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  • Love your bed sanctuary…it’s beautiful and it makes me want to crawl into your bed and curl up for a nap :) I guess that means you accomplished the “5-star feel”! I so often feel like I’m in too much of a hurry to do anything other than just getting the covers pulled up neatly. This is one of recent challenges to make my home comfortable, inviting…a sanctuary. Thanks for this!

  • I love this SO MUCH! I needed some tips. I have been going through this book… husband project or something like that. And this is one of the projects and I have been stalling. I knew I needed to get some things and have been way too busy to get out and get it done. … I didn’t even think of that! Thanks! We have the feather bed thingy and it’s AMAZING. I happened to snatch it on sale somewhere and, like you said, will never go back. ;) My room is always the last place to get attention and I’m turning 30 in 2 months (AAAH!) and that’s my wishlist. Re-doing my room. I have my pinterest board all done up for it. lol.  If you have a chance check it out and tell me what you think. I will totally understand if you don’t though. Being in that state that you’re in, and I won’t even say it. I remember how it feels when you’re that close to the end. Where you’re no longer counting days and weeks instead it’s all about the minutes and the seconds and time drags slower than when you were in grade school watching the clock for school to be out! I’m pretty sure that 5 star bed is going to be your best friend for a while! Ok.. done rambling. Thanks for this! Praying for you and baby!!

  • at the end of your post your bed looks so inviting and comfortable with all those pillows and all the extra little touches, it makes me want to crawl right in and take a nap :)

  • Oh wow…I love these tips! Thanks. I’ll be storing this on my mental pinterest board for when we move.You made me laugh about what your baby’s first words better be. :P May there be LOTS of grace for you in the next few days! I feel for you. O—d– is no fun!

  • Lovely, just lovely. I have my mom to thank for teaching and insisting to a bed MUST be made this way:). Im still trying really hard to make the little touches a must instead of “if I have time”. Love your house and you have most certainly created a home that makes me feel like a queen just being there.

  • i admit … i came over to ‘check in on you’ and see about baby : ) obviously you know you’ll make it, but just wanted to say i’m praying for you & can’t wait for your news : )ps, love the bed!!

  • i just laughed at the baby immediately talking and saying sorry mom! but, really, i am THINKING of you and HOPING that little stinker is here S.O.O.N. our bedroom is a sad state of affairs. this may just be the kick in the pants i needed!

  • Call me crazy, but I hate crawling into a hotel bed. Even a nice one. :)   I feel claustrophobic with everything tucked in and those crispy sheets…But, I do my corners like that, just because I think I have to. I know, strange.  I love sateen sheets and all the pillows that I can pile on.  I’m in the process of looking for a king size duvet cover in silver blue that doesn’t cost $100.  I never thought of Overstock and I’ll have to check there.Hope you’re ‘time’ comes soon! One tiny benefit of a C-section, I guess. Not looking forward to that, but I can console myself with the thought that it will be a week early! Hope all goes well for you!

  • I LOVE to crawl into a freshly washed bed! I just wish the clean crisp feeling lasted longer!! I definitely wash it once a week. I’ve been tempted to even more often. But it takes work and time so once a week it is….I keep thinking about you and am always anxious to see if there will be news, about a baby,from you. I haven’t looked on xanga in a couple of days and thot maybe, just maybe, you didn’t tell us on fb yet…please don’t forget to tell all of us cuz we are waiting to hear. *smile* may you feel grace until that day (which is oh so soon now!).

  • Looks very lovely!! I have a feather comforter that I love as well. I’ve found some beautiful high thread count sheets at Tuesday Morning stores. And I was reading your post this morning when we got THE call! :) :)

  • I LOVE, LOVE freshly made beds…something my day has to consist w/ is making my bed! =) Your bedroom is most lovely!

  • This is one of my favorite things in the world, fresh sheets and a wonderful bed!! Love this post!

  • I LOVE this post, Clarita, and am gonna refer back to it after we move, if not before! Our mattress & bedding are in desperate need of replacement, but I’ve been trying to hold off on that til we move ’cause wouldn’t it be fun to get all-new stuff after moving into the new house?? I think so. . . . not sure if we’ll make it though because we have NOT been sleeping well with our mattress for the past year, and it’s really getting worse~fast. :/ And you are SO right about a fully pregnant body being the ultimate bed comfort “tester”. At least I don’t have *that* added to my discomfort at the moment! So thanks for sharing your tips and pictures. Oh, I could absolutely sink right into that bed . . . and your room looks like such a haven. I’m sure your little Hudson will think it’s wonderful too! :)

  • I love that thought of making your home a sanctuary … it’s what all homes should be and even more than the comforting decor (which I agree is important) I am so glad we all love to be here b/c it’s happy here. Dreading going home is an awful thing to have hanging over your head. And now that I’ve gotten that out of my system :) I do LOVE the bed making tips. :) We have had a down comforter on our bed ever since we’re married (our second one is pretty much worn out now) and we love it! It’s so wonderfully fluffy. I need to get new sheets again though …. the last set I bought at Ross and I think the high thread count was a lie. :) Oh, and I was cracking up when I got to the line about you O….D…b/c all my medical abbreviations kept coming to my head and my first thoughts were overdosed. :) So glad your little charmer is here!

  • Confession: I hardly ever make my bed. BUT when I do I love it. I have beautiful maltese white coverlet that coats my bed like a perfect frosting when I take the time to make it. And the fluffing of the pillows in the dryer was a new concept for me. I think you may have inspired me.. as I am looking forward to sleeping in very soon… with only a week and half left of school time routine. So glad Hudson has made his arrival. Enjoy every single moment of baby bliss. Inhale that new baby fresh from Jesus scent for me ok!? There is nothing else like it.

  • I loved this post. It’s the “little” things like nice linens and comfy pillow that make beds super cozy. Congratulations on your littlest one. Blessings.

  • Clarita! what an encouragement you are! I found this post linked to how fun that it led me to you! This is such a good post, so what i believe in but you know its sometimes hard to accomplish in “real life”! Thanks for reminding us that it is possible – and essential to living well!! Amy S

  • @miamimyamy - Amy! Hello hello! Thanks so much for the kind note! Love to you!

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