would love to have your strength. You are a beautiful person inside and out. And I feel so blessed to call you MY friend. And like the rest of them said 30 is really not so bad. But for some reason I missed it that this is a yr for a big celebration. Happy birthday and Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful time in PA.

  • I still can’t make it through your last post without clouds getting in my eyes and then rain. There’s much to be grateful for and i love your list. I’m working on my own and focusing especially much on gratitude this week. How wonderful that we have a holiday set for that very thing! The photo of your manly hunter husband and sweet Zoe makes me melt, her trust in him makes her sparkle. mm life is full and rich, and we have so much to look forward to, keeping our eyes fixed on the things that will last. So grateful for you, for the encouragement and the beauty you bring to my day!

  • Beautiful!! Simply everything about this post was beautiful! Seriously, I turned 30 and the 30′s have been the best years of my life. Cheers to grand days ahead!!

  • All are wonderful pictures! LOVE the sewing lessons!

  • I love you, friend, and l.o.v.e. to hear about your children, house, life, and thoughts. It’s all so beautiful! You inspire me . . . so much. More thoughts shared later this week?? Looking forward to it!

  • I don’t know why I always wait, with your posts until later, to comment. I do it every time, Read. Come back. read again. come back, read again, and by then there are like, 50 comments, or ok, 17, but then I’m not sure what to say that hasn’t been said
    But this post is packed full of so much. I must say tho, i took a second to watch the video clip and it WAS worth it. I felt like my perspective got a little tweak. I’m still thinking over it.
    onto more trivial things, i loved your daughters riding outfit. And your little dude is as cute as ever.
    and yes, the 30′s? they’re fabulous so far.

  • The 30′s are great; I would not go back! 
    You have such a sweet sweet spirit, and it is so encouraging.
    I’m hoping you have a great time over Thanksgiving.

  • I am so sorry about the loss of your dear friend.  Death of a loved one really does make you realize how important relationships are. 

    Your baby boy is getting so big!  He is a doll!

  • from the verse at the beginning to the video clip at the end…i was thinking wow. yes. love. so true. whoa. love. wow. yes.

    big hugs to you with much love clarita.

  • so inspiring! i look at your projects, your pillows, and i think “i could do that. i SHOULD do that.” but somehow i just never do. i have been meaning to make neat throw pillows for a long time, but it never happens.

    you are so brave to introduce your daughter to a sewing machine. i just don’t feel ready for that yet!

  • What a great post just full of good things!  Enjoy your day, every little bit!  ;)

  • Your pictures are so sweet!  And I love the way you decorate.   


  • eh-hem. now it’s me who keeps checking back for a new post. i’m waiting to tweak my christmas decor til I see yours. ;)

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