Month: June 2012

  • Little Baby Goodness.


    It’s been a whirlwind past two/three weeks.
    A lovely whirlwind, a busy whirlwind, when you’ve got three kids including a 4-week-old baby.
    But when a sister is getting married, and a husband’s brother tying the knot a week later,
    we wouldn’t miss it for the world!

    We’ve been home about 2 days now, trying to make order from the unpacking chaos.
    Trying to figure out schedules again.
    Trying to be a mom of 3 on my own during the day
    (my mom spoiled me when I was there for 2.5 weeks).
    Whew, it’s busy.

    We took time to continue K-4 the past two days.
    Obviously, the books haven’t been finished from the school year.
    Zoe read her first word all alone today.
    I, ecstatic, shrieked and squealed and hugged her tight like any good mom would.
    She promptly burst into tears (seriously, tears were rolling) and said she doesn’t want me to do all that.
    So, the next words I gave her a high-five and that worked perfectly.
    Is she even serious? I’m quite puzzled. Is she really a girl???

    I have pictures that need to be downloaded from camera to computer.
    I’m so excited about Ervina’s (my sister) wedding pictures.
    Her wedding makes me smile with happiness every time I think of it.
    I can’t wait to share. :)

    But I have some pictures already loaded and edited from Hudson’s two-week pictures.
    I was a little nervous about trying to take his pictures.
    All I’ve ever done is girls, and that’s been girly-girl pretty much every time.
    I for sure didn’t want to horrify his father and do something taboo
    (his father is paranoid that Hudson might be a pansy because of two sisters. and mom).

    These are already a month old (HOW can a month go by so quickly)
    so he’s already looking older and more filled out, but these are his newborn shots.
    Probably birth announcement pictures, if we send them out.
    (we forgot with Olivia, how awful).

    I saw an idea somewhere for a “nest” sort of picture, and tried to do something with that,
    since it fit my whole Nesting syndrome and all. :)
    The women who see it say, “Oh, it’s a nest!” and the men all say, “Why is he in a wreath??”
    Must be the right-brained, left-brained thing going on.

    Nest or wreath. Whatever.

    But it cannot be denied that there is a whole lot of Baby Sweetness going on around here.
    Coming: overload of cute baby ahead!

    This little 10+ pound of sweetness has us melted in a puddle.
    I forgot how much I absolutely adore newborns.
    This little guy is preciousness itself.

    hudson - 2 weeks 226

    hudson -1

    hudson - 2 weeks 235 

    hudson - 2 weeks 207

    I {{ love }} yawning babies.

    hudson - 2 weeks 057

    I also {{ love }} baby hands and feet.

    hudson - 2 weeks 161

    hudson - black & white 5

     hudson - 2 weeks 143-1

    Ben had picked up some old wooden coke boxes several years ago.
    Those were a little more masculine than some props, I thought.

    hudson - 2 weeks 119

    hudson - 2 weeks 086

    hudson - 2 weeks 084

    [this is a bit too much like a Nativity replica, I think]

    hudson - 2 weeks 070

    A little old wagon, bought for a dollar at a yard sale years ago.

    hudson - 2 weeks 029

    hudson - 2 weeks 037

    hudson - 2 weeks 027

    hudson - 2 weeks 018

    hudson - 2 weeks 006

    Six weeks after his birth, we are more in love with him than ever before.
    Whoever knew that having a boy would be SO much fun? SO much fun.
    Dressing a boy seems incredibly simple but really fun.
    I have some wonderful friends who threw a fabulously beautiful baby shower for the baby
    and now Hudson has some great new clothes.
    [he had 2 sleepers to his name at birth]

    The girls have done so well with having a new baby in the house.
    I keep expecting a storm to come, and so far, it’s been sunshine.
    Sure, we still have the normal kid stuff, but amazingly it’s not been because of baby.
    I’m so thankful to God, because it sure makes my adjustments a lot easier too.
    Little Man still likes to eat often during the night, so I’m feeling the exhaustion of 6 weeks with not much sleep.
    Hopefully soon he’ll decide to sleep through the night. :)

    Little people are waking up from their naps and are hungry.
    Is there ever a time when little people are NOT hungry??
    I think they must all be having growth spurts around here,
    “I’m hungry” is heard scores of times each day.
    I thinking of setting [good, healthy, filling, get-it-yourself] snacks on the table at all hours!

    Happy Beginning of Summer!

    ~ clarita



  • and she’s married!


    It was a perfect June day.
    She was a radiant, gorgeous bride.
    He was a dashing, handsome groom.
    Their entire wedding day was a worship service to the Lord.
    It was just beautiful in every way!

    Kenny & Ervina - resized 

    [the four sisters]




  • I’m Thinking of a Wedding…


    … that will be in exactly one week from now, in lovely Pennsylvania.

    It’s my second sister’s wedding!

    I’m beyond excited.
    We leave tomorrow to spend some time with the family before the wedding.
    And to help as much as possible, of course.

    Without giving away too many secretive details,
    it’s going to be a church ceremony and garden reception.
    The evening reception is what I’m dreaming of ~ the candles, the magical lighting at dusk,
    the festive celebration of the Two becoming One.
    Such a beautiful mystery, and even more amazing to be able to represent a much greater Picture,
    that of Christ and His bride.

    I think weddings are a foretaste of Heaven.
    The forever of a marriage.
    The celebration and excitement.

    Zoe and Olivia will be flower girls once again, and they are thrilled.
    This time they know what to expect, and they are rather proud of their little role. :)

    They’ll be wearing this.


    Ervina, the bride, is as sweet as ever a woman could be. I adore her.
    She’s thoughtful and sentimental, which I love about her.
    Her Christmas gift to me was this:

    ervina 004  ervina 007

    ervina 009   


    Is that not the sweetest, most creative idea? 

    I was ever so delighted to accept!

    The bridesmaids will each be wearing something different. I think that makes it so fun and unique.
    The only stipulation was “lace and ivory/cream/blush colors.”

    There were quite a few lovely lovely dreses to be found.
    Namely, Downeast Basics [shown first] and Shabby Apple.

    The following is a bit of fashion eye candy to me…

    MAY12_laceyafternoon2_amberlight7612 APR12_timepiece_pastelrose2560 MAY12_forsyth_cream2556

     1420 1293 837  

    I bought from neither, but received inspiration from both stores and [said nervously] made my dress.
    [from a goodwill sheet and yards of lace from a junk shop, she whispers with a red face.
    husband was so embarassed, "we're not that poor, he said."]
    My dress is a combination of the two center dresses.

    My belt arrived just today, not day to lose, before leaving the next morning early.
    And I ordered both, because I wasn’t sure which one would look the best.
    The other will be given as a gift, I suppose!


    Triple Flower Belt 

    And shoes! We’re to wear flats, of whatever we like. Colorful or not. I’m going with a nuetral look.
    But oh, just look at the parade of shoes available!

    [target and payless online]

    targetrhinestone ballet 
    jewel ballet glitter ballet flats
     crocheted ballet 
    [these also came in a nude color, i think they're lovely]   

    I’m been making some of these as well…

    2012-05-31 Ervina's pillows 

    And little Hudson needed a shirt f.or the wedding
    Whoever said you can’t dress boys cute? I’m having loads of fun.
    Well, he’s only been out of a sleeper once, but still. :)

    ervina 016 

    Have a lovely weekend, this first of June!

    ~ clarita